10 Old man Jake and the Rabbi

    "Alright, time to go back. Are the tree of you will stay here?"

    "N-no, we're going home too" said jack

    "See you next time, I guess?" said Leon

    "I'm hoping to see again!" said Tiffany

    "Sorry but I'm going further, you can't come with me, it's too dangerous."

    "Yeah right, you'll cause us trouble too." said the duo, Jack and Leon.

    "I'll lead you three out of the dungeon."

    After walking back to the 2nd floor, he saw something suspicious. He tried to track it by sensing it but, sadly he can't track what it is.

    "You guys can go ahead, I have something to do before going back up."

    "Are you sure? But, you're hurt." Tiffany really worried about Bell

    "I'm just okay, besides my healing is practically fast, faster than a human can heal. So don't worry about me, you should go now."

    He then saw the suspicious thing but, it wasn't a thing, it was a rabbit running around the dungeon's 2nd floor, confused and running all over the place.

    Then the chasing begin and something popped out of the blue.

    [ New Mission

    Name: Suspicious white figure

    Type: Chase

    Info: You found something suspicious inside the dungeon. Go and find it quickly.

    Reward: Dimensional Inventory Space.               ]

    His eyes widened when he saw what reward he would get. Dimensional Inventory Space!

    He started to chase the white figure that his eyes caught. He suspect that the white figure can stop and tracking method, and so he decided to track it by eyes.

    When he saw close up the white figure, his eyes widened in disbelief of what he saw, yet also happy about the encounter. Why? There two things.

    First, he will have the Dimensional Inventory Space.

    Second, because it's a lost rabbit inside the dungeon.

    "Come here, little rabbit." he said in smooth tone.

    The rabbit slowly closing the gap between them. Then Bell get the lunch box that gave by the girl working at the tavern. He opened it and gave it to the rabbit.

    Sadly, the rabbit didn't seem to like the food until it saw carrots in the lunch box.

    "Good thing, I didn't eat those carrots." he said in his mind.

    The the rabbit finished eating all the carrots and Bell ate what's left.

    [ Mission Complete

    Name: Suspicious white figure

    Reward: Dimensional Inventory Space.               ]

    Bell, who was just starting to stand up, the rabbit, who climbed to the shoulder of Bell.

    After Bell got out of the dungeon, he directly go to the guild since it's still noon.

    "Ms. Eina, Is there someone wants to find his or her rabbit?"

    "Um, let's see. Oh, there is. His name was Jake, here's the address."

    "Ok thanks, bye!"

    Rushing to Daedalus Street and finding the owner of the lost rabbit, he found himself right in front of the door of the owner of the rabbit.

    He rang the doorbell


    "Who's there?"

    The old man peep on the peephole and found that, the boy, Bell holding a rabbit that resembles his own rabbit.

    "I'm Bell, and I found your rabbit, sir!"

    The old man, none other than Jake, the shoemaker, who opened the door realizing that he wasn't playing pranks on old people.

    "Come on in kid." said the old man who only look like in his 50s but actually in 70s.

    "Oh, ok."

    At the living room, Jake was hesitating to tell his secret to Bell or not, but he decided to tell it anyway.

    "Bell, did you know that, that wasn't an ordinary rabbit, it was was actually a horned rabbit from the dungeon and it's a rare breed. They say rare breeds were peaceful but stronger than the original ones. I encountered this one when I was an adventurer before, but I was reckless at that time and I got myself an injury that will never be healed, the lost of courage, and until I saw the rabbit. I devoted myself to whoever found it, I will teach him or her the 'Way of The Dragon'."

    "What is the 'Way of The Dragon'?"

    "The 'Way of The Dragon' was my master's technique from his ancestors, but taught it to me instead to his own flesh." Jake gave a scroll like paper to Bell. "Now I'm passing it down on you, I hope you will learn fast on your own."

    "Ok thanks, I gotta leave now."

    "Wait." Jake stopped Bell. "Take this rabbit with you."

    "Huh? Isn't this your rabbit?"

    "Hahahaha! Did you forget? It's not pet, anyway it's yours now, name it first before leaving."

    "Hm.. Garon, No? Tim, Maybe? Timmy, you like it? Okay your name is Timmy."

    "Wait, I'll cut its hair match yours."

    "Oh yeah, I almost didn't notice that Timmy has hair, not horn." he chuckled

    After a few trims and stroke of the comb here and there. " Done, you're ready to go. You two really look alike."

    "Gotta go, bye!"

    "Hehehe sigh, what a lively kid. Oh no! he forgot to take the scroll! I guess I'll give it to the guild to send it to Bell then."

    "Oh no, I forgot to take the scroll but, alas, I can't break my promise, to have a dinner at the tavern tonight. A man never goes back on his words!" he thought so while rushing to the guild.

    He cashed all of his magic stones and receive 230,000 Valis.

    But, he stopped and said. "Store."

    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Instant Transmission - 12,500

    • Spirit Shot series - 20,000

    • Final Flash - 7,500

    • Spirit Bomb - 25,000

    • Afterimage - 2,000

    • Berserk Mode - 7,500

    ⬇ Fighting Style

    • Way of The Dragon= Sword - 30,000

    • Hidden Flying Dagger=  Dagger, Knife - 45,000

    • Ancient Pole Playing= Spear, Staff - 32,000

    • Grand Fencing= Rapier - 36,000

    ⬇ Special Move

    • Counterattack - 1,000,000

    - 60% chance to counterattack

    Active: Instinct - Automatically counterattack or block.

    Passive: Anti counterattack - counters an counterattack

    ⬇ Bloodline Fusion

    • Namekian Blood - 50,000

    • Legendary Super Saiyan Blood - 40,000

    ⬇ Other

    • Assistant - 20,000

    Interest Rate: 5% up

    - 5% up each purchase and 5% up for total.

    Money: 235,626 ]

    "What! Nevermind, buy Instant Transmission and Assistant."

    [ Purchase Complete

    35,831 Valis deducted

    199,795 Valis Left        ]
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