25 Bored

    After a few days Hermoine got gradually happier and by the end of the week, she was back to normal although that scene would always be in her head. Chester tried to apologize but she always said that she should be apologizing since Chester saved her. Who knows what could have happened if he was late. Luckily he wasn't late and got there before she was sent so far that Chester couldn't chase.

    Chester just couldn't get any rest, could he? I mean what are the chances of running into a gang of kidnappers. Is this destiny saying that Hermoine shouldn't have left the golden trio? Chester didn't know why that would be after all the golden duo sounds a bit... better although not by much. Chester was board out of his mind so he decided to have a walk around the house. It took a few minutes and then he was bored again.

    It seems that Chester had come upon a challenge. He needed to defeat his boredom. Now Chester could go torture some mouses but he didn't find that a very fun thing to do. Oh, after a bit of think Chester decided that he could play with the mouses. It would help him practice his strength control before he ends up accidentally killing somebody.

    'Grind Mouse' Chester was sent into the familiar dark place before a white, rabid mouse appeared in front of him without Chester even knowing where it came from. It seemed to jump out from the darkness.

    Chester hit the mouse with a tad of force causing the aggroed mouse to fly into a variety of organs and pelt. "Too much," Chester said too himself. Next, he tried the next on another one on the fragile mouse. This time the mouse lived but was crushed. Not feeling glad at the torture Chester finished it quickly.

    One more time and he managed to hit the mouse with his paw without it smashing. The mouse just jumped at the hit and continued attacking. Its attacks fell dull on Chester's pelt and didn't even graze the cat. Chester tried to play with the small mouse without hurting it.

    After 15 more mice, Chester finally was satisfied with his control over his own strength. After killing 15 mice Chester had got another elite bite card although it probably would have been a better idea to practice on rats as Chester personally preferred to use scratch.

    Now Chester wanted to go for Humagus cards. When he killed Wormtail he won so easily because he was so unprepared to the point that he was stuck in changing while he was killed. It was his fault he let his guard down. 'Grind Wormtail'. Evil darkness appeared for as far as the eye could see.

    In front of Chester stood a human. He has big teeth and a squished nose that made him look like a rat. He was ragged and ripped but looked dangerous. Chester took a fighting position and Wormtail drew his wand."Stupefy" Wormtail called a spell which turned red. It was a lot faster than Harry's casting speed at hit Chester dead-on.

    Chester went dizzy and he heard "Vlegga Sparar". A white arrow flew out of his wand although Chester gained back his mobility causing it to hit across his side. Chester used 'charge' and antlers sprouted. He also used 'flight' causing him to go even faster than a spell. Chester flew at Wormtail "BOMBARDA MAXIMA" A massive explosion came out of the wand causing Chester to dodge. Even at Chester's speed, he was still burnt by it.

    Chester used 'scratch' on Wormtail's arm causing his arm and his wand to fall off. The rest was easy and with a few swipes Wormtail's head fell off. What Chester gained from that was another Humagus card. Chester let out a large sigh as he thought about how hurt he would get by doing this.

    A day later  Chester had finally got 4 more cards that he needed. A brand new set of scars was visible on him now though. 'Combine Humagus'

    The 5 humagus cards floated before spectacularly formed into a single red card.



    You now have enough control to command your form in battle although it only lasts 30 minutes. If the fight ends before then you can keep form.
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