2 Chapter one

    The black Camaro continues down the dirt road. As I sit in the passenger seat I look around on the door handle. I see a button. I look at Mark, and notice his focus on the road. I turn my childish attention back to the tempting button. I place my finger on it gently, careful not to push it down just yet. I drag my finger down and the window opens up a crack. I jump at the noise and let go.

    He looks at me from the corner of his eye. "What did you do?"

    I smile slightly. "pwaying wif duh button, Daddy." I respond loudly so I'd be heard of over the whipping breeze coming in from the slightly opened window.

    He nods, placing a hand on his door. All the windows open at once. I excitedly put my arm out the window, feeling the air through my fingers, crawling up my arm like vines.

    Mark takes his hand and finds a place to put it on my thigh, occasionally looking at me in amazement with short glances. His touch tickled a bit. I giggled, then looked at him with a confused look when I saw him watching me.

    "You're so beautiful, baby girl. I love you."

    "I wuv you too, Daddy." I turn my attention to the nature that surrounds us so that he wouldn't see me blush.

    He turns the Camaro into a gravel parking lot with a picture perfect view of the lake. A sail boat waits patiently next to the dock. Mark gets out and opens the door for me. Before I could run off he grabs a hold of my hand, keeping me close. Once on the dock he helps me aboard the vessel, and anchors in the middle of the lake. Mark lays down on the deck next to me.

    I awkwardly lay there, watching the semi-clear skies above. I try to make something from what little clouds were present in the sky. Finding one, my mind runs circles with childish emotions. I feel the coiled wire wrap tightly against my brain once more, slowly being consumed by little space.

    "Wook Daddy! Wook! An ehwiphant!" I say excitedly, pointing aimlessly at the sky.

    He looks in the general direction of where I started to point. "I see that, Baby. That's really cool." He rolls on his side, kissing me on the forehead. He starts to trail his fingers through my hair.

    The action relaxes me. I find myself closing my eyes and exposing my neck. Like a cat ready for a good scratch, enjoying every moment given to me.

    He slowly moves his kisses from my forehead down to my neck. He rolls me on top of him, holding my lower back. I place my elbows on either side of his head to help support myself up. My hair dangles in his face a little bit. I take his glasses off his face, and place them on the floor away from us as far as my arm could reach.

    His hand moves down my back to my end of my shirt, pulling it upward and over my head. His lips touching my upper chest, his hands on my ass.

    I roll off of him, laying on my back once again.  He stands up and tells me not to move. Confused, I obey. He comes back with something shiny. He places it on the ground above my head and out of view.

    He rolls on top of me and starts to claw at my back, trying to take my bra off. I attempt to make it harder for him by kissing his neck and lips. Unsuccessful he took off my bra and set it off to the side along with my shirt.

    "Got it." He says while taking his own shirt off. He reaches above my head and I hear a clink. His lips touch mine and I slowly get distracted with love, not realizing that he put handcuffs around my wrists and my hands high above my head. He climbs off of me, holding an end to a rope. Slowly, I was bringing my hands down to my waistband of my shorts, when he grabbed the chain in the middle of the metal bracelets pulling them back over my head.

    Taking the rope, he tied the chains. He had me pull down however I couldn't move them down for the life of me. Kissing down my chest as if nothing happened he slipped my shorts down my legs, along with my underwear. Still embarrassed of my body I look off to the side, trying not to blush like a bright pink rose.

    Taking a finger, he feather touches down my body. My stomach shivers. Pleasure rises within me like a cup being filled with the dopamine one drop at a time. With each drop, the feeling gets stronger and stronger. Almost too much to keep inside of me. I start to whimper and moan slightly. That being the good indication to start, I feel his manhood slide inside of my womanhood slowly. Starting out going in deep, hitting just about the right spot; teasing my body even more.

    With each thrust, it adds more drops in the cup more quickly now. He slides my body up a bit so we are able to switch places. The chains click against the metal bracelets. Riding reverse cowgirl it hits the right spot. My moaning crescendos louder with each quickening thrust.

    "Does that feel good baby?" I hear the question whispered in my ear.

    I nod my head yes as best as I could. The pleasure almost to the rim of the metaphorical cup.

    He takes me and bends me over, doggy style, ramming his manhood deep within me. I pull on my restraints, but unable to get anywhere. Within seconds his sticky seed fills inside of me. My cup overflows and I cum as well. Worn out, I turn over and lay on my back, my hands above my head once again.

    Mark smiles at my weary state and grabs our clothes. He helps me get dressed again after he was done dressing himself. Pulling up anchor, he takes us back to the Camaro. He carries me into our mansion like home. Mark had just built it recently and I have not yet seen the whole thing. He asked me if I would like a tour of the home. I nodded my head yes, and he sets me down on my feet.

    "Would you like to see the dungeon?" I turn around. My eyes narrow in confusion.

    "What do you mean dungeon?" I ask. He grabs my hand and takes me to the basement door. A door in between the room of the kitchen and a hallway to other rooms.

    Down in the basement there was an open area with couches and a large flat TV screen. In the back there is a hallway. He takes me back to the hallway and unlocks the second door on the left hand side. It was a black and red room. A bed fit for a king with drapes all around the top bed frame, holded up by four elaborately decorated bedposts.

    Around in the room it has three large dressers with many drawers. There are two steps to go down into the room. I take off towards the bed. I look closely at the details on the bedposts. I was about to turn around and go back when my hand brushed over an odd bump in the wood. I bend down a bit to take a look at it closer. It was a metal eye hook screw. I turn around and look back at Mark. He smiled at me.

    "You'll know what it is for in the future, if you haven't figured it out already." He told me.

    Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a light on the floor along the wall. I turn my head and see it is a full bathroom.

    "There's also an arcade room next door, if you want to go there instead." He explains to me, using his hand to show where the room's general direction is. I shake my head no.

    "No, thanks. I'm fine." I reply.

    "There's a surprises for you in the garage." The words repeat itself in my ears and my eyes widen with excitement.

    The barbs start to dig back into my brain and the childish sensation overwhelms me. "Oooh, surprises???" I clap my hands together once.

    He picks me up, and carries me up the stairs. He turns to the left into the semi-hallway that is connected to the kitchen. At the end of the hall there was an elevator door. He pushed the button, and entered. The elevator runs downwards, opening up to the private garage. Out of all the cars in front of us, only one was covered up.

    "What's that one?!?" I point to the one with the tarp over it.

    "That's the surprise. Go on. Pull it off." He smiles.

    I jump out of his arms and walk up to vehicle. I look back for confirmation, wide eyed. He nods once, so I turned back to the vehicle and pull away the tarp. Under the cover was a champagne colored, Silverado pick up truck.

    "Do you like it?" His words faintly are heard over the chaos going on in my head. I run to him, jumping on him. He holds me. "I knew you needed a vehicle, so I built you the truck. There's some cool features that aren't standard. For instance, there is a heated bed, so if you're laying in the bed under the stars, you can be warm." He tells me.

    My heart warms up more than normal, and my throat starts to swell up. Tears starts to form in the corner of my eyes. I bury my face in the shoulder of his shirt, trying to hide the involuntary happy tears.
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