9 Worthy Foe

    Bell run as fast as the big one, but it went a little bit faster and he also sped up. His speed was 40% of his total agility, in other words, he is trying to see how fast it was and how smart it is.

    Bell raise his speed to half of his agility. The big one went faster until he almost reach Bell, but Bell sped up more up to 60% of his total speed.

    After a few minutes the big one exhausted and slowed down. That was the time Bell waiting for, he went rushing with his full speed to the trio and killed the 2 trustworthy kobolds of the big one.

    Why didn't the two attacked them you ask? They're probably waiting for the big one boss to come back and give them orders.

    Anyways, Bell appeared in front of the trio and use Crescent Cut, which is good for attacking two to five enemies at once.

    "Are you three alright? Go back up, I'll protect you three." with a confident smile.


    The smile on Bell suddenly disappear like a bubble and shift to serious emotionless face when the big one appeared alone.

    "Run NOW!" Bell screamed before running with the trio and securing if there is an ambush.

    Surprisingly, Bell was shocked that the big one, had ordered its minions to wait at the stairs.

    But, it was just piece of cake for him. He combined Crescent Cut and Air Slash, and made a new technique he called: Fission Wave.

    In just one hit, 3 out of 8 kobolds dropped their nails. He quickly pick them up along with magic stones in a small pouch.

    But, there is one thing he should be careful of. Kobolds weren't fast but they're strong and mostly hard to defeat by beginners.

    Bell stopped and face the big one and he jokingly said. "Be like a dog and lie down so I can kill you quickly!"

    The big one didn't like what Bell said as it was able to understand human language but can't speak.

    It rushed towards Bell, but Bell was ready for it. He then felt his blood boiling up.

    "System can you show me its stats?"

    [ Name: Kobold(A.K.A.: The Big One)

    Level: 2

    Attributes ⬇

    STR: 289

    END: 437

    DEX: 257

    AGI: 89

    MAG: 0

    Skill ⬇

    • Beast Instinct                          ]

    "What is beast instinct?"

    [ Beast Instinct

    Active: Speed Boost - Agility raises by 5% every 5 minutes of battle. Up to 30%.

    Passive: Rage - Reduces Endurance by 10% and raises Strength by 8% every time a hit landed. Stacks up to 6 times.                                  ]

    "It looks like I have to defeat you fair and square. Let's see if you're a worthy foe. Good thing I have Liaris Freese and Zenkai for me to power up." he muttered while getting ready to engage in battle.

    Bell ran towards the big one. They're weapon and claws clash and both of them need to step back a bit.

    And another clash begin, but this time it's Bell who pushed the big one. Another clash and the big one pushed Bell.

    It happened again and again and again, until the big one exhausted in 10 minutes.

    Bell planned to use kamehameha to finish it quickly but the big one was fast enough to stop him.

    He then wonder if he could remove Kamehameha from Big Bang Kamehameha to use Big Bang Attack.

    He try and try until he did use Big Bang Attack, however because of his excitement, he lowered his guard down and took a powerful devastating blow from the big Kobold.

    His feet trembles as he stand, but "Death" wasn't in his vocabulary. Good thing that he still remember how to fly so it helped him to stand.

    He said his last words. "Big Bang." he waited until it was big enough and fuse fire in it and shout with all his strength. "ATTACK!"

    He then let out a king sized ball of fire. It pushed the big one, but the big one seems like to send it back rather that watch.

    The big one never able to return the attack as it getting nearer and nearer at the wall.

    When the big one hit the wall, the ball of fire, Big Bang Attack exploded with all its firepower released. The trio hid behind a large pillar in the dungeon, but because of the power it has, the pillar destroyed and the trio flew back few meters away from the large pillar.

    Bell survived the explosion and also flew back few meters away from his position.

    He felt his body aching so much and he fell unconscious.

    The trio stand up and saw that the ball of fire destroyed the wall where the big one is, the ground has a rocks that came from the ceiling.

    "What powerful adventurer!" said Fatty

    "I want to be strong like him!" said Skinny

    "What a strong man! I want to marry him!" said Cutie

    "Let's go look for him, alright?" said Fatty

    "Yeah!" said the two in unison

    They walk near the "unconscious" Bell. None of them get to close except Cutie.

    Of course, she want to marry him. So in other words, she wanted to be the girl he ever kissed.

    "Hey! What are you doing?" asked Skinny

    "Hey! Stop that!" scream Fatty

    When she's close enough. "Man! That was close! But still a good fight!" said Bell while his eyes close and shocked Cutie.

    "What you're awake already?" asked Cutie while blushing

    "What?" he said while getting up. "Sigh! I need new equipment."

    "Oh yeah, what're your names?" he asked as the system did not said anything about mission complete or something.

    "Jack Ironhead." said Fatty

    "Tiffany Valentine." said Cutie

    "Leon Goldlocke." said Skinny

    "What a good names you have there! Mine's Bell Cranel!"

    [ Mission Success!

    Name: First Mission

    Reward: New Friends, New purchases at the shop and unlocked Side Quests.                               ]

    "What is Side Quest?" he asked the system in his head.

    [ Side Quest - quest(s) that need or not needed to do while trying to continue the Main Quest.    ]

    "And what is my Main Quest?" he already knew, he just asked.

    [ Become the most powerful human ever lived.  ]
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