7 Liaris Freese?!

    Bell ran towards the Goddess place to say what happened today. Though the new Bell don't expect much about Goddess Hestia, therefore he decided to act like the original.

    At the ruined church, he opened the wall at the side near where the priest positioned.

    "Bell, you're back! You're early today."

    "Guess what Goddess? I killed a minotaur in one strike!"

    "That's great! Oh yeah, and I brought you special treat today tada! You hungry?"

    "Since when did you learn how to make potato croquettes?"

    "I started working part-time in a food cart remember? One of the customer ordered too much, so he let me keep them. Why don't we make this dinner into a wild party, get it? You're not gonna get sleep tonight!" she said almost no stopping.

    "Can we just eat? After all I risked my life going back, you know?" of course he's exhausted and it is because of the technique he created himself. After all he don't like talkative persons, it annoys him so much.

    "Oh, did something happened!?" she asked with a solid expression of seriousness.


    He sat on the old but soft sofa. So soft he missed it so much even though it's just 3-4 hours of walki- I mean adventuring.

    Suddenly Hestia broke the little silence they have. "My poor little familia. Seems like nobody interested in joining us. Guessed, I'm not one of the popular gods."

    "That means I just have to get stronger, I mean I can protect you that way and I will have team composed 2 adventurers and a supporter. That would a new record on having 3 person team reach floor 59! Or even floor 60" he said while enjoying the wondrous flavor of potato croquettes.

    "What! Are you serious? Only 3 persons in a team and reach floor 59? How can you be so sure? And no, there's no floor 60!"

    "I won't get myself in a bad situation, even if I do, I don't."

    ~after dinner~

    [ 1st POV ]

    System show my stats

    [  Status ⬇

    Name: Bell Cranel

    Alias: None

    Nickname(s): None

    Attributes ⬇

    Level: 1 - 89/250

    STR: 420

    END: 380

    DEX: 400

    AGI: 577

    MAG: 0

    Luck: H

    Abilities ⬇

    • Elemental Fusion

    • Hide and Sense Ki

    • Stealth Mode on/{off}

    • Kamehameha 2 types= Normal, Big Bang

    - Hellfire Cannon (normal)= Fire -Controllable

    - Flash Grenade (Big Bang)= Lightning, Fire -Damage varies on size

    • Kaioken x2(15%) - element(s)= Air -Increases stats slightly

    • False Super Saiyan - element(s)= Weak Lightning Effect -Can be used in dark places LOL!

    • Solar Flare

    - Stun Flash= Lightning -Hurtful in the  eyes

    - Sunlight= Weak Fire, Weak Lightning -Lights up!

    Technique ⬇

    🔽 Swordsmanship

    •  Triple Cleave

    Skill ⬇

    • Liaris Freese                                                            ]

    Liaris Freese? If I remember correctly. It will hasten my growth and get stronger as long as I can heal after battle plus the Saiyan Bloodline's passive, Zenkai, everytime I survived a life and death situation, I will be stronger in no time.

    And I also noticed that the system upgraded without mentioning me. And whats with those info for anyway?

    Alright, time to show my real stats, but only some though as I don't want any eyes watching me.

    "Goddess Hestia, I want to know how I'm doing."


    [ 3rd POV ]

    At last. Bell will be stronger and stronger as he wanted to be and also the system's intention in the first place.

    "Is there a problem?"

    "You've become 20 times stronger in six months? I'm so proud of you."

    "What're you so proud of? It's still not enough in the future." in his life before here. When he get stronger his enemies gets stronger too. That's why he wasn't celebrate too early everytime he gets stronger and stronger in martial arts.

    "Oh come on! You should be proud that you've become 20 time stronger in just 6 months!"

    Oh! He has an ability. Liaris Freese? thought Hestia after seeing it. I'll hide from him for now.

    Hestia handed over an A4 sized paper where Bell's status written.

    This is what shown in the paper.

    [  Status ⬇

    Name: Bell Cranel

    Alias: None

    Nickname(s): None

    Attributes ⬇

    STR: 420

    END: 380

    DEX: 400

    AGI: 577

    MAG: 0

    Luck: H

    Skill ⬇

    • Liaris Freese                                                            ]

    "Magic still zero though. Do you think I'll ever be able to use magic?"

    "Even I don't have answer to that."

    "And what about this one? What does it say on the skill part?"  of course he knew this all along.

    "Hm, my hand must've slipped or something. As usual it's still empty."

    "Of course, it is... I wish there is a way for me to get stronger." instead of disappointment it was a unstoppable happiness inside him.

    He went to the sink where the toothbrushes placed and cleaned his teeth till it shine bright like a diamond.

    He started wondering that he really looked like a rabbit found in dungeon, but not just looks and also by physical attributes, in other words he's fast and furious enough to run in 40 km/h.

    He then thought of something. "I think I need to change my weapon this time, maybe a sword or dagger could do or I might try to learn smithing."

    In order for our hero, Bell, to become stronger, decided to change weapon or at least carry more weapons. In combination of: 2 knives and 1 sword, 1 Knife 1 dagger and 1 sword or 1 knife and 2 swords.

    Why knife wasn't remove you ask?

    Knives are easy to hide and very much like daggers, but very helpful in many situation like; giving up on purpose to get a ki- hit the enemy with their guard down and I'll secretly buy the 'Saiyan Bloodline'.
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