8 First Mission

    Bell woke up early and saw Hestia sleeping with him. Although he don't remember being a nice guy always. He wore his usual coat and go out.

    "Let's see, where should I go? Huh!?" he felt eyes watching him even though he can sense someone watching him from a radius of 100 meters. He look around but he saw no one.

    "Um excuse me, sir."

    He looked back after someone called him. "Oh sorry. Did you need something?"

    "Well um, it's uh, you drop this."

    "I did? Well since not all of them cashed in." he take magic stone that the girl said that he dropped. "Thanks ma'am, I really appreciate it."

    "So you really are an adventurer right? Are you really going in the dungeon this early in morning?"

    "Yes I am." he then heard his little friend growl in hunger, Belly.

    Then the girl gave Bell a box of meal. "It's not a lot, but you should take it."

    "I can't, especially for someone I just met and very kind. Wait, isn't this your breakfast?"

    "Ah don't worry I work here, I can always get myself something to eat as soon tavern opens up."


    "Okay, how about this, you can pay me back by having dinner here tonight, promise me you'll come back alright."

    After short silence. "I'll be so happy."


    "All right see you later then."

    [ 1st POV ]

    That girl is a little bit mysterious and creepy for me or it's just me? Whatever, I don't want to think more of it so I directly go to dungeon.

    Before I go in, I eat half of the meal for later. This hunger of mine is not calling food, instead it'll be monsters.


    Dogs I mean Kobold, a dog headed monster, nothing much in attributes except sense of smell and hearing, drops: Kobold Nail.

    I could care less about getting their nails after defeating them as it was, naturally, hard to get.

    In my theory, drop rates of their special items are at least 10% plus my Luck which probably increases drop rate by 20% by now. Which means I have 30% chance of getting these nails of theirs.

    Good, there are at least 6 of them at once and attacked at once, but never able to touch or get to near me as I was a rabbit. Next time, I'll be fast as lightning hehehehe.

    I tried to use my Triple Cleave slice to all of them at once, to see how much it takes for me to use such a technique I created on my own.

    Well sadly, these Kobolds never escaped this kind of technique, even though they DID try to escape.

    It's like a skill that has delay, but actually slicing the air and make an air slash. I actually created new one accidentally. How happy I am.

    System, techniques.

    [ Techniques ⬇


    • Triple Cleave

    • Air Slash

    • Crescent Cut ]


    I accidentally created two techniques at once? Maybe, it's because I tried to use Triple Cleave and slash upward that my knife glowed and looked like a crescent moon from side view.

    Info on Crescent Cut

    [ Crescent Cut

    A slice that look like a crescent moon. To use this technique, just simply focus your strength and slice in any angle in 180° upward.                                                                                                      ]

    So in other words, I need to slash upwards to do it, and I need to slash 180°.

    At last, I'm at the 5th floor, now there's no kobold will pop out, sniffing my smell.


    Screams? It looks like some people in trouble.

    [ New Mission:

    Name: First Mission

    Type: Rescue

    Info: There are 3 people on a team that got attacked by a horde of monsters. Rescue them as fast as possible.

    Reward: New Friends ]

    What the! New friends? Whatever I'll just rescue them right?

    [ 3rd POV ]

    Bell immediately go where the screams came from and saw something unbelievable.

    "What the! This Kobold must be the boss the one with bigger body, sharper teeth and drooling." he thought to himself while readying to save Skinny, Fatty and Cutie at once. Yes, there was a girl with them.

    He threw a pebble that hurt the kobold. "I'm here doggy! Come and get me!"

    "No! You'll get yourself killed!" Fatty said while catching his breath from running in the dead end behind them.

    The big Kobold and other normal one have followed, but 2 kobolds remained.

    "Tch, this big one is smart. He left two of his trustworthy men behind." he thought to himself and got a nice plan. "Three steps, I need to do it in three step: first I need to go and outrun this big one, second I come and take them to the stairs, and third I will kill that big one."

    Bell got a nice plan on succeeding his first mission. How will it be done?
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