1 1 Savior of Danmachi world?!

    My name is Cyan Greenvilla. I'm just normal high school boy but I don't think I'm normal, because I learned martial art at the age of 7 from my grandfather which was once a martial arts champion until he retire. He built a dojo for kids to learn martial arts but there was a bad rumor spreading that he always hurt kids when they fail. I'm the only one who know him really well and got a special training from him. He is the reason why i don't get bullied again when the other kids try to. All righty it is time to stop about these. I still have a school tomorrow.

    ~Next Day~

    [6:00 A.M]*beep beep beep*

    *wakes up*

    "What the! I AM LATE AGAIN!" I rushed and wear school uniform and found my grandfather prepared something for me "Gramps, why the HELL you didn't wake me up!?" I said to him but he don't mind though.

    "Ah! So you wake up at last. Here take this, I prepared this for you to eat." He really don't mind my bad manners sometimes, or always.

    /Class 2-B\

    "Cyan you're late again! Stand outside and hold two buckets of water!" He said, but I really don't mind. "And don't move around like you did last time!" He added.

    ~1 Hour Later~

    "Yo! You really showed up when you shouldn't ya know!" He is Eddy Sparks son of the owner of the company "Sparks Industry". Yeah right, he's a rich kid.

    "You know that I always love studying." Yah study first for those who haven't graduated yet "And besides, I have a meeting to attend with everyone in the 'Literature Club' you know."

    ~After Class~

    "Hey Ed! You want to go somewhere?" I said while grinning."Like the carnival. I heard they were here."

    "Sounds like a treat that should never be rejected!" He said while grinning with malicious intent though he just want to scare me.

    "Remember that I kicked your ass hard when you did that when we first became classmates and excused for three days." He always trying to beat me but he couldn't even the goons he hired.

    "Come on! Don't bring that up!" hehehe he really wants to get his payback to me but he never did. Until the day we settle it. If he hit me one time I'll give him the payback he want. If he didn't and I did, he will be my friend but follow my instructions if needed. "Anyway! Shall we go now? Cuz I want to see what they have there."

    "Wait! Are you two going to the carnival?" She is Elise Miller, a not so much poor girl, she makes me laugh when I'm down and asking me for money when she don't. I suddenly laugh."Hey! Why are laughing at?"

    "Alright let's go to the carnival!" I was so hyped about it.


    "I heard there was a fortune teller here. How about we go there first?" She said while smiling and laughed a little."Come on let's go!"

    "Alrighty, milady" this guy Eddy is in love with her even though he got rejected."Hey aren't cha coming?"

    "Alright, I'm coming!" sigh, I should've told him to stop trying to get her heart. "Hey wait!"

    /Fortune Teller's Hut\

    "You are the one!"she said and pointed at me and also she looks like in mid 30's so you might think of an old creepy grandma. "Savior of Danmachi world"

    "HAHAHAHA!" they laughed and looked at me in unison

    "Was that your best fake story you have there ms.Fortune Teller?" Hah! I'm not falling for it! "And you even added an anime in that fake story, that savior you're talking about is long dead!"

    "Hmm I see! You are not very trusty to others but only to yourself!" what the hell is she talking about!?"Here take this key with you. Even if you don't want it, take it!"

    And the rest spent in ferris wheel, roller coaster and mirror maze

    ~The Next Day~

    I wake up and looked at my alarm clock and I thought of going for a 'little' walk because it's still.

    [12:24 A.M]

    The key I got from the fake fortune teller glowed along with the comic book named "Danmachi". Yep I like comics but not an otaku. The comic book has keyhole so I decided to see if the key fit in it.

    And at this time I heard a robot or something speaking to me.

    [Host detected! Host has now accepted his fate to become the greatest martial artist and the strongest with lots of friends]

    [Starting space travelling!

    Error occurred

    Error found: Host can't teleport to the designated location

    Alternative way: Host need a new body for transmigration

    Do you accept to transmigrate?

    {Yes} or {No}                                   ]

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