6 Too early?

    /Dungeon Floor 5\

    "Now, where do I need to go?" as he was fighting goblins without any focus needed.

    He wandered and find some rare drops as he has luck on his side. Now then, he only need to wait patiently as he already know who or what caused a little earthquake, Minotaurs, of course these were from Floor 16 and 17.

    "I'm too early isn't?" he thought as he was really fast and strong and... Arrived too early.

    "Or, I am completely in the wrong place?" he asked himself while looking for possibilities to spot a Minotaur and the dead end where the MC got cornered and saved by none other than Ais Wallenstein. "Nope, This is the place."

    *On the other side*

    A party fighting lots of ¹virga and a giant one, need to go back but, before they do exit the deep floors.


    Several crack sounds heard along the appearance of the minotaurs.


    They were ²Power Bulls, they were the strongest bull type in the dungeon.

    *Back to the MC*

    Bell is waiting and waiting. If you ask my opinion if anyone saw him, he looked like an idiot waiting for his death.

    "Achoo!! Did someone talk about me?" he let out a heavy sigh, but suddenly he heard something.



    A minotaur suddenly appeared, then looked at Bell with calm face, then suddenly chased after Bell.

    "Heh, You're not that slow I guess?" while running backwards, until he hit a wall.

    He then felt someone has arrived from deeper level. "There she is."

    "Triple Cleave!" he shouted the technique he created on his own.

    Instead of being saved, he showed that he no longer be saved as he was as strong as level 3 thanks to his improvised skill. But, still covered in blood.

    "Are you alright?" asked by the sword princess.

    "I'm alright, maybe." he said and fled as fast as rabbit.

    "..." she tried to talk to Bell, but Bell disappeared like a bubble.

    [ 1st POV ]

    Heck yeah! I was itching to do that move. Next time I will create a technique that can be used for cooking, that's right it is 'Sashimi'

    It's because I need to do a reeeeaaaally quick, fast, accurate and powerful slashes. After that everything was so slow I can slash up to ten times or even a hundred times. If I am strong enough

    I came running at the guild covered in blood and also felt eyes on me, but I don't care anyway!

    "Ms. Eina! Ms Eina!"

    "It's Bell, aahhh!" she screamed and she dropped all the papers she carry like, she saw a ghost or much terrifying than a ghost.

    "I want to know everything about middle floors and some advice!" while still covered in blood. Seriously! How much blood do minotaurs have? 100 GALLONS?

    ~few minutes later~

    I didn't know there was a shower at the guild, no wonder they smell good and they don't look stressed.

    "I'm sorry because I go to the fifth floor!" I actually go even lower than that.

    "Well, that was foolish. Going down to the fifth floor by yourself wasn't smart. Just going in the dungeon at all without a party is reckless enough. I keep telling you, adventurers do not  go looking at for adventure." she stopped for a moment and. "Oh and try not to run all over the town covered in blood, okay?"

    "Right!" you already said that last time but, do minotaurs have damn 100 GALLONS of blood what can I say. "Listen, do you know anything about middle floors or what?"

    "Are you planning to go there, don't you?"


    "What you want to do is a suicide." well yeah that's what the answer I'm looking for.

    "Maybe." nice answer!

    "I guess, there's no stopping you. The middle floors are floors that have horde of monsters that could pressure any weak adventurers, like you"

    "Why do I feel like you're underestimating me?"


    "The way you say it, seems like you really underestimating me." now, what will you do or say?

    "Do you want to know if she has a partner, right?"

    "Who?" change the subject huh,  so classic.

    "I didn't hear anything about her having a partner."

    "I didn't asked you for a girl you know."

    "But, considering your position, you have no rights to be with her."

    "That's not what I meant, but, thanks for help any way."

    "That's a relief."

    I bring the crystals to turn into gold. As always I get at least tens of thousands as I was only on floor 5 and skipped some.

    "Thanks for everything!"

    "I guess I was a little bit strict to him, but he doesn't seem like he have been struggling."

    I heard that!

    Hey! Why did I suddenly remember what that perverted old man told about adventures? I don't know why, but I don't care!


    [ Virga: Green caterpillar like monster that can shoot dissolving liquid(blood included). Virga have a different colored Magic Stone than normal monsters. It explodes upon death. ]

    [ Power Bull: One of these was parasitized by the Jewel Fetus into a Demi Spirit that Gareth, Tione, and Tiona fought in Sword Oratoria. ]
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