26 Trip

    After a few days Hermoine got gradually happier and by the end of The next morning Chester woke up to a bang on the letterbox. He went downstairs and on the doorstep was an old letter that was stuck with the Hogwarts emblem addressed to Chester Cleo. "What would Hogwarts want with me?". Chester opened the letter and burst out laughing "HAHAHAHAHAhahaha...ha...ha...ha" Chester gasped as he read the letter.

    Dear Mr. Chester,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

    While reading this Chester couldn't help but burst out into laughter again "Hahaha he What a bunch of idiots" Below was a list of the equipment that he needed to attend. "THEY INVITED A CAT TO HOGWARTS" Chester tried to get back his breath but it was just so stupidly funny. He had been there for a term already.

    "Ughh when am I 'supposed' to attend. Below it said 'August 1st 1998"  So they expected Chester to attend the first year while Hermoine was in the second year. Chester moved the letter upstairs and nudged Hermoine. Hermoine moaned as she woke up, "What time is it, Chester?" Chester took the human form "Here" Chester held out the letter and Hermoine sat up to take it.

    When Hermoine read the letter she let out a soft laugh before saying "This is great Chester, If you do this we can be together at school and you wouldn't be board out of your mind while you stay in my room." "But I dun wanna" Chester said with displeasure. "Well, in the end, it is up to you but it would give you something to do. Besides, I'm sure you love to learn some magic" That was a true argument since Chester really needed to learn something. He had all them magic books and nothing to do with them.

    Now he could give them to Hermoine but who could tell what was contained inside it. For all Chester knew it could be a trap that killed you once you read it, or maybe some dark magic that corrupts the mind. Chester's mind was corrupt enough already although not with dark magic but something else just as deadly.

    Chester decided to leave the letter for later after he decided what to do with it. Should he go to Hogwarts? or just leave it. Today Hermoine's parents wanted to go on a trip up the mountains for a small holiday. Hermoine's parents wanted to put Chester on a lead in case he ran off and got lost although eventually, Hermoine persuaded them not to although instead, Chester got a collar which was annoying apparently a 'normal cat' would have one. Yeah right.

    They got in the car and drove to the mountains. The scenery on the way there was nice and filled with farmland and countryside. Finally, they got to the car park at the bottom of the mountain and got out. We got out some backpacks out of the car and headed up.

    The sun shined between the leaves as we walked up the trail. The hill was steep and left the others tired while Chester barely felt any exhaustion with my body. After a long treck, the sun started to fall and we hit the top of the mountain. Everyone let out a sigh and started to pant. We sat down and Hermoine's parents got out the food out of a basket.

    Chester got some salmon and chicken and water while Hermoine and the rest got sandwiches, burgers, cuscus and scotch eggs as well as fizzy drinks. This was obviously unfair and so Hermoine snuck him some food and poured some drinks into my bowl.

    They all enjoyed it and cheerful laughter filled the mountains. Night soon descended and darkness filled the world. It was time to go and so they did another treck down the mountain and got into the car. It was a peaceful day, no fights, no danger just fun. It had been a long time since Chester had been so peaceful. By the time we were home everybody was tired and so went straight to bed.
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