1 Reincarnation....o_o...Hell yeah!!!!!

    Today was like any other day,I was at home binging on my favorite anime One piece as I have nothing else to do.

    I took a break and went to supermarket to by some snacks to eat when I watch a movie of One piece at night.

    After reaching the supermarket, I spotted a shelf that was filled with merchandise of some anime characters. This caught my attention so I went toward the shelf.

    Rummaging through it for a while I found blue sphere around the size of an eyeball, it  had a small crack in it. I took the ball in my hand to see if it is from an anime I had seen or else why would it be here. Just as I rubbed over the crack surface of the ball, I got a sensation as my hand had been pricked by a needle.

    And just after that I had a shiver run through my body and felt like my body temperature was going down,I tried to move but couldn't.

    As I was dumbfounded for what was going, my hand started vibrating and then I saw a glowing red fire ball in my hand. What got me even more shocked was that I saw that ball engulfing my hand in fire and it started spreading all over my body.I was ghastly pale as I couldn't scream nor could I feel anything from my surrounding as though I was cut off from my body.

    Suddenly I heard something snap and then I found myself in darkness. But it was not for long as I saw a bright spot which was getting bigger and bigge...no it was getting nearer.

    "What the **",I thought as I saw it crashes on me.This time I didn't feel anything though.

    As I once again open my eyes and  again I couldn't see anything but I felt like I was in some kind of a wooden enclosure also like it was floating on water.


    "What was that sound", I thought.



    "What was that" just as I said that, there appeared a person in front of me.

    And by the name of God what was I seeing, there he was person with a strawhat on his head standing before me with same dumbfounding look that I had on me now.

    That was definitely Monkey D. Luffy.

    I rubbed my eyes like I was seeing a dream.

    Suddenly both my and his got pulled toward each other, we fused into one.

    For what seems like an eternity, the fusion of the body stopped. What was left of fusion was just the body of Luffy,but conscious in it was the amalgamation of me and former Luffy.

    Both of our experience, memories became one. In fact our experience, memories,etc also fused. This caused the new conscious have both luffy's courage, willpower and other things like his thirst for Adventure and my common sense, wit and intelligence.

    We made each other whole.

    "I am me from the other world but I am also Monkey D. Luffy from one piece world"

    [DING yes you are right.Your part which was  from earth had contracted with me but the soul was weak to be contracted with me and that was why I initiated emergency program and choose to reincarnate you in a baby of the multiverse that you were  familiar with so that you can have a little strong soul to be contracted with me. But I was also damaged a little before so because of some error you were fused  with the now teen Monkey D. Luffy from this multiverse which you always wanted to be in the  deepest part of consciousness.

    This resulted in fusing you both to form what you are now. The main soul or the dominant soul is still the soul from earth that has contracted with me physically and the body is of Luffy as you will reincarnating in his universe.]

    [DING..Anyway let me introduce myself. I am an ancient tool System made by an OP Ancient  Being to make my host to become the strongest EMPORER of the said universe, which in this case is the world of ONE PIECE. You will be given to a starter pack to help you in conquest in the beginning but it will be locked untill and unless you defeat/kill your first strong famed  enemy and then you can use my other functions. Other than that you need to work hard to get rewards from me as I cannot make a lazy ass bum an emperor for nothing. That's all and good luck.]

    Me:"😶 "

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