30 Thread A Needle

    Chester didn't even want to think about what just happened. It was way more complicated then he wanted to think about. Chester wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and so he felt as if his mind would die if he were to even think about what just happened. All he could be bothered to take out of that situation was that there was more then meets the eye to the magic world which was a bit ironic since the magic world was hidden from muggles and something was hidden from them.

    Chester woke up the next day and continued his adventures. He left the Hogwarts letter and instead asked Hermoine to teach him how to read ancient texts. It was complicated but in ten days Chester had a mediocre understanding of the language and could read some texts.

    The reason he rejected Hogwarts is that it's simply a lot more convenient to be a cat. Sure he could learn some basic magic but in Harry Potter magic seems to be taught when you need it most and when it fits your situation. For example, Harry got taught the patronus when he needed a patronus which was only taught at higher levels meaning that Chester would need to wait for ages to even learn anything powerful.

    Another reason is that now he had a basic understanding of ancient texts he could try to read the books in that cave from before. Maybe its magic is even more advanced then Hogwarts and if he were to study that he would become a way more formidable wizard then Hogwarts could ever teach him.

    Finally, it was time to go back to Hogwarts. Christmas day had passed and Chester and Hermoine were excited to go back to Hogwarts. Once again Hermoine put Chester in a cage and put him in the car. They drove fast and made it to the train at the right time.

    Hermoine took Chester and into a carriage where they were taken around back to Hogwarts. At Hogwarts snow was still lying around however it wasn't fresh as the snow clouds had temporarily left. Hermoine brought Chester back to her room and unpacked. Hermoine gave Chester some cupcakes which would be bad for a normal cat but not for Chester.

    After they settled in Chester walked around and found his cave again and entered. It had a homely feel even though he had never been there before. Chester walked around and entered the library before picking out a book and looking at it. Chester could now roughly read it. The spells inside the book were highly complex wandless magic.

    It took absorbing the energy from the world rather than yourself to activate it. After you focus the energy you were supposed to do what Chester did before and use your body as a wand to cast the spell. Once the natural energy meets nature again it will form into a magic circle. It seems like this was Rahdui magic however who knows if they are the only ones. For all Chester knew there could be thousands of them cities spread across the world all using the same magic.

    Seeing this caused Chester to really question the limits of magic, was there a limit? or did it grow stronger depending on how it was used? Is there a perfect way to use magic? All these questions hung over Chester as he wondered if he would ever know the answers or even live long enough to see such strength.

    First Chester wanted to try the magic. The first part surprisingly was the hardest. Once the magic was absorbed it would naturally form into a circle then amplify magic but the first and second steps were the 'artificial' stages of the casting. Chester managed to do it however he absorbed too much so the circle collapsed and didn't fuse with nature. The next time he used too little. It seemed that this magic was dependent on the level of control the user had over magic.

    If Chester had perfect control he would have the right amount of energy he could absorb meaning that he would be able to cast the circle. Chester thought of it as trying to thread a needle. If the thread is too much then it won't fit and if it's too thin then it would just snap. If the thread was the right size and went through a magic circle would form. Magic seemed powerful but gentle at the same time. Chester had tried for hours and started at absorbing too little and made it bigger by tiny amounts each time. Finally, he had activated it. It was a tiny circle with the length and width (needle sideways) of a threading needle.

    Chester saw that it was starting to get dark through the canopy of trees and so he decided to leave for tonight. He walked home and hopped into bed before curling up and going to sleep. Hermoine later pulled him towards her because she was cold but Chester didn't mind much.
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