9 On The Way: The Lonely Demon

    Ha Ri was preparing for the worst. He was ready to die while, he was thinking,"So, this is the end, huh?" He closed his eyes and was hoping to reborn as noble with power and a lot.

    "Hey kid open your eyes"

    H Ri heard someone was talking to him. He slowly opened his eyes and he couldn't believe what he saw. The beast hadn't killed him rather it seemed , it was waiting for something.

    "Why did you saved me during few days ago with my fight with Unicorn and now from humans too." "Are you showing that you humans are stronger than us, huh?", He shouted.

    Hearing the beast Ha Ri laughed.

    "What is so funny, kid?", the beast pressed his paw against Ha  Ri he was so furious.

    "I know you have a reason you are like this, why would you do this?" "You are not that bad by heart and I can guarantee it.", Ha Ri said as if he can see inside someone's heart.

    Hearing upon this the beast loosened the paw and left Ha Ri. And he said, "There was a fool like you in the past. I don't know how many thousand years ago was that, maybe a few millenia years ago. He also said the same thing to me as if he could see inside me."  He sighed.

    "And what happened? Why are you killing divin beasts and humans?", Ha Ri questioned before the beast could finish.

    "Kid, You shouldn't interrupt someone, moreover he was just like you. Even the phique. The same eye, same color, same odour. As if I met him again.", the violent, vile demon beast had tears in its eyes. Every other beasts were shocked that the legendary demon beast was shedding tears.

    " Why don't you go to demon world? I will help you. ", Ha Ri also guaranteed his safety.

    "I will stay here. No I have to stay here. It was like he was the only one who understood me. Not even my kins, Lords, and fellow demons understood me."

    "But still it is not safe for you to stay here. The humans will come for your head.", the forest lord commented once in a while.

    "I don't want to go. Rather I can't go to demon world. You heard about the demon traitor?"

    "Are you referring the legendary demon traitor? Who doesn't know about him in this three world? From heaven to hell everyone knows the story. He is a legendary beast. They said he was capable of destroying countries in a blink of an eye. He would also d rub the ocean up in one blow. It is said he was alive until mid era. But now no one knows about him.", someone in the heard said.

    "Haha. I didn't knew about that. And as you said he is not that big of a shot, you know? And he wrecked havoc not because he was a demon but to protect what was important for him.", said the demon beast.

    "Hey, how do you know about him so much?", said the forest lord.

    The beast replied, "Because I'm that traitor beast you were talking about."
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