2 Dragon Ball System!?

    [Host detected! Host has now accepted his fate to become the greatest martial artist and the strongest with lots of friends]

    [Starting space travelling!

    Error occurred

    Error found: Host can't teleport to the designated location

    Alternative way: Host need a new body for transmigration

    Do you accept to transmigrate?

    {Yes} or {No}                                   ]

    "Tell me who are you?"

    [Host do not need to know right now as his life depends his own actions. So you accept?]

    "Alright I accept."

    [Please wait...




    Teleport Interrupted

    Error: Host did not transmigrated to Dragon Ball world but instead the world called "Danmachi"]

    "Tell me, why do I need to transmigrated to the Dragon Ball world?"

    [ Reason:

    Cheapest Dragon Ball system has found a Host to transmigrate to the Dragon Ball world but there is one error that made the host transmigrate to another world.


    The Strongest System has found host first and transmigrated in the Dragon Ball world.]

    "So you're saying that the 'Strongest System' first found a host and take it to the Dragon Ball World?"

    [Precisely. This is where you will start

    GOOD LUCK to us!]

    "Hey wait I have one more question!"

    [Go on.]

    "Who or what the hell are you?"

    [The cheapest Dragon Ball system.]


    [Please wait...

    Transmigration in progress...]

    ~26 Minutes later~

    It is almost 30 minutes since that system talked. Should I ask it or not? Maybe not, but I was waiting here for almost half an hour. Maybe I need to wait just a little more.

    ~10 Minutes later~

    [Transmigration completed...

    Host is now needed to train along with the system to become all powerful.

    Host can now purchase any available skills and attributes base on the level and combine them to get high-tier rank skills and attributes using real money!]

    Shit! This system needed real money. I thought they needed only points that the host acquire in the novels that I read. But this is different.

    [Host need not to worry about real money as you will always get income at an average of 10]

    What the! 10?! Wait? Why am I feeling sleepy why am I hearing a familiar voice?




    "Oh hohoho. What a very cute boy!"

    Wait! I just remembered it! This anime called 'Danmachi' I was once watched until the end. But I think the MC is really naive but kind. I'm going to continue what has stopped.

    "Hey system are you still there?" I said in my mind.

    [Host has become a baby need be at least 6 year old to train. Also the system will help host conceal his power even from the strongest.]

    "Ok I just need to wait." I said so in my mind.

    ~4 years later~

    "Bell do you want to come and help me at the farm?"

    "Of course grandpa, I want to see how you do it" first I need to act like a child who doesn't know how he needs to work, especially for a kid.

    "Promise me that you won't go anywhere and stay close to me."

    "Ok grandpa." while smiling thinking of training starting from today.

    "Are you ready?"

    "I am always ready!"

    Now for the training. System what do I need to do to train myself?

    [Step by step

    1st Step: Control ki masterfully

    2nd Step: Learn how conceal ki

    3rd Step: Learn martial arts

    4th Step: Choose fighting signature from low tier rank.

    5th Step: Learn special energy attacks like Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Spirit shot and etc.

    Last Step: Learn "False Super Saiyan" and "Kaioken"Transformation.]

    WAIT! I'm okay with "Kaioken". But, why not "Super Saiyan" instead of the "False" one?

    [You can't use "Super Saiyan" yet, at least.]

    And... Do I need to do these step by step?


    Then how much will it take to make me strong?

    [You don't need to worry about future as long as you are training and your future will change based on what you wanted it to be.]

    Right. Let's start the training! For the first step, how do I do it?

    [All you need to do meditating position and feel the energy around him making him available to use elements along with ki for people to think that you have mastered all types of elements

    and combinations.]

    So in other words, I need to have fully control my ki in order to use elements like gohan's special "Electric Kamehameha".

    [Starting training]

    ~3 years later~

    I feel it. I feel the power flowing in my body, strong and pure. I also feel the elements talking and and whispering to me. I feel light. I feel like I can control them. Wait! Why shouldn't I? After all the 1st step was to control ki and there are ki even in the elements. I just need to do this slowly but surely.

    ~4 years later~

    [I, the System, congratulate you for mastering his ki for just in 3 years in this world. ]

    System what do I need to do next?

    [Host need to compress his ki in order to conceal his ki]

    All right. Let's start!
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