2 Awakening the Violator

    Rael opened his eyes slowly, slowly, feeling the movements of his body coming back, at first he was still confused and for a second he believed that everything happened a second ago was just a dream.

    When he finally sat on the wet ground of his own blood he understood that all was true, he had fallen on the rocks. Then he jumped up and looked at himself, it was unbelievable that he was still alive, not only that, his back injury was gone.

    "So you finally came back, I've been waiting for you for an hour," said an elderly male voice from above his head.

    When Rael turned to look, there was an old man floating above him with white beards and hair. His beard was long and low down his neck, and his hair was a little above shoulder height.

    Rael realized at once that he was not a normal person. His body was transparent, it was possible to see the clouds and the moon through him.

    "Who are you?" Rael asked coldly, he had just gone through a moment of excruciating agony and he was not in a good mood, if he were a normal child he would surely sit down and cry for the rest of his days.

    Was it difficult for him to imagine all the anger he had now and how useless his life still was, even if he had survived what he would do from now? He was no one, he was nothing more, nor to his clan he could return.

    He would never go back. Rael did not have a normal childhood, had to understand how adults acted and why his mind had grown a little faster than a child the same age.

    "Is that how you thank the being who saved your life?" Asked the old man, shaving his beard with one hand.

    Rael watched him for a while still trying to imagine what he would be, for Rael did not yet have a crop formed in his body, had no idea of ​​the power of the old man or his cultivation, he could not feel the power of anyone's cultivation.

    "I asked who you are. Rael repeated the question in a warning tone, reminding the old man that he did not introduce himself, that made the old man start laughing.

    "You're a very rude boy. Said the old man.

    "I do not need to be polite to anyone else, and if you saved me even as you said, you lost your time, I have nothing to give in return, and I'm a cripple, look ..." Rael just looked at his right side, one arm was missing, and then he walked away, turning his back on the old man, he did not know where to go, but he was not going to sit around talking to any stranger.

    The old man felt a little strange; he had not been treated so severely for a long time; if he had been an ordinary grower who had a chance to see him, he would fall on his knees and revere him as respectably as possible; an uncultured child really had no limits.

    But that, too, was part of what Rael was becoming, while hatred filled his heart. The old man stared at the figure of muscles and white skin walking, for his age he had an exceptional physical body, pity was not having the arm that could soon be solved.

    Rael's hair was short and spiky, not even the hair his clan treated well, always had shaved his head to not have any kind of work.

    "You have nowhere to go, and I know you want to seek power to destroy all who humbled you. You know, the guys who threw you here were still laughing for a few minutes looking at your shattered body, they really should not live. The old man said, still floating on Rael's right side. Rael stopped and turned to face him.

    "I have no power and I do not know how to do it, but I will!" I'm not just going to end those guys, I'm going to destroy all those who have slaves or taking advantage of women from other families, any act of humiliation will be destroyed by my hand, "Rael said, staring at the old man, his pale green eyes glittering over a determination in flames, which made the old man sure about everything, and this made him even happier, better days and more fun were to come, so he intended to invest high on the boy in front of him.

    Besides, the boy was not so normal, the problem of lack of arm was due to a situation that occurred before he was born, the old man knew that he was different from everyone, so he really wanted to help him.

    "And why do you think I'm here?" Why did I revive you? I'll answer your question now, kid, I'm a God, the God of time. The old man said and made a very serious pose, raising his face as if he had spoken to a crowd and was some kind of patriarch of an important family.

    Rael kept looking at him with the same face, an expression of who did not care, whom he did not believe.

    "I thought gods could not be seen by people, they could only feel them, if they wished. Rael said as he remembered some thoughts, although he did not remember who told him that, after all few spoke with him and even his sister would not have any such information being still a child, the slaves did not have time to chat and avoided any subject outside the necessary ones.

