3 Mysterious village 2

Chen Feng looked at the crystal ball in his hands, but all of a sudden color drain from his face, his lips trembled uncontrollably and he threw the crystal ball to the floor.

Inside the crystal ball, a pair of menacing red eyes were staring at him. Despite being a peerless expert in this martial world, Chen Feng has not seen such ominous eyes. He felt like his soul would disperse if he kept staring at those eyes. In a desperate attempt, he threw the crystal ball to the ground.

To his relief, just when the crystal ball hit the ground, the crystal ball again became transparent as if it was just an illusion. Suddenly, he felt movement behind his back, alarmed he turned around and make some distance between himself and the intruder, his body moved like a leaf dancing in the wind. When he take a look behind his back, his eyes almost went out of their sockets, the person behind his back was none other than that weak boy whose soul he wanted to refine. He stared at the body who stood tall before him as if nothing has happened, the only difference is that his eyes which were grey before have no pupils now . Even though he was an expert in refining undead, he felt an anomaly while staring at his eyes.

Chen Feng's instinct have been very good, otherwise he would not have survived until now, his instincts are screaming to run away from the boy as soon as possible, although he could not sense even a shred of magic power from his body, but Chen Feng still believe in his instincts.

He became extremely alarmed and asked with his hoarse voice, "Why are you still standing?"

But the boy remained indifferent, his eyes were lifeless. He just kept staring blankly, but due to lack of pupils, Chen Feng did not know where, but he has a feeling he is staring at him.

Chen Feng regained his composure and continued "I don't know how are you still alive, but you are just an arrogant brat, don't think that I have no more ways to deal with you."

saying that he rotated his finger in mid air, a black magic array formed at his fingertip and a ray shot our from his finger and shot towards the boy like lightning. Chen Feng has a smile on his face as if looking at a show, but the black light hit a barrier that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Chen Feng's smile froze, the room returned to its tranquil state.


The boy stood erect like a lifeless puppet without even blinking.

"good very good", he suddenly started laughing and started firing magic like a lunatic, colourful rays shot towards the boy one after another, rays of red, black, violet green dance around inside the small hut some even hitting the ceiling and walls. The entire area is engulf in dust and debris.

When the dust finally resided, Chen Feng almost fell to the ground from shock, the boy was still there standing there like a statue but the hut is no where to be seen. All left was an empty plot.

All guards rush up to watch the scene, there is confusion and fear in their eyes. The muscular man stepped forward and asked in trembling voice, "My lord, what happened?"

Chen Feng glance at the man, his gaze made the man trembled and he stepped back not daring to utter a single word. Chen Feng then then saw the boy opening its mouth. Curious, he stood there wanted to see what's he is  up to, but no word came, what came from the boy's mouth was black fog.

Chen Feng's expression changed as soon as he realized what was happening, he immediately constructed a magic barrier protecting himself from poisonous fog. He could not believe that this boy was a puppet send here to assassinate him, but they have underestimate him as this fog would not be able to penetrate his barrier.

The men surrounding the boy quickly retreated as soon as they saw the elder forming a barrier around him, as they realized that it may be poison. The fog quickly dissolve in the air around it as soon as it came out from his mouth. Suddenly Chen Feng's saw tiny holed appearing on the barrier as it has been eaten by insects,  the fog quickly entered inside his barrier and before he has a chance to react his body began trembling, he quickly wanted to run but to his dismay, his body feel as heavy as a mountain. He has underestimated his opponent, the black fog is able to dissolve his magicraft barrier without even slightest resistance, this is something he has not seen in his entire life. Even a rank nine magician could not break his barrier with only one strike, moreover after coming in contact with the poison, his magic circuits started to flow in a reverse direction. He felt like he is being eaten alive. Ever since he became an undead, this is the first time he has experienced such excruciating pain. He felt to his knees and is unable to utter a single word, a look of horror appeared in his eyes. He wanted to run away, but he cannot move even a single bone of his body. Cracks started to appear all over his body, soon an undead skeleton was left, not long after he slump to the ground and his body turned into fine powder. The other men were not in a better condition either, all of them are writhing in pain, some weaker ones are even started bleeding from their seven orifices. As the fog spread throughout the entire area, all the people inside suffered a similar fate. The trees and grasses around the area also withered.

Not long after, the boy closed his mouth and slumped to the ground. The entire village was then engulf in an eerie silence.
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