4 Its time to earn money... Again!

    "Do you want to join my familia?" she asked and felt sad seeing the MC I mean Bell looking down with grief. "You can become a member of my Familia if you want."

    "Thank you Goddess Hestia!" He said and bow before his Goddess. "I want to become an adventurer!" He said in serious and determined look.

    They entered the abandoned church nearby.

    "Let me see your stats first." she said while looking ate her knight in shining armor. "All you need to do is remove your shirt and lay down on bed."

    "Ok." without question, he lay himself in the bed with his back up.

    And Hestia started the process on getting his stats.

    ~Few minutes later~

    "Wow! I'm pretty surprised that you already have these stats with you." she said

    Bell felt shocked thinking 'How the hell the system did not hide my true stats?'

    He struggled until Hestia gave him the paper where his stats were written and when he saw what the paper is like he sighed not in disappointment but in relief.

    This is what the system show to the Goddess

    [ Name: Bell Cranel

    Alias: None

    Nickname(s): None


    STR: 21

    END: 19

    DEX: 20

    AGI: 23

    MAG: 0

    Luck: I

    Abilities: None           ]

    "Oh." Bell shocked that it was already hidden.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing... Say, how can I get registered?" He don't know what kind of procedure he need to do to register.

    "Let's go to the Guild and register yourself and then you're done." these were the words Bell waiting for.


    Bell came behind Hestia to the guild. While eyes are looking at them.

    "Ignore them."

    It's because no one dared to join her familia.

    They entered the guild and greeted by guild receptionist with a warm smile.

    "Hello! How may I help you?" these words were from the receptionist.

    Bell remembered who she was because of her brown hair and emerald eyes as well as her kind, an half elf.

    "I'm Bell Cranel, I want to become an adventurer." He said with his determined serious look.

    "You can't become an adventurer without a proof that you can fight." she said trying to stop him from going to the dungeon as he was still young.

    "I'm in Familia Hestia and this is my proof that I can fight." he gave the paper to Eina.

    "I guess I can't stop a young boy like you huh? Well just be careful on your way and here's a weapon for every new adventurer, please choose one you like; a knife or dagger for others, there are types of swords: one-handed and two-handed." she get a paper to become an adventurer.

    "I'll take the dagger."

    "Why dagger?"

    "It's because, dagger is easy to use and also carry. Thank you um.." he said and instantly stop with the magic word 'um' as he can't risk himself discovered that he knew her.

    "It's Eina."

    "Thank you Ms. Eina."

    "Oh and also you are just level 1, so don't go further than 2nd floor. That's my advice."

    "You can become my adviser you know, bye!"

    Bell ran towards the dungeon and started.

    "What is the luck for?" as she did not know how luck works to an adventurer.

    "It is for higher chance to get items drops from monsters, and also will be his lifesaver, maybe."

    Hestia answered.


    ~After few hours~

    "Where is he how come he had not yet came back?" these questions were from none other that Eina.

    "He'll comeback."

    "How did you know?"

    "I trust him that, he will comeback and he always will."

    After few more minutes of waiting. The two saw him with a pouch size same with his palm with their hands closed and then, he came to them with few little bruises on his face.

    "Ms. Eina what are these for?"

    "These are magic crystals. And... did you make yourself get in trouble?"

    "I'm just looking for adventure from 1st floor to 3rd floor and take out every single monster that attacked me and picked these purple crystals." with a confident smile on his stained face full of dirt.

    "Adventurers don't go looking at for adventure! It's reckless!"

    "Yeah, I know Ms. Eina. But, I want to go to some adventure someday!"

    He then, placed all his magic crystals and traded it for money which at least not much as always as it is only 25,000 valis

    "Well, it's time to earn money... Again!" Bell happily shouted these words in the guild.

    "Are you serious?! Every adventurer needs rest and you know that!"

    "Yeah! What I mean is tommorow."

    Few days have passed and he can now go to the floor 5, but did not ask for permission though.

    He still waiting patiently everyday for the time he will be attacked by a minotaur from floor 17.

    He also did not stop his training starting from step 1 to step 3 in the dungeon as no Gods and Goddesses are allowed to go inside.

    He also tried to do the step 4 and 5 in the dungeon and felt very strange from his body. He did not feel any strength only weirdness feeling.

    "Hellfire Cannon!" he shouted the kamehameha with Elemental Fusion to fuse fire in the kamehameha and make a cannon series with one or two elements  each as it really can, at least, deal enough damage to any person 1 level higher.

    "Open store." he said in his mind

    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Big Bang Attack - 1,000

    • Instant Transmision - 1,250

    • Kaioken x2(8%up) upgradable - 800

    • Spirit Shot series - 2,000

    • Final Flash - 1,000

    • Spirit Bomb - 2,500

    • Solar Flare - 750

    • Afterimage - 600

    • Calm/Control Mode - 5,000

    • Stealth Mode - 1,000

    ⬇ Bloodline fusion

    • Saiyan Blood(Son Goku) - 1,320

    • Namekian Blood - 1,500

    • Legendary Super Saiyan Blood - 1,400

    Money: 10,650 ]

    "System, what for is the 'Bloodline'?"

    [ Bloodline Fusion - allows the host to fuse with the bloodlines in the series of Dragon Ball and can be 1 or more. ]

    "What is Saiyan Bloodline?"

    [ Saiyan Bloodline(Son Goku)

    Active Skill: Battle Lover - decreases all stats if found a worthy opponent and gains bonus experience if last at least 45 minutes.

    Passive Skill: Zenkai - powers up and increase attributes by 10%-30% when survived death. Increases based on level. ]

    "Namekian Bloodline?"

    [ Namekian Bloodline

    Active Skill: Fast Healing - heals wounds, cuts, and bruises five times the human can heal.

    Passive Skill: Regenerate - brings back any sliced limbs in exchange for energy, mana or ki. ]

    "Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline?"

    [ Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

    Active Skill: Revenge - the more damage he take, the more damage he deal every minute.

    Passive Skill: Rampage - when angry, increases STR and END by reducing DEX and AGI. Scales with anger. ]
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