4 Full Dark Release

    Rael could not stand the pain and fainted in Violet's firm arms, she could feel the boy losing his strength. Not even an adult would endure such pain, let alone a child. In fact he had still been up too long to faint.

    Seconds later Violet sighed as he let his mouth deformed back to the place, as well as your teeth more than disappeared, she could still feel the delicious taste Rael's blood on his lips, which almost brought him into ecstasy.

    She laid him carefully on the floor and calmed down as she watched the spectacle take place in Rael's body. Now the shoulder with nothing opened in raw while the skin throbbed, the cells seemed giants while bubbled up inside the boy's shoulder, giving life to bones and the new hand that would eventually arise covering it with a blue skin, Rael was awake now, he would surely be screaming, because the pain would probably be much greater than the previous bite.

    The little hand came out and just as the small arm was still disproportionate to the body, it was a baby arm in a child. Then the arm continued to grow and grow along with the hand, until they became the same size as the other arm and hand.

    Everything was very fast, something a few minutes, so the new right arm was stretched there beside the body of Rael and the entire shoulder was back to normal, closing all possible wounds. Violet smiled with satisfaction at the result, and sighed then, she was grateful that it had all gone before he woke up.

    Rael later awoke feeling even stranger, he had a little headache and a little dizzy, lying on a soft blanket, she sat down and found he was in a room. He turned and looked at his new arm, his eyes widened, that because he had sat and propped his left arm to support the body, and automatically the new right arm had done the same thing on the other side, supporting on the covers too.

    He tried to move his right arm and could not, all that was a slight movement of his fingers. Rael was also surprised that his arm and hand were very light blue, the shape was the same as his arm and left hand, only the color was different, even his nails were white as well.

    That did not bother him for a long time, he was happy to have an arm even if it was different and that at the time could not move it right, but he felt he would get used to the time.

    Rael inspected the room he was in, there were several covers on the floor, spiritual stones had been trapped on the walls illuminating the room, just like the ones in the room before, there was only one chest of drawers at the corner of the wall where several papers and scrolls were and probably also stored in the drawers.

    Rael got up and opened the door ahead, returning to the living room. Violet was standing preparing something on the stone stove and turned to him as soon as she felt his presence.

    "So you woke up already, it was faster than I imagined. She said with a satisfied smile.

    Rael was still staring at the new hand trying to move it, and all he could get was small finger movements as before. Although he felt the new arm and hand normally, he still could not move right.

    "Do not worry about it, soon you can move it better, the important thing is that now with the new arm you can finally cultivate."

    "Let's get started right away!" Rael rushed in a steady voice, and his two hands clenched into fists. Although Rael only made that move with his left hand. Violet noticed, but said nothing, smiled to herself, turned to the pot and with a wooden shell, tasted the liquid carefully.

    "Okay, it's ready."

    She quickly filled a glass with the shell and led Rael who looked confused.

    "Drink everything, it will improve your headache and your dizziness, I know you're feeling it now."

    Rael obeyed holding her left hand and when she tried to take it, almost burned it so hot that it was, had to take the liquid slower even in a hurry, while it blew a few times. Violet was just waiting quietly with her arms folded as she looked up at him.

    The reason a cultivator can not cultivate without an arm is not precisely because of his lack, it is the initial activations that must exist, it is like a baptism that must be done at the beginning when one is still a child. There are movements and shapes that both arms need to do, just like the rest of the body.

    These movements activate the forms of the spiritual veins and initiate all the transformation necessary to release the inner power. It seems a relatively silly thing, but it is the most important initial step in the life of a future cultivator. Without doing these activations, the body does not fit and then it is impossible to follow with any training.

    "Great, now come with me." Said Violet, pulling the boy to the center of the room in a hollow space.

    Violet knew that most people chose among nine types of movements to release the spiritual veins, these movements are usually linked to a special type of element or support, such as fire, earth, force, life, water, wind, lightning, amplification or light. The starting point of this release is most important in the path of a cultivator.

    Because it is this point that will specify an expert's ability to learn and develop. A specialist who follows the path of fire for example: he may still try to combine other paths like earth or force, but his greatest strength will be chosen by the initial release (fire). There is no absolute law that clearly states all combinations and limits of a person, but in general, the starting point of the release is the most important.

    "What is the most appropriate release for me?" Rael asked standing in front of Violet.

    Rael knew the movements, but he did not know where that knowledge came from. He had never done it, nor had he seen it. He strangely knew how that worked, even knew all the moves.

