29 Rahdui

    Yesterday, Chester had learned how cards could affect or rather customize magic. Chester wasn't sure if it would effect magic but so far the ones that he had tried had no effect.

    Chester was fully recovered and in good health for going back to Hogwarts in a week but first, he wanted to explore again. Chester had seen the streets and the alleys but there was one more place he wanted to look before he left. Up. Chester wanted to see what existed in the sky other than clouds and planes.

    Chester went into the garden and sprouted his bat-like wings which took up most of the garden. With a single flap, Chester was pushed up into the air and into the sky. Chester aimed up and continued to flap his wings to go further and further. Soon he reached the clouds which didn't taste like candy floss but rather air which dried out his mouth.

    Soon Chester exploded out of the clouds leaving a stairway on cloud leading up from where he had exited. The previously still clouds turned erratic as  Chester pierced the sky and entered a layer that was between the clouds. It was a cloudless layer with all you could see was the sky. Below him, clouds floated around and the same happened above him.

    On top of some clouds, a small structure lay. Chester looked at its menacing walls and intimidating gate before heading towards it. Before Chester could get closer bloodlust flew at his causing even Chester to tremble. Chester noticed a roar behind him and a shadow that could topple a city rose from the clouds erupted. Chester watched in fear as it rose and rose until it reached the bottom to the top of the cloud layer.

    It was fully black with wings that could hug the world and eyes that could scare a ghost. Its body was filled with shining black scales that spikes ran down the back of its head to the tail. The beast's teeth were as pointed as a needle but as large as a man. It seemed like that this creature could destroy the world with a wave. It had claws that matched its teeth and bloodlust that could bring down a dragon by its lonesome.

    Chester watched as the beast widened its mouth with an evil grin and began to gather a dark force out of nowhere. Faster than light the darkness formed into flames and burst out at Chester. 'Is this the end? After everything I die from curiosity, They say curiosity kills the cat I guess it's true' Chester closed his eyes knowing that his body couldn't react to the attack that was large and faster then he could even imagine.

    The thoughts he thought were merely his outer ones. No spell, trick or card could save him. By the time he picked a skill, he would be nothing but ash.

    Chester felt the flames of the fire before they suddenly stopped. Chester opened his eyes and in front of him stood a squad of men and women. They had blue skin and scaled bodies however they also had small wings that they wore like backpacks and you could see they could be detached. In front of them large magic circles formed which differed from normal magic. Normal magic would come out of the wand then activate while it looked like the scaled people had different steps.

    User -----> Wand----->Cast -----> Activate

    User ----->Cast -----> Circle -----> Activate

    It seems like the circles worked as some sort of magic amplifier that replaced wands and was a lot stronger than it too although that was just from somebody who only saw the last stage so who knows what other steps there are.

    The magic circles seemed like some sort of defensive magic, after all, it was holding back the monster's flames. The scaled people suddenly gleamed and the magic circle flew forward in front of the dragon before terrifying green flames flew out of the circle as if they came from hell itself. The spell unexpectedly worked and the beast roared in rage from being attacked however before it could attack again more circles surrounded it and chains flew out causing the monster to be bound.

    It didn't last long, however, the beast exhausted a lot of energy destroying the magic chains and left. The scaled people turned back and moved to Chester. "What do you want cat? This area is not for anyone else other then my people, the Rahdui" the centerman said. Chester was about to talk before what he assumed to be some of the Rahdui said "Leave now" Chester tried to ask something however they emitted a fearsome bloodlust that focused in on Chester causing him to retreat with slightly trembling legs. He was trying to be brave however he knew he couldn't win. He then flew back down hoping to avoid that monster.
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