    "In fact, ordinary people can not see us." The old man returned to look normally at Rael and once again felt a little strange, the boy continued to confront him, if it was any other day his mood was not so good he did not know if he would be able to stand firm to support this child ignorant, interesting as it may seem. "Only people who have crossed the lines of death can see gods."

    "So I'm dead?" Rael asked with a slightly concerned expression.

    "It is not, because I brought you back, now let's walk, if you want to have power you better follow me, anyway you do not have any choice." the old man said and left floating in front. Rael stared, stunned his back, and after a brief time, decided that he would follow, and ran until he reached it.

    "You can call me Master Seimon from now on," the old man said, looking sideways. Rael did not care, just nodded.

    The two followed for the rest of the night. Rael was already tired and hungry, he had not eaten anything since last night. However he did not complain, he kept following Seimon without saying anything.

    Seimon was surprised, Rael's feet were bloody from so much walking, he was barefoot, hungry and thirsty and did not open his mouth, he kept following without caring about his own needs.

    As it was dawning they reached the foot of a cluster of huge mountains that seemed to reach the heavens.

    "This is a boy, this is one of the passages that will take us to the main hall," Seimon said, looking at the rocks. Rael was curious because he could not see any entrance in the direction the old man was looking, would they have to climb now?

    "Fallow me around here. The old man continued to float and his body pierced through the wall of rocks. Rael was not surprised by the fact, the problem was how it would pass? Seimon had a transparent body and he did not. Even though he had a suspicion about it, he approached the wall and reached out to touch the rock, his hand finally entering.

    "Why are you delaying? Get in at once! Seimon said from inside the rock." Rael then sighed and walked in, at first the first two steps inside the rock everything was dark until he left the other side where he saw again. A tunnel stretched out in front of him, but he could not see the end. The dark corridor was lit only by a ball of fire spinning around Seimon.

    "From that point on, do not make too much noise, because that may bother the sacred beasts here. Saying that, Seimon turned and went on, floating.

    Rael was calm again, it was the first time he had entered an illusory wall, but he had gone through much worse things to be alarmed by it. But once he wondered who had mentioned the term "Illusory Wall" to him.

    They walked for just three minutes in the hallway and out into an oval space more open and gigantic. On the roof were several bright spiritual stones that illuminated most of the place, Rael then saw several small and large beasts, lying or standing on the stand, wolves with serpent tails, giant tigers with wings, panthers of thorny bodies, had several beasts Rael could not imagine the power of each, even so he stopped walking.

    "Do not worry, you're not a good appetizer for them, you do not even want to kill yourself, a powerless body is worth as much as a stone to those little critters. Seimon stepped forward to calm any fear of Rael.

    Rael had stopped by instinct of what he had already learned in life, for some reason, he did not feel scared. Those monsters seemed much more reliable than their own clan at the moment.

    The two of them walked again and crossed through the monsters that just stood, looking at them without enthusiasm, finally they reached another corridor.

    Through this corridor, Seimon continued to light the path with the fireball until they reached a wall with no way out.

    At the bottom of the wall were several lines of bluish and bright spiritual energies around small leaves with symbols, Rael recognized at the same time that they were seals, probably made by experts from above the legendary levels, it was not anyone who could use that kind of seal, moreover, each seal of that would take at least hundreds of lives before being removed, the only method was to pull them using spiritual force.

    "What are you waiting for? Begin to remove the stamps, we do not have much time, soon I will have to leave, I have no right to be intervening in human lives for a long time." Seimon said, folding his arms.

    "This is going to kill me," Rael said, looking at him from the side.

    "Oh, so you know that, yes, it's true, if you were an ordinary spiritualist, you would die trying, but you have no cultivation, it will not do you any good," Seimon lied, actually he knew why those seals would not work. in Rael, but chose not to explain, it would be a waste of time, he would never understand at that age.