    "We will not use any liberation you know, we will use one that was developed by my people, her name is Total Liberation of Darkness," Violet said in a serious tone.

    Rael did not understand, but did not question, he had gained an arm of this woman, and therefore would follow any teaching, as long as it did not disturb his future dreams.

    "What about my new arm?" Is not he going to mess it up for now? I still do not control it. Rael remembered this as she looked at it.

    "Do not worry, just keep the moves in mind and he will cooperate."

    "What about the essence of baptism?" Where is it? Rael looked around.

    Besides the movements and words also had the essence, it is an energetic liquid, it was prepared and poured into the head of the beginner before the movements. This essence was prepared by alchemists, using special stones and some herbs. It was not the same type for all releases, each had a different preparation and so prices were varied.

    "Do not worry about it, the baptism of this is a little different, it only happens at the end. Violet explained quietly.

    "Huum ... then okay, show and say the words. "Rael turned to her.

    Violet then started the movements and for each movement the activation words. The new arm was not a problem because he moved according to the movement even if he did not have complete control of it. Rael was impressed with the arm, he did everything right.

    As Rael obeyed, he felt the energy of acceptance running through his body and the whole shivering.

    Rael thought it strange that the movements and words were only four. For each choice there were usually up to seven movements, moreover, he had never seen any of these movements, not even those words, but even if he had not seen them, he made them so perfectly and said the words so spontaneously that even Violet could not help but lift the eyebrows impressed.

    She just needed to make the move and say the word once, and he could do everything next perfectly, even she who was considered a great genius of her time could not do all the first moves, not even after gaining her lineage demonic

    Once the movement was done correctly, at the end, he felt the veins waking through the body as the power flowed through him, so he confirmed for Violet. With each confirmation, Violeta became more and more shocked, even trained people would have difficulty doing that first-rate, even a ten-year-old boy ...

    "Are you finished?" Rael asked a little confused.

    Violet stared at him as if stuck in a hypnosis, while Rael kept looking back at her, expecting her to say something. That did not last long.

    "Yeah, how are you feeling?" Violet asked, after putting her thoughts back in place.

    "I feel as if my body is bathed in hot waves inside, it's like my blood is bubbling, but it does not leave me in pain."  Rael explained looking at his body.

    "Then it seems that everything went well." Violet agreed with a slight smile.

    "And the essence of baptism?" Rael asked, remembering.

    "I'll do it right now. Violet stepped forward and approached Rael by standing in front of him, then crouched.

    Rael stared at her curiously.

    "Keep your eyes closed and do not open until I say. Ordered Violet.

    "Is it going to hurt like this time?" Rael asked as he closed his eyes.

    "No, but you can only open it when I say so. Violeta repeated.

    "It's all right." Rael nodded, looking a little relieved.

    Violet stared at the boy for a while, she tried to imagine what future he would have and how far it would go. She sighed, closing her eyes for a few seconds as she lowered her head. After she lifted her head and opened her eyes, they were dark as the night itself without any life, pulsing black roots were born around her eyes and spread across her beautiful face.

    Despite giving her a more obscure and monstrous look, she still managed to look beautiful. She did not want Rael to see that part of her, she wanted him to always remember her with a perfect, beautiful human face. As her voice would be different, she did not say anything either, just reached out to hold the boy's neck and slowly brought her lips together as she closed her eyes.

    His mouth opened and it was possible to see a dark smoke rising between his beautiful lips. Then she kissed the boy. Rael was not too surprised to be kissed, that was not the first time. At the same time he also felt something strange, because his whole mouth and cheeks heated. Just after the neck and his chest.

    Violet continued kissing and passing the essence for a few seconds, until finally stopping and pulling away. She closed her eyes and calmed her instincts, making her face normalize. Rael still stood there, his eyes closed as he was commanded, feeling his whole body begin to pulse inside.

    His veins seemed to be coming to life, he could feel even his nerves moving inside. This feeling was incredible. Rael was sweating, but he was not in pain, his whole body was warm. He still had the sweet taste in his mouth because of the kiss, which did not involve just the essence.

    "You can already open your eyes. She said, still crouched in front of him. Rael obeyed and saw Violet's face. He looked at his own hands and at his body with a curious air.

    "My whole body is warm and tingling, incredible." Said Rael.

    "That's wonderful, you did not really have any problem with the element you chose. Violet said with satisfaction and stood up.

