-3 The Realm of Ethea

    This information below shall explain some things about this world. This is not the first chapter yet.


    Ethea is a world with a hundred times the surface area of the earth.

    Its oceans take up 1/4 of the surface. So unlike our earth, there are more lands to be waged war over.

    The lands are divided by factions whom fight for the lands and resources so their people may live better lives and so they can expand their technology and strength.

    The reason they must expand their strength is due to the large amount of monsters inhabiting the world of Ethea.

    Countless creatures and demons come from the underworld im varying colors and sizes.

    These beasts drop items such as cores and flesh which can be used as food or materials for weapons and items. Making these monsters a dangerous, but rewarding foe if defeated.

    The factions that inhabited this world orginally started with Red, Blue, and Yellow. These three factions were great empires consisting the sizes of entire continents.

    Red and Blue were at conflict the most, as Yellow would often stay neutral to keep its power from diminishing, while skirmishing along the border.

    Yellow still waited for an oppurtunity to take down both Red and Blue after hundreds of years.

    Until they suddenly had a revolution with their lands and the Green faction appeared.

    Other factions began to come into existence as well. After hundreds of years, Green, Purple, and Orange appeared. Orange took half of Red's territory, while Green took from Yellow, and Purple from Blue.

    Only half of the world was explored by these factions, and that half was split into 6 equally sized pieces.

    With a single plot of sacred land in between all of them. This plot of land appeared a hundred years after the appearance of the secondary factions.

    The Exceed Summoning Hills.

    This was where exceeds were summoned into this realm. They each had hair that was only colored in blonde, brown, and black.

    Their eye color was of the faction they belonged to however.

    An exceed had the power of 10 normal faction members combined when they were first summoned. They would grow in strength from battle until they became a high level exceed which had the strength of a thousand normal members.

    Each exceed had different powers that made them truly special from the normal inhabitants of this world. Such as Gravity, Healing, Magic, or even Energy forms which were manifestations of chi into shields or weapons of a certain type.

    Exceeds were categorized into 3 Exceed types from what type of ability they had.

    Guardian, Striker, and Supporter.

    Guardians had powers to defend and shield their allies.

    Whilst Strikers had abilities which focused on attack.

    Supporters were known to make allies stronger or enemies weaker, and in some rare cases even be capable of healing allies.

    Exceeds are summoned once a faction has collected 1 million monster cores. These cores are offered as a price to their faction altar in exchange for the summoning of an exceed. The exceed will appear in the summoning hills the day afterwards. However, the faction must also be careful not to let their enemy know when the summon happens. As they can send powerful assassins to kill a newborn exceed.

    Exceeds are categorized into 4 levels:

    Newborn - Strength of 10

    Low Level - Strength of 100

    Mid Level - Strength of 500

    High Level - Stength of 1000

    A newborn exceed cannot hold its own against a well trained assassin. Thus a guide must be sent with enough power to defeat any enemies. If the guide arrives to late then the newborn dies if it is too weak.

    -Factions and States, and conquering will be explained next-

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