11 Rabbit?

    "Damn it I need to get back first, good thing it's still 4:27!" he thought while trying to use Instant Transmission.

    [ Need Target ]

    "Abandoned Church." he ordered the system to teleport there.

    [ Target Confirmed ]

    After a split second, the scenery change and Bell found himself in front of the abandoned church.

    He walked in, talked to Hestia about his status and go to the Tavern: Hostess of Fertility.

    [ A/N: Hostess of Fertility is the name of the tavern or pub in the wiki. ]

    "Goddess, can I update my stats now?"

    "Of course, if you say so."

    And then finished.

    5:00 PM

    [ Status ⬇

    Name: Bell Cranel

    Attributes ⬇

    Level: 1 - 180/250

    STR: 420  ➡ 546

    END: 380  ➡ 494

    DEX: 400  ➡ 520

    AGI: 577  ➡ 750

    MAG: 0

    Luck: E

    Swordsmanship: A

    Abnormal Resistance: C

    Skills ⬇

    • Liaris Freese                        ]

    "Ok, thanks, bye!"


    Stepped out of the abandoned church, running in his full speed but, he stopped immediately, he forgot about the Instant Transmission to take him at the Tavern, though there are two things that might happen: First, no people, no problem. Second, many people, secret discovered or even think he is a god or something that teleported out of nowhere.

    5:47 PM

    After a few moments in thinking what would he do, he suddenly want to know how fast he is.

    "Okay, what is the pugilist for?"

    [ Pugilist: Power Punch - can only be triggered when:

    ~the user is not holding any weapon

    ~the user is angry (nerfed when loving the fight instead)

    Cooldown - 180 secs                                                           ]

    He ran from the abandoned church to the Tavern. In just a minute, he reached the Tavern without breaking a sweat.

    6:01 PM

    "Woah! That was fast, I didn't even feel any reduction in my stamina."

    "Ah, you made it." and she stepped out to meet Bell at the entrance. "I wasn't sure if you remember."

    "I man never go back on his words."

    "I've never introduce myself, did I? Hello my name is Syr Flova."

    [ A/N: I don't know if the problem was the spelling or pronunciation. ]

    He go inside and found lots of adventurers inside. Without paying attention so much, Mia Grand AKA Mama Mia, put down a delicious meal in front of bell and started talking.

    "So, I hear you're one of Syr's little friends huh? I didn't think they made an adventurer as cute as you sweetie."

    "Please don't pick on me." as he doesn't really like being picked on.

    "And sensitive too."

    "It looks like I'll be spending some money for my own I guess but, I wanna save some for the familia." he wanted to save some money to repair the church or move on the other place.

    Mia take a meal and put it down in front of Bell surprising him a little bit. "Eat the special then. You're so skinny, you gotta put some meat on them bones."

    "First of all, I'm strong as level 4 adventurer even though I'm just level. Second, thanks but, no thanks. Third, I didn't order that."

    "You're gonna have to eat something before you get big and strong you know."

    "Let's see how much is the special, 850 Valis? Not much of problem." he only remember who are the characters and where are the places in Orario as well as their information.

    "You like it? So are you having a good time?" Syr who asked Bell, somewhatyoualreadyknowit.

    "I think she somewhat like to pick on cute ones."

    "Oh, did she picked on you?"

    "Yeah but, forget about I said something like that, okay?"

    "Okay. This is the place to find all sort of people and the more people there are, the more amazing stuff to hear about. That's why I'm always excited to come to work." Bell started to eat while Syr talking. