1 Awakening

    I was floating in this this darkness alone in solitude When I heard an insubstantial voice,

    "Wake up, you have slept far too long, wake up!"

    The voice suddenly jolted me in my sea of consciousness and slowly but steadily my vision gradually turned from endless darkness to a field of blurry light.

    It took me some time to adapt to the sudden change of environment, but eventually  when I finally opened my eyes what came into view was a lush green forest with thick trees growing,  grass swaying in the wind.

    I looked around there is nobody in my vicinity and when I tried to recall what is my name what greeted me next was a pain in my head so intense it can split open my skull in two halves. I clutched my head and groan in pain only to be greated with more immence pain I roll around in the grass, the more I tries to remember about my name the more intense my pain got, finally when I gave up on remembering anything  the pain subsided I laid sprawled on my back panting heavily and eyes bloodshot.

    It seems I can't remember my name nore my past, I quickly gave up remembering as that splitting headache is too  unbearable. I surveyed my surroundings, I am surrounded by lush green forest with tall mountains rising in the west. The forest seems quite and peaceful with birds chirping. The harmonious atmosphere is contrary to my inner thoughts which are in a turmoil.

    What was that darkness? Who am I? What was that voice? Where Am I? these thoughts surfaced on my mind but I have no clue how to answer those. I checked my body, I have no wounds no disability I touched my face but all I can fell is a smooth skin.

    damn to not even remember my own face what is this god damn amnesia.

    I cursed out loud, my voice is horse and my throat parched even speaking is painful. I quickly got up with my wobbly feet, my bones creak as to indicate that I must have been lying here for quite some time.

    I was alarmed I check every nook and cranny of my body, I can be called a slender young man with no muscles whatsoever, I hear the sound of river flowing in my left so I quickly dragged my body there. Along the way I saw this forest supports dense flora but I can't spot any animals despite being in the depth of the forest.

    Upon reaching at the riverbank I quickly check my surroundings, It would be extremely bad if a wild animal is drinking water nearby but there is no animal nearby nor any people.

    I quickly rush to the river and drink water by submerging my head inside it the more I drink the more bliss I feel, being thirsty for so many days it was pretty normal.

    Then I get into the river and clean my body which is sweaty and covered in dirt from god knows when simultaneously I saw my reflection on the river surface, what came to view was a young man around 13-14 years old with white hair and grey eyes. I got facial features that can be describe as on feminine side rather than manly. I instinctively touched my little brother, feeling its presence I was reassured but at the same time an indescribable feeling of loss crept up inside me. I quickly got over with it wash myself properly and came out of the river.

    The time can be described as at evening with birds returning to their respective homes and at the same time my stomach protested by making a loud rumbling sound. The first think to do is to secure some food. The river and forest is devoid of any fish and animals which left fruits or edible grass my only option. I also quickly need to start fire as sleeping in wet clothes is uncomfortable.

    I started to wonder around in the forest in search of a place where I can spend the night, being lying openly in the grassy field is not a good idea, it can be described as my luck that no animal attack me until now. Finally after wondering around  the forest for quite some time I spotted a large tree that has a small hole to its inside, I lied down near it and studied the hole only to discover a cavity inside the tree. The hole is small in size but due to my body being small I can easily enter and exit the hole. After studying that there is no problem with the tree, I  started to make fire. I don't know why but I have all necessary survival knowledge in my brain other than my name and my past. I can recall mostly any general knowledge but I still don't have any knowledge about this place. I surveyed my surroundings and found "Corritaro" grass growing nearby, they are also called "Wanders blessing". They have pointy leaf with yellow patters on their leaves which also makes them easily distinguishable from the rest of wild grasses. I quickly collected a bag full of those and gather them near the tree, I also collected some dry wood to use them as fuel for the fire. I sat down near the tree and wanted to start fire. Several fire spells came to my mind although the knowledge seems foreign to me I casted these spells but the result was disappointing.

    "Oh fire heed my call, bring forth your might and destroy everything in oblivion, fireball!"

    but no matter how I look into it I looked like an idiot muttering coherent words in the middle of forest.

    I dropped my shoulders dejectedly, the knowledge of magic is still foreign to me. I need to study it step by step. Coming to that conclusion I cheered myself up and looked at the piled up wood I started to rub them against each other, there is another knowledge inside my brain that tells me that fire is also produced using friction so I quickly gave it a shot but soon after two minutes I gave up, it was way too tiring, magic sure in convenient. My stomach grumbled loudly as if to mock me of my hard work, I quickly grab some herbs nearby and started chewing on them, Bitterness envelop my mouth. Tears well up in my eyes due to the extreme bitterness. These herbs contain strong medicinal properties that can be used to tend to minor wounds and they also have pain relieving properties, they should be boiled then applied to wounds or use to make potions but eating them raw is not very intelligent, but I don't have any other option.

    After eating them my mouth was so bitter that I was wondering if I have damaged my taste buds. Then sun also gradually slips down to west, when the last ray of sunlight finally disappears the atmosphere around the forest suddenly change. Chilly winds begin to blow and the temperature drops suddenly. I suddenly felt shivers down my spine not because of cold but due to a bad premonition that begin to crept up deep inside me. I hurriedly burrowed myself inside the tree like little rabbit and watch the surrounding warily. I was also extremely glad that I found this hole and I took quick action during daytime. My stomach is still empty but hunger is more acceptable that eating those bitter grass. When the night fully descended strange sounds begin to originate deep inside the forest like scratching metal with metal. The wind blowing has some demonic feel to it that makes you cover in fear. I began to shiver inside the cavity holding my breath as I was afraid that a slight movement will cause my location to be discovered by that unknown.

    I slowly opened my eyes, don't know when but I have fallen asleep at some time due to tiredness and exhaustion. I peeked outside the tree hole and saw several people moving around with unsteady gate. I watched them as they wonder around aimlessly in the forest sometimes even bumping to tress while walking. I know that this is not normal and carefully observe them, some time later several objects began floating around the forest covered in thick black cloak. The temperature drops suddenly whenever one of them came near the tree in which I am hiding. I began to shiver due to the cold and fear. The only word that came to my mind is "Undead".

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