31 Scale

    Today Chester was going to kill a dragon, Yeah. Now it would be laughable if Chester could actually kill a dragon however this was his one chance to do it. In a few days, Norbert(A baby dragon Hagrid hatched) would be sent off to Ron Weasley's brothers who looked after dragons.

    Funnily enough, dragons are ranked XXXXX which should be able to rank him up and make him stronger and who knows what card he could get from it. Currently, Chester wanted some defensive skills and although dragons had a strong offense they also had a strong defense which allowed them to have large sieges of towns. In the past, a single mature dragon could destroy a whole city which was equal to a nuclear weapon. Because of their defense, they could attack for prolonged times and then retreat without getting too hurt.

    Luckily Norbert was only a hatchling with a poisonous bite as shown when he bit Ron and sent him to the medical ward.  Dragons had many traits and it was unknown which one he would get.

    Night soon came and Chester squeezed his way out of Hermoine's grip. Chester walked towards the roof of the tower in Hogwarts and hid in the shadows.

    As it got darker a sleigh like object led by winged horses flew in and landed on top of the roof. "Hey, Charlie when does your brother get here?" "Soon," said a ginger-haired adult who looked like an older version of Ron Weasley.

    A blurred figure came up the stairs before revealing himself as Ron and Harry. They passed on the egg to Charlie's friends and left. Charlie put the dragon in a box and prepared to take off. Chester snuck up to the crate and took the baby dragon out before running away. Chester took the dragon before taking it to the forbidden forest. Chester looked at the dragon before looking away and slashing its throat.

    Chester felt guilty about it but he knew that it was a fair sacrifice for the sake of his power. The dragon transformed into a white light and then into a card.

    Dragon Scales


    x5 defense

    The card was simple but powerful. With this, he could even defend against a bullet and had a magical resistance meaning that low-level student magic wouldn't even have the smallest effect on Chester. Chester activated it. Slowly his fur turned into black scales making him look like he was wearing scaled shape armor. It didn't look ugly and wired but Chester looked more like a guardian fully equipped with a layer of armor rather than a reptile.

    Chester had now also ranked up meaning that his skills were a lot higher and more powerful than before. Chester was currently rank three so what he needed to rank up next was completely unknown. Now it was beginning to get close to the end of the first book question had a question. Could Voldemort even get the stone if Harry didn't interfere?

    Dumbledore said that only those who are looking for the stone but didn't want to use it could find it so according to that could Voldemort even get the stone that would resurrect him? Or is that whole story and buildup all just to find out that it would have been fine if Harry didn't interfere.

    Chester thought that it wouldn't really matter because in the last test where he had to pick the non-poisonous potion Harry would probably scrape by with plot armor and main character luck. I'm sure that the world wouldn't allow Harry Potter to die to a trail of logic. By separating Hermoine from the Golden Trio Chester had messed up the story plot more then he had anticipated and unless they became friends again god knows what would happen.

    Although Chester wasn't god so he decided to see what would happen instead of clicking the plot back together. Chester made a small grave for the dragon that had prematurely died and went back to Hogwarts then fell asleep on top of Hermoine.
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