    Rael thought of nothing else, just took the two remaining steps to reach the wall and reached out to pull the first seal. For some reason he did not believe that old man had brought him so far simply to kill him with the attempt to remove a deadly seal.

    "All right, go on and take them all out," Seimon observed, seeing the torn seal slipped to ashes in Rael's hand. In fact, Rael did not feel anything, so he passed on to the others and finished all the work easily, the seals leaving the wall quickly, it was like a mere misplaced paper for him.

    When he removed the latter, the dark rock shone, enveloping itself in a gray aura, and then moved away to the side releasing a metal corridor, lit by spiritual stones nailed to the wall.

    Rael was impressed by the place, the blue tile floor stretched ahead in the hallway and then in the hall, the whole place was perfectly clean.

    "Does anyone live here?" Rael asked, looking at Seimon floating in front.

    "Not here, it's just our gateway to the real house," Seimon said.

    As Rael crossed the hall he saw a glittering crystal floating on a large open metal hand. The bluish crystal was at least twice its size, almost ten feet.

    The crystal glittered and spun with pulses of transparent energy that made the air turn slightly blue, Rael could feel the wind beating and blowing his clothes, that he did not know, although it was a little familiar even though he had never seen it before.

    "It's a portal, just the touch, and we'll reach the end of our journey." Seimon stepped forward and stood floating beside the crystal with his arms crossed, staring at Rael.

    Rael was not afraid to reach out and touch. When he touched it he felt that it was taken from his body by overwhelming power. He screamed, but his voice did not come out as he was pulled up through rocks, dirt and finally out into the open.

    His vision was being driven at an absurd speed, overcoming cities, rivers, temples, villages. This lasted for almost two minutes before finally entering another giant mountain, past infested places of the same monsters and then there he was, taking his hand out of the crystal again.

    Rael ran the view around, there were six other crystals on the wall next to him with the same metal hands underneath, the place had the same formation as the other, metal walls and blue tile floor with lit stones, but now there was a open casket in the corner of the wall.

    Rael did not care if Seimon was not here, he just walked and then looked at what was inside. She was a beautiful adult woman, about twenty years or so sleeping with her hands clasped over her uterus.

    Rael still had no interest in, and was not even aware of, male-related affairs as he was still a child, but he could not help but be amazed at the beautiful features on her face.

    The woman had beautiful curves, with perfect medium-sized breasts, her lips had the same red color as her hair, while her skin was white as a bright pearl.

    She was wearing a flowery white dress with red roses that spread only on her legs. His feet were barefoot, his right arm coming down below his shoulder, a sequence of three bracelets tightened his skin while the other arm was bare.

    The nails of her hands and feet were still well made and painted red. She seemed to be neat, ready to have some sort of important meeting.

    When Rael paid more attention he realized she was not breathing. Her head was lying gently over her long hair. She had an extremely calm and comfortable countenance, as if she were having the best sleep of her life.

    "Very well, apparently you found her." Said Seimon behind Rael, who turned to him for a brief moment and looked back at the woman.

    "Who is this woman? Rael asked.

    "Pretty, is not it?" Not that you understand about it, she is a Violator, sealed for at least ten thousand years, her temper should not be good when she wakes her up. Said Seimon.

    Rael would hardly know about the existence of these beings, even if most of the things he knew something in some mysterious way, this time he had no foreboding.

    "What is it? To me she looks like a normal woman. Said Rael.

    Seimon smiled. Violators were one of the oldest creatures in the world, their mysterious power and their crops far exceeded that of humans, even today, could not have predicted how much power a being of these beings was capable of possessing, problem is that spending so much time sleeping was slow and very much its evolution. While she slept the world evolved in her own way.

    "Put a hand on her head, you'll know there's something different." Said Seimon.

    Rael stretched out on the wooden edge and reached out to touch her beautiful hair, then felt it, there was something hard on both sides. He pushed his hair aside and revealed two short horns.

    These horns were born from the center of her head and had the shape of a half moon lying and leaning her head to the back of the nape where they ended, they were perfectly attached to the hair and were neither long nor thick, so the hair did hide them with certain ease.

    The horns also had the same color of hair which left Rael very confused, because even looking almost there was no difference except that if he touched as he had just done.

    "Violators are women with demonic essences, they are completely normal throughout the body except in the head where they have these horns, they also have a more varied food than humans, among some other details." explained Seimon without revealing much.

    "Why did you bring me here?" Rael turned sideways and looked at him.

    "I'll have to leave in a few minutes, but I'll leave two gifts with you, one is a mysterious seed and the other is her," Seimon said, looking back at the beautiful woman. Rael looked confused looking at him.

    "What has that?" Rael asked.

    "How about waking her up first?" I'll explain the few details they give after she wakes up, "Seimon said and touched Rael's back. Rael felt something hot spreading across his chest.

    "What did you do? He asked in surprise.

    "I just planted the seed, when the time comes, it will be born," Seimon explained, smiling.

    Rael gasped, feeling the energy inside him, it was the first time in his life that he could feel something like that inside him.

    "Come on, my time is almost exhausted, wake her up soon." Seimon hustled as Rael looked back at the woman.

    "I just need to swing it right?" Rael asked, stretching again and reached out, shaking his shoulder. The part of Violator's shoulder, chest and head was slightly wobbly and yet she gave no sign of waking.

    "Boy, I think you're lucky, you'll have your first kiss when you're ten. Seimon observed, making Rael curious about him. "You'll have to kiss her lips to wake her." Rael looked serious and surprised, he might not be afraid of many things, but kissing a woman like her? How do adults do? Everyone was disgusted with him, surely she will wake up vomiting. Rael could not help but have this strange thought.

    "Then I just need to kiss her?" He asked himself after this series of thoughts. Seimon smiled, nodding positively.

    Rael swallowed, swallowing a saliva, his heart racing a little, then he started to climb the wooden window that surrounded the woman, his outstretched arm reaching for his shoulder, but his mouth would not reach, he would have to go inside and join her .

    Seimon looked at all curious, a child kissing an adult woman at that age would be something a little different. Rael finally slipped in and even inadvertently stepped on her thighs, the soft fabric of the dress made him slide and he fell awkwardly with his body over hers, buried his face between her breasts, of course he had no pain, falling for Above something as soft as that woman's body would surely do no harm.

    Rael still looked worried over her breasts to her face, even with all that little incident she still slept soundly even though she was not breathing. Besides, her scent was extremely pleasant, which made Rael very surprised.

    "You seemed to like it, to be so comfortable with her." Seimon observed with a joke, of course, he realized that it had all been an accident, but he did not fail to think that in his childhood he had never been as lucky as this boy was having now, although in his current state he had not either more worldly desires, but obviously still reminiscent of the flavors of when he had once.

    Rael did not mind the comment, then straightened up and moved his body over her to line up. Rael felt the volume of her breasts and a nice smell of what appeared to be some weed flowing from his body in front of him, his skin still warm and everything seemed normal. An ordinary person sleeping ten thousand years without breathing would surely be dead and rotting, not her, she was whole.

    "Let's go! Let's get on with it. Seimon looked at him. "I do not know what to do." "I do not know." "I do not know." force, poked her lips and touched her lips.

    Of course, Rael's mouth was still much smaller than hers and so it was a strange thing to see. Seimon smiled as the woman's fingers began to move.

    Rael raised his curious face and there were the woman's large scarlet eyes staring at him curiously and at the same time with an extremely irritated air. Rael felt uncomfortable with her apprehensive look and took a little distance away from her face, but she could not help but agree mentally that her eyes were as beautiful as a red sun.

    "Welcome back, Violet," Seimon said, smiling from the side, looking at them. Violet then looked around and ran into Seimon. She was even more annoyed to realize that her presence was spiritual.
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