    - Violet what kind of element or support will I be better at? Rael asked curiously.

    "Darkness," Violet said, leaving Rael confused and at the same time impressed, he had never heard of such power.

    "What does that mean exactly?" Rael asked.

    "You have your heart covered in hatred, your soul cries out for vengeance, so I have decided to release the path of Darkness for you. Said Violet, looking thoughtful.

    "I dont understand. Does this Darkness match up with some other element?

    "With all the existing ones, that's why it's called Total Liberation of Darkness," Violet said.

    Rael was impressed. While not knowing all the laws of the elements and supports, he knew that there would usually be a maximum of two combinations for each path chosen. If this were true, he could not imagine the power he could acquire.

    Having all of them would be a dream for any grower. Not a dream, it would in fact be impossible, if a cultivator is already a genius because he can handle four paths instead of three, do you imagine being able to control them all?

    The trainings started. Every day, Rael did a repetition of training that counted also reading alchemy books. One part of the day was separate for cultivation, another was separate for reading and another was separate for confirmation of everything he had read. Violet showed the formulas and essences of most herbs, she boasted of being one of the best alchemists of her time while teaching Rael.

    Rael had an insane thirst to learn everything, for the life he lived never had a master before and now had Violet, who was willing to teach everything he needed. Moreover, she confirmed the teachings and was always shocked, because not once had she failed to produce an elixir or even other kinds of remedies and formulas. What kind of monster was he?

    The trainings only stopped at mealtime and at the end of the day, where Rael was taking a shower before bed. Of course, he slept with Violet both in that covered room.

    Violet left Rael training and constantly went to the city to shop and upgrade, gradually she understood the reasons why Rael wanted so much to free the world from slavery.

    At one time she had bought several more furniture, like even a bed. Rael never questioned sleeping in the same bed with his mistress, even though it seemed odd at first, mostly because she was hugging him, at some point he began to find it natural and sometimes even hug her back. Plus the smell of Violet was always so nice to Rael, so he did not really care to always be with her.

    After three years, Rael had developed to a point where he would never be recognized. His body was much more physically developed, he was taller and stronger.

    Her hair was now slightly red, they were also longer, now they fell a little down the neck. The front of his hair was combed back, giving the impression that his head was a little larger, that made him look more serious and even more handsome than before.

    Sometimes he would go out into town with her just to follow up and get used to that fact. He had to wear gloves and even long-sleeved dresses to hide the different arm. Speaking of the arm, Rael had a little more control, though he still sometimes did unexpected things during training.

    After another two years, Rael was finally preparing to start his revenge and show the world what he had finally learned.

    Rael and Violet were about to leave the hiding place. Violet had proposed that before he began his plans, he would stabilize in the city and seek to understand all the customs and powers of his future enemies.

    He had to know how far his boundary could go. It was hard for Violet to convince Rael to take it lightly. A messy revenge might not end well, if Rael really wanted revenge, he would have to know the whole system, learn the time to retreat and the time to attack.

    To make it work, he should disguise himself as a normal adolescent for a while, try to gain some respect and know the bigger clans, and during that time he would learn a lot more about how people would act.

    Rael always respected Violet and so he always listened to his advice, but this was the one that was most reluctant to obey, after all he now felt that he was strong and that he could defeat anyone, even adults.

    Rael's cultivation was in the Deep Soul Spiritual level two, this could be regarded as almost impossible for anyone, even twenty, not to forget the fact that he had all possible combinations.

    Cultures follow this pattern: Spiritual Soul Rising is the lowest level, usually children and teenagers are in it, and goes from level 1 to level 10 as in any other category.

    The ages are usually between 7 and 15 years, anyone who is within that limitation is considered a normal grower, which is neither bad nor good. Some others can overcome this category before age 15 and are already considered small geniuses, while others are trash for spending more than 15 years stuck in it.

    The next rank is Spiritual Soul Formation, here the age ranges from 15 to 21 years. Then comes Deep Soul Spiritual, 21 to 27 years. This is the current strength of Rael who would be considered a great genius, his growth was extraordinary compared to others, not to mention the fact that he started three years late.

    If anyone dreamed in the world that there would be a 15-year-old at that rank, they could explode by surprise. So neither should we touch the part he combines with all the other elements or mention the fact that he seems to understand most things by observing only once.

    Rael was already an extreme genius almost without limitations, he broke all the laws that could exist that would limit the level of somebody, he already was a true legend, reason why he did not understand why it had to follow the plans of Violeta.

    Part of Rael's observation, learning at first, Violet still did not understand, but the fact that he knew several things without knowing her already knew the reason and why. Seimon talked about the inheritance before disappearing, now she was familiar with it.

    Having had her DNA with him, she had had this answer, but if she had not lived another ten thousand years, she would never have imagined that a mere child could possess such power, and that power was clearly the reason for her crippling .

    Violet also knew that this was an extremely weak world and so she felt even more shocked when she thought about his inheritance, although she never told him that, one hour Rael would finally understand and remember because she knew of things she had never seen before.

    "Even if you are stronger than most people your age, and even some advanced, that still does not mean that you outweigh all, there are several people stronger than you, so I am asking for patience." Violet always repeated that. She wanted Rael to gain experience for himself.

    Rael never asked Violet for help on matters that were not training, he always had in mind to do it for himself and depend only on his strength. Violet on the other hand never had in mind to say no or to offer, she had other plans while Rael would play with revenge in this small world.

    During the years Rael spent with Violet, she always tried to seduce him in some way. Showing a little skin here, another there, sometimes even bare pretending to be an accident, for example knocking over a towel.

    Rael always found Violet beautiful, but he never had perverted thoughts with her, always thought of her as a special teacher or sister. Violet on the other hand felt increasingly irritated by this situation. She needed that feeling back, though she did not remember having it. Because she was a different woman, she also carried a curse and that curse made her forget what it was like to be loved.

    Even so, she did not go very far, Rael was still half grimace in these situations and so she did not find it appropriate to force anything. Rael also felt very good with Violet, but in his head he never imagined that that kind of feeling would be that of a face related to a woman.

    Rael even knew that couples were kissing, he had seen this a few times as a child, but never connected that fact with his current situation to Violet. That's because all the kisses were out of sheer need. It awakens her, making him take medicine or baptizing him.

    She did not kiss him more than once within the next five years, but slept with him he held her whenever he could.

    Violet and Rael were now finally at the edge of the town of Elunia, this town was part of one of the territories of the Torres clan. Rael insisted on starting here, so Violet had attracted an adult resident of that city and used his power to hypnotize him, making him think Rael would be his son.

    The dense forest was just behind Rael and Violet, because it was dark at night that very few people would see them here. They expected Adam the man Violet had prepared, and as such, at the right time he appeared well dressed and greeting the two.

    Adam was a good marketer and had a good life, married to a good wife and father to a daughter of thirteen, besides having a good house had a good status, these were all the points that made him the perfect person to make himself from father to Rael. Although Violet did not have time to handle better situations, but to start with was great.

    "So this is my son, Samuel?" Adam asked, smiling.

    There was already a story in his head. In one of his travels, before meeting his wife, he had a quick affair with a woman from another city. After leaving the woman gave birth to a child and cared for him until he died of a rare disease. Then Violet who was his teacher, nursed and trained him for eight years, before coming to look for his father.

    The story needed to be taken seriously, so Violet had to hypnotize another set of people in another city, taking advantage of a similar case where a mother died leaving a child alone seven years ago. In the future people would look for roots of Rael and if this happened they would discover the farce, so it was necessary to be careful.

    "Yes, Mr. Adam, unfortunately I have to solve some problems so I leave your child in your hands. Violet smiled as she said good-bye with a good-bye and turned and walked slowly through the forest. Behave yourself." She said, as Rael stared at Violet's beautiful, perfect back, leaving with a certain sense of concern, he was not used to being away from her.

    "Son, I'm so sorry for your mother, but do not worry, I'll take good care of you, I promise." Adam reached out to Rael and hugged him, catching Rael in surprise as he looked back at the hypnotized man.

    Adam was hypnotized, but his wife and daughter at home did not, Violet did not find it necessary to do the same at all, and the more hypnotized people, the easier it was to discover the truth. There were specialists who could notice and even discover hypnosis.

    Rael felt strange, being called another name and being taken to a house he had never been, besides, now he was back in town and would see all the cruelties that slavery did. Better still, he was close to his old clan again and could not help but smile inside, even though he could not take revenge blatantly, he vowed to make life difficult for any of the Torres clan. Though he was close, it was not that close.

    The Torres clan resided in the Toravan Capital that was to many cities here, being still the strongest clan of that continent, and Rael being here, step by step it would approach its objectives. Obviously his idea was to go directly to the capital, but of course Violet did not allow it.
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