22 Slap The **** Out Of Him

    Hermoine jumped at Chester crying.


    A few hours earlier


    After Hermoine had calmed down and she had gone to class and like always Ron and Harry asked for help with their homework. She went to the library with them following before she found a table, got some books, paper, and a quill.

    Hermoine was constantly studying and enjoyed the extra work they gave her however what she frowned upon was people not trying to improve themselves and people who pushed work onto other people.

    Hermoine tried to ignore the fact that they weren't trying before Ron asked " Hey, Hermoine when are you going to finish that. I have places to be" "WHERE RON WHERE DO YOU HAVE TO BE!!" Ron and Harry were thrown back with Hermoine's sudden outburst. "WHERE DO YOU HAVE TO BE?!!".

    Ron's  face went red with embarrassment "Well we-ll Ummm uhhhhh" "WHERE?" Under the pressure Ron said the first thing that came to mind "Studying, I needed to study" Ron said with a proud expression. "Ron we are supposed to be studying now," Harry whispered to his friend.

    "YOU'RE NO BETTER HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" At the sudden question Harry reacted with "Well, I am recovering from stopping Voldemort" "10 YEARS AGO HARRY, THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO AND YOU DIDN'T DEFEAT HIM YOU BLOCKED HIM GENIUS"

    Harry was about to come out with a reply before Hermoine ran off out of the library. Before Harry could think Madam Irma, the librarian came up to him and told them to shut up.

    Everyone watched as Hermoine came charging down the corridor and luckily went up the stairs before they moved. Hermoine charged into her room and jumped onto the bed. Later there was a knock on the door and a cat stood looking up at her.

    Immediately Hermoine jumped a the cat and hugged him crying "You were right Chester, I'm so sorry". Hermoine's tears flowed and the child and cat stood there hugging for hours while people passing by looked with curiosity.

    A bit later on Harry and Ron came in trying to find her. When they came up the stairs Hermoine was hugging her cat. "Hermoine..." Harry said softly. Ron kneeled down so that they were on the same level height. Before he could react the cat headbutted him and he went flying into a wall.

    Chester held his head high as he realized that he hadn't yet abused Harry any. Chester walked up to Harry as he drew his wand. "Wingardium Leviosa" Harry shouted. Chester felt a little lighter.' HAHAHA, THAT IDIOT HE JUST BUFFED ME ' Chester laughed in his mind. Chester jumped at Harry and he ducked causing Chester to jump back of the wall.

    Where he had jumped of left some cracks on the wall although if this were normal stone it would have snapped like a twig. Harry had very limited knowledge of spells so it was amazingly easy to avoid his spells.  Harry tried to cast a transfiguration spell but it did nothing which shows how weak he really was. At this point, Harry couldn't even make Chester bleed.

    Harry had better battle instincts and magic power than most however compared to Chester who had experienced a bunch of battles as well as being simply strong it was easy to subdue Harry.

    Chester slapped Harry knocking him out before doing the same to Ron. To make sure that they would never remember this Chester decided to do something a bit more brutish than the memory charm that takes memories. Chester jumped on Harry and Ron and slapped the **** out of them.

    After being satisfied Chester through them outside. Chester made sure to try and leave one bruise of each of them. Any more then that and they would ask the teachers why they woke up with bruises.
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