24 Rescue

    Chester needed to find an animal with a great sense of smell and one he knew of was a.... bear. Yep, a bear has one of the best sense of smell. Apparently, they can even smell a elk underwater. Now the problem is that this is Britain and there would be no bears near here where he could face off against without being seen. The only place would be a zoo and even muggles can check security cameras.

    Now you may not know this but there are English snakes. Yeah, scary right. Chester wasn't a professional at recognizing snakes si instead he would have to just kill what he could find. Chester ran to the park and used his enhanced senses from the white light to try and locate some snakes. Chester found two snakes although he couldn't recognize them he went for a kill.

    Chester used to scratch on the both causing them to die almost instantly. They were non-magic beasts and so didn't cause much of a problem towards him. They couldn't even react before they were cut into two and turned into a card. Now for one of them he got:

    Snake Poison


    Give your opponent lasting damage and a 5% chance of paralysis.

    And for another one her got

    Snake Smell


    x4 smell

    Alright, with these new abilities there was no time to lose. Chester ran back toward the alley and flicked his tongue. Now that he had locked on to Hermoine's smell he could follow it. Chester sprouted wing and took flight. Chester turned and twisted through the streets going so fast that the muggles didn't even see it.

    Chester entered a small broken down part of the town before landing. Chester could smell that Hermoine was close and so followed her scent. This led him to a small garage with a suspicious white van outside. Chester didn't know why people drove them because they were very suspicious compared to throwing somebody in the trunk.

    Chester could see that the house was old and looked abandoned. Without wasting any more time he made entered. As swift as a cat, he went inside. Inside was a chair with a teenager tied in the middle. "Heh, the boss will love this. I bet she would ransom for a lot, if not we can sell her for a nice price." Hermoine was obviously shocked by that and began to struggle.

    The 5 criminals entered the room and tried to force her down and subdue her. Chester ran next to her and before the criminals knew it a cat was stood in front of them. "Hey, I thought somebody was guarding the door. How did a cat get it." "Sorry sir, I was on break" The criminal sighed and thought 'This is an illegal operation, not a desk job' "Whatever kill it" The guards aimed their weapons at Chester preparing to riddle the well-built cat with bullets for some reason.

    Chester transformed into a bloodthirsty beast in seconds and activated charge. Red antlers sprouted and Chester ran. Before they knew what was happening the criminals were on their knees with all that was left of their legs is a twisted mess.

    Chester used to bite on a criminal causing his arm to be ripped off and bleed everywhere. Chester scratched another causing him to have a cut that went straight through the bone. A bullet flew at Chester and hit him. It caused blood to fly although it didn't go too deep. Even more enraged  Chester ran forward and appeared before the shooter. Chester bit the criminals head off before giving the others a similar gory end.

    Chester pulled of the roped off the chair and allowed Hermoine to stand up. Hermoine took the blindfold off and looked around. Body parts were scattered everywhere and blood leaked like an oil canister. Hermoine ran towards a bin and leaned over. Even a level-headed girl like her couldn't react properly to this.

    Hermoine was silent as Chester led her home and when she got home she went straight to her room. 'Oh no, I may have made a mistake' Chester thought.
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