3 Training in "Progress"

    I am now training to hide, lower and sense ki. This is the hardest so far as it makes me feel tired.

    I can also use this to follow the main story and change a little bit of the original story and I want to make appearance in the "Sword Oratoria" episodes so I really need to get stronger.

    I also went to Grandpa to get some money to but the special technique that can be bought at the system store which is using real money but it is cheap and it's name was actually put into action.

    "Open store" I said in my head

    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Kamehameha - 1,000

    • False Super Saiyan - 2,000

    • Elemental Fusion - 1,750

    ⬇ Martial Arts - Choose only One

    • Goku's Martial Arts - 1,700

    • Gohan's Martial Arts - 1,450

    • Vegeta Martial Arts - 1,600

    ⬇ Fighting style - Choose only One

    • Goku - Saiyan Blood - 1,800

    • Vegeta - Prideful Saiyan - 1,800

    • Trunks - Add Ki in melee weapons - 1,800

    Money: 200]

    All I need to do now is to have my grandpa give money at least 20 every weekday and 50 every weekend.

    ~4 Month has passed~

    [Money: 3440]

    Yes! Now I can buy what I want in the system store.

    First, if I buy all the Skills, that would cost 4,750. But, I only have 3440. I guess, I'll just buy "Kamehameha" and "Elemental Fusion"

    I will buy Goku's martial arts technique that cost 1,700 and Trunk's fighting style in applying ki to his sword and can be applied with any melee weapons and cost 1,800 next. It would cost at least 2,500.

    The total money I need is at least 8,250.Yeah that much.

    ~a month later~

    "Open store" I said in my head

    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Kamehameha - Bought

    • False Super Saiyan - 2,000

    • Elemental Fusion - Bought

    ⬇ Martial Arts - Choose only One

    • Goku's Martial Arts - 1,700

    • Gohan's Martial Arts - 1,500

    • Vegeta's Martial Arts - 1,600

    ⬇ Fighting Style

    • Goku - Saiyan Blood - 1,500

    • Vegeta - Prideful Saiyan - 1,200

    • Trunks Fighting style - Add ki in melee weapons - 1,800

    Money: 690 ]

    ~another 3 months~

    [Money: 3270]

    ~2 years later~

    It's time to try these up and before I go out I take a knife Grandpa used in the kitchen.

    I go into the woods and battle train to test my newly bought in the system store.

    I tried to remember how Goku fight in his own way but I can't do his combo even if I pinch myself to see if these were all a dream, but my cheeks hurt a lot trying to wake myself up, but I didn't.

    Next, I tried Trunk's fighting style in adding or applying ki in the knife and tried to slash it to a tree 1 meter far from the knife but it didn't happen like his attacks using his sword.

    This system really pissed me off because of selling things that doesn't even working.

    But I still have hope for the Elemental Fusion that I bought. I felt the energy in the air and tried to control it but nothing happens. Next is water, I tried to calm control the water but then again nothing happens. Last is fire, I created fire in a stick and tried to control it but the hotness of the stick made me throw it until I heard a sound and that was the torch that hit a goblin hut.

    The other goblins with weapons tried to chase me, they were at least 10 of the chasing me in circles.

    While thinking furiously on how it did not work, I suddenly tripped and the goblins caught up to me but Grandpa appeared and made me ran home. But, He did not came back.

    System, how in the earth it did not work?

    [ System forgot to mention about when it will take effect. ]

    How in the world DID you forget! You're the system, you can store many data after all, how did you forget about that?

    [ Sorry ]

    And then, what happened next, I was being chased by a group of goblins.

    And here, is the start of my journey.

    ~The Next Day~

    "I'm sorry Bell, your Grandfather fought all the goblins that almost killed you and he disappeared and never been found."

    I suddenly cried. Why? Why am I crying? Is it because he resembles my Gramps in the Human World? I guess it is.

    I have spent the days until in his burial even without his body only his things.

    ~1 years later~

    I have spent my free time on training, of course. I wanted to be stronger. The system mentioned me at my twelfth birthday with no one to celebrate with. So I prepared for the worst

    "Hey kid! Your Grandpa once told me that you wanted to be an adventurer, so I'll give the map of Orario. You'll need it."

    "Thanks I really appreciated it."

    ~One Hours Later~

    I start travelling from the village to Orario and making some stops to eat as well as training in the woods nearby the path.

    ~Few more Hours Later~

    At last I got into the City, Orario, and I'll become the greatest, fastest, smartest and strongest adventurer and reach the level of the gods.

    I intentionally pass by at the ruined church where the MC met Goddess Hestia.

    ~Few minutes of waiting~

    "Hey! Who are you?" and here she comes and appeared almost out of nowhere.

    "I'm Bell Cranel, but I have no house to stay in and I'm just about to go inside that church right there."

    "That's my house you know! Oh and I'm Goddess Hestia." with a smile full of prideful cat.

    "Goddess Hestia!"

    "Do you want to join my Familia?"
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