23 Kidnapped?

    After Chester had dealt with the two audiences he decided to have a talk with Hermoine. "You were right Chester. To them I was just the girl who does their work, I should have listened I'm sorry." Hermoine apologized with real sincerity before Chester replied with "Just forget about it. We are leaving tomorrow anyway." Hermoine wiped away her sadness before smiling "Yes, You are right. We should just forget about them and leave for the break."

    Hermoine let out a genuine smile before they fell asleep on the bed. The next day they gathered their stuff before they left. They were lead towards the train before getting on and finding a carriage that they could use. While on the train Chester fell asleep on Hermione's lap. Hermoine fell asleep soon after.

    Time passed like the wind and soon Chester and Hermoine had reached home. Hermoine's parents embraced Hermoine while wondering how that abused weak cat had turned into a scary looking beast. Magic they guessed.

    Hermoine's parents took her luggage into the car before we got in and drove home. The ride home was calming as the last few months had been hectic. Chester had gained a lot of strength in the time that he had been away and gained a few friends... wait. EIFFEL!!!!!!

    Hmm, luckily Chester could just de-summon her. Close one. Over the school year, Chester had also got closer to Hermoine and probably destroyed the Golden Duo however it was better than leaving Hermoine to be a slave of the group. It was the right thing to do, not like he really cared about ethics anyway.

    Finally, they got home. Chester jumped out of the car and ran inside. Although it wasn't much he preferred it to Hogwarts. That place had horrible floors to sleep on. They were cold and even when he jumped on the bed it was too small. Luckily at Hermione's house, there was a bit more room then the dorms.

    Here there was no plot to worry about and just human problems. What could go wrong with that? Right.

    After getting home Chester decided to go into the garden. It was one place that he enjoyed in the human world. Chester liked the peace it gave. You wouldn't think Chester would like that but he enjoyed the time to think. He could see bugs scuttering across the floor and birds flying above the ground.

    If he looked close enough you could see spiders weaving their nests in the corners of the fences and between the leaves in the trees. Under the ground, ants were serving the queen ant until they died from age and battle. Chester lied down on the crunchy grass as closed his eyes. The grass was too rough to fall asleep so he decided to find Hermoine.

    Chester looked around the house for Hermoine. Judging by how empty the fridge was she must of have gone to the shop. Chester walked down the streets looking for the way to the shop before he walked down an alley that is a shortcut. In the middle of the alley led a single wand that was a pretty white color. It looked suspiciously like Hermoines. '**** **** **** ****" After Chester shouted out in the middle of an alley his eyes were red with murderous intent. The alley was trashed. Litter was thrown everywhere and small amounts of blood were left on the floor.

    If he had to guess she was kidnapped. Tried to pull out her wand but was noticed and it was taken away. Chester was enraged with the kidnappers and decided to find an animal with a great sense of smell. And he needed one quickly. Sure he could beat up the villains but finding them was a completely different issue.
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