28 Holy macaroni cheesecake squash!!

    The shrouded man had completed another kill. It was a simple plan, sneak in, kill, sneak out and then change again, oh that is a bit complicated. It went well at first. I managed to sneak in fine although the door was heavy and a tad bit too small for the frame causing it to slam a bit heavier then I expected although it was a minor inconvenience to the plan.

    I crept through the doorways looking for my victim. A drunk man was stumbling down the hall and went into his room. I followed him into his room and ended up inside. I grabbed my knife and raised it above my head before thrusting it down into the squishy fast that squelched as I twisted it. Satisfied with my work I ran out and back into the alley.

    When I got into the alley I saw something strange, It was a cat. Now a cat in an alley wasn't suspicious but the cat had a camera hanging down from its neck. If he were to post its picture it would go viral It was that cute.  However, he didn't trust the cat, although it was cute it's built and scars made it look intimidating and he didn't trust that camera that he had wrapped around his neck.

    The shrouded man walked up to the cat and knelt down "Come here kitty tut". The cat cautiously approached him and he reached for the camera.


    Chester watched as the man knelt down and called him 'Heh you think that tut stuff will work on me? I'll rip your arm off" Chester walked towards the man and as he reached out Chester used scratch. Before the man could react his arm opened up and started spurting out blood like a fire hydrant "AHHHHHH" The man screamed as his blood gushed out. You could see him paling as blood flew out.

    Chester didn't cut his arm off but just hit some veins meaning that blood flew out. It looked like he had been full on scratched by a deadly animal. The man fell unconscious and Chester threw a towel he found on it so he wouldn't die from blood loss. Chester nudged off the shroud and saw that the man was the young policeman from before. Chester half expected this outcome and so he threw the badge he found in the last bin into the one the police uniform was in.

    Now that that was dealt with Chester walked away but first jumped into a pond to get rid of the blood that was on him. Chester let out a yawn and jumped into his own cat bed. He was still wet and smelly so he wouldn't want to disturb Hermoine.

    The next morning Chester walked out and saw the house next to theirs covered in police tape. Chester listened to some of the conversations that were going on "Apparently the psycho was from the police force" "Holy macaroni cheesecake squash, how did they find out?" "Well he was found unconscious in an alley, He had the blood of the victim on his hands as well as and we found his uniform in the bin next to him" "Unconscious?" " Yeah, he got attacked by a wild animal" "He deserved it" There were many conversations going on but that was the most interesting one.

    Chester was satisfied and decided to go back home for a rest. Chester let out a helpless sigh as he thought that animals see everything. In just a few weeks Chester had seen more than most people ever see in their lives which sounded cool but he just couldn't get a break. The only safe place was home and Hogwarts was even more dangerous.

    Chester just rested for days and he had thought about grinding but If you think about it even cats need rest. Now there was something Chester wanted to try that wasn't too difficult. Now the Patronus charm worked by using the most positive memories but what about other emotions?

    Chester turned human before realizing that he had no wand. Instead of trying to use a wand he tried to use his body as a conductor for magic. Wands amplify and focus magic and if he were to do the same with his body what would happen? They would make the best match. Chester thought of when he was beaten up and before he met Hermoine. "Expecto Patronum". Slowly a dark blood red entity formed into a dark panther.

    It had bright red eyes and built like a horse. It looked intimidating. However next cards began to fly out of Chester and circle the panther. All the cards began to glow and he gained a pair of wings as well as a pair on entwined antlers. It seems that I can mix cards with magic? What the panther did was up for experiment however, for now, Chester went back to chilling.
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