5 Skills

    Cyan I mean Bell, who has not chose to buy anything at the store as he was completely confuse which one he will buy first.

    "I can't guarantee when I will need them. I also need to earn money to buy that damn powerful skill Big bang Kamehameha." he calculated every possibilities to think of.

    "Goddess Hestia, why did you chose to live in this church?" he ask. In the story they didn't show any reason why Hestia living in a ruined chapel.

    "Why? Because I'm a Goddess." she said happily while grinning at Bell. "It's because I like holy and blessed place."

    [1st POV]

    Is that really the reason or you don't have enough money that's why you're living in this ruined church or chapel.

    Well I hope this is the day I'll meet her, protagonist's goal to reach her or maybe even surpass as I, was now Bell Cranel.

    "Hey Goddess."

    "What is it Bell?"

    "Do you have any money to spare?"

    "I don't have any money so I can't give you any. Sorry!"

    "No need Goddess." wait a minute! "That means, pft! You don't have any money hahaha!"

    "I do! Don't you want to go to the dungeon?"

    "Okay bye Goddess. See you later!"

    I ran towards the dungeon and train using the monsters inside and pick the Magic Stones. I don't know how'd they figured how much each.

    ~3 hours later~

    After adventuring all the way from floor one to floor 5 until an earthquake occurred inside the dungeon.

    After a few minutes of waiting in silence, I got bored and go back to get some money I can buy in the store.


    "Hi Ms. Eina!"

    "Oh, hi Bell. Please don't yell that loud or they might think bad of you."

    Yeah, as if they can do what they want to do against me anyway.

    "Another day, another money, another life!"

    "What was that all about?" she asked. Should I tell her or not? I guess it's a yes.

    "My motto."

    I put all the Magic Stones at the counter with a drawer like where I dropped all the Magic Stones.

    "40,000 Valis have a nice day."

    [ A/N: Valis is the money currency, but you can search it for confirmation. ]

    "Thank you sir." I actually cashed in only 70% of the total magic stones I carry. And also wandered until 9th floor. I almost forgot what time it was, so I was taking my ti- I mean rushing back up. Oh yeah, some of the monsters ran away.

    [3rd POV]

    Bell started his training again, but this time he wants to buy something in the store.

    "Open store." he said in his mind while grinning like an idiot.

    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Big Bang Attack - 10,000

    • Instant Transmission - 12,500

    • Kaioken powerup=temporary by 30% upgradable - 8,000

    • Spirit Shot series - 20,000

    • Final Flash - 7,500

    • Spirit Bomb - 25,000

    • Solar Flare - 5,000

    • Afterimage - 2,000

    • Berserk Mode - 7,500

    • Stealth Mode - 10,000

    ⬇ Bloodline fusion

    • Saiyan Blood(Son Goku) - 32,000

    • Namekian Blood - 50,000

    • Legendary Super Saiyan Blood - 40,000

    Money: 40,276 ]

    "Buy Big Bang Kamehameha, kaioken, Solar Flare, and Stealth Mode" he asked after purchasing 33,000 worth of money.

    After purchasing and wait for Hestia to fall asleep, He went to the dungeon in order to use his 'hidden' ability Elemental Fusion.

    First, He tried to fuse Fire on the "Kamehameha". The results were shocking, such high firepower kill all at least 6 monsters in one shot with a little explosion if stopped or hit a wall. He was so amazed and then think of a cool name call it "Hellfire Cannon".

    He tried to fused both Fire and Lightning in the "Big Bag Kamehameha". But this time it was so OP that it can even kill a level 5 person or monster in one hit if it is fully charged and based on how far the target.

    He also tried to fuse Lightning in "Solar Flare" and it is now able to stun enemies that got hit by looking gets paralyzed at least 2-3 seconds as it depends if the enemy resists electricity.

    ~3 month later~

    He bought and tried to fuse Air in the "False Super Saiyan" but i failed. He tried it to fuse Lightning.

    Since the 'FSS' is a transformation. He decided to try it on "Kaioken" and it's successful, but this time it is Fire.

    ~3 Months have passed~

    "All right, time to go to the dungeon!"

    /Dungeon Floor 1\

    "These Kobolds, Goblins, and Jack Birds were many but lacks strength." he sighed because these monsters were weak.

    /Dungeon Floor 2\

    While he's walking, he encountered many Dungeon Lizard with an angry face.

    "Tch, I hate lizards."

    /Dungeon Floor 3\

    He got bored and tried to skip all monsters

    /Dungeon Floor 4\

    "Huh, An earthquake? Like I care anyways."
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