27 That was expected

    The next morning Chester was quite bored so he decided to take a stroll. The sun warmed up his fur to a nice toasty temperature. England has a very messed up temperature for example in summer it could be as cold as winter and vice versa and luckily it was a nice day today.

    Chester walked around the streets until he saw something fishy. (Unexpected cat joke cuz cats like fish... maybe?) A man dressed in black walked out of a house without locking the door which was odd but not suspicious however Chester noticed a speck of blood on his color. A normal person couldn't see it but a man dressed in black at this temperature was suspicious anywhere.

    Chester decided to leave it alone since it wasn't really his problem and headed home.

    The next day Chester walked around and saw the same house covered in police tape and police surrounding it. Police vans and cars were stationed outside and a few officers were leaning on a wall talking. "Another hit huh?" A veteran officer asked to a younger one "Yes sir, the detectives have found a pattern" A few minutes of silence followed and the older detective got a bit annoyed "And? what is it?" "Oh, right sir umm apparently the killer hitting houses on this street. Started at one and now is at 8 and we can't let the public know or they will go crazy"

    'HUH, A SERIAL KILLER IS GOING AROUND AND YOU ARN'T WARNING US. WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING TO HAPPEN' Chester had a small tantrum in his mind before calming down and thinking. Currently, Hermoine's house is the 11th if he hits one a night then that means that Chester has 3 days to investigate although obviously, one per day would mean that he was already on his ninth murder.

    If he follows this routine how would he sneak past all the officers and kill somebody? All the officers would be a door down the road so to get in and out would be practically impossible. Chester snuck around and jumped onto the roof and went inside the window.

    Footprints lead inside. They were too big and the wrong shape to be a female but they couldn't be crossed off. The footprints lead downstairs and into a small room. With my senses, I could get a trace of the killer. I followed the scent outside into an alley where a few bins were kept.

    I looked at the large metal one and looked inside it. Lying on the very top was a police badge that was left there. 'An imposter? or maybe he really works for the police and this is his hobby' Chester looked around for any other clues but he couldn't find any.

    It seems that the police moved to next door to look at another murder. 'To be completely honest it was kind of funny. It's like they are postmen going one door at a time' So what Chester had to go on was that he was a member of the police missing a badge and that he was probably male. Not a lot to go one.

    Chester could just wait outside and kill him when he moves to the 10th house however he couldn't just kill him. Its way too much of a populated area for a police officer to die. It could cause a whole bunch of problems like them questioning the whole streets for information. Just annoying to deal with.

    Chester needed a way to prove the killer's guilt and a way to do that was to catch him red-handed. Chester headed home and 'borrowed' a camera from Hermoine's parents. He got into a nice position and watched the window. The victim went to sleep and while the police were investigating next door Chester heard a door quietly shut.

    Chester turned on the camera to record and took the video. The man snuck into her room holding an oddly shaped object. 'Must be the murder weapon' Chester thought. The man turned on the lights and revealed himself. Chester's eyes widened in shock as the face of the killer was revealed. It was the local drunk. The item that he was holding was a beer bottle and it was his wife's house.

    Chester let out a sigh as he realized that the man was just going to sleep in his own bed. Chester was about to walk away when he heard a clear 'slash'. Chester turned around and saw that the drunk had a knife stuck inside of him. 'The bin will have his uniform in it' Chester jumped down and ran towards the alley and ran into the alley. Chester heard a thump. And as the man ran past he managed to sneak a picture. The man tried to chase but Chester was gone in seconds.

    Chester looked at the photo and was he saw wasn't very shocking or unexpected.
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