34 Deer Chester

Chester woke up and could feel the power flowing through him. His eyes glowed brighter then a star and if somebody were to look at Chester they could feel that it wasn't just any cat but rather a beast, a beast that could tear them apart in a split second before they even knew what happened.

His claws were as sharp as a sword and his ears twitched at every sound that passed him. His teeth would put a vampire's to shame and his fur would be coveted by any poacher in the world. Chester straightened his legs and jumped off the bed before walking outside of Hogwarts.

He entered the Forbidden Forest and walked towards his cave. As he walked around no beast dared to disturb him as they felt his oppressing aura. For normal beasts just his glare alone was enough to scare them into submission and servitude however Chester wasn't looking for servants so luckily they were never enslaved.

Few creatures in the Forbidden Forest could challenge Chester and escape with their lives. He managed to find his cave again and entered the aged structure. Now, Chester had wondered about this structure for a while and there was one place that he hadn't explored yet, The Arena.

Chester had tried to avoid thinking about it but with his rank up he decided to try it out. Chester entered the door and everything went black. Two spotlights like lights appeared. One shone on Chester and another shined on a creature. It was a deer. Chester looked at the deer and it charged. With a single swipe of his claws, the deer was cut in two and fell on the floor.

Suddenly two more lights lit up and two more deer appeared. Chester killed them easily but this time four appeared, then 8, 16, 32, 64 and soon enough Chester was fighting with 128 deer. He couldn't even stay on the ground because so many deer was there so he had to fly instead.

His strategy was simple, swoop down and take a hit before flying back up. As the deer's numbers reached 100 they all began to run into each other causing a small blast and creating a bigger deer. Soon they had all formed into one gigantic beast. The deer was bigger than a building and looked as menacing as a dragon.

Chester looked up at the beast and his eyes illuminated red. Soon scales began to form on him which made him look like a black knight. His claws glowed red and antlers sprouted on his head. Chester was pulled towards the beast and he hit it. The deer was pushed backward and with the spare force, Chester cut the deer.

A small wound appeared on the deer and it kicked Chester. His armor took most of the damage and only caused a scratch. Chester scratched and scratched and in an hour the deer was covered in scratches, blood dripped down its body however they want that deep and merely flesh wounds.

Chester was in the same condition, he was bleeding a bit but nothing too serious. Chester knew that the only way to win was to focus on the most exposed areas. He grew horns and charged at the deer. He headed towards the deer's head and used scratch on its eyes.

The deer's eyes were split in two and it cried in agony. The deer was blinded and Chester started digging through its eyes. With a quick scratch the deer's brain was cut and it fell onto the floor. The deer turned into a white light and it turned into a charge card.

Chester just remembered now that all of the deer before had just disappeared and hadn't turned into a white light so it seemed like they were an illusion? So this was a reward? Chester thought that maybe whoever made this thought that the card was some sort of godly treasure.

Light suddenly appeared and Chester found himself back in the middle of the cave. Another door appeared and Chester went inside it. The room was some sort of practice room and there were targets everywhere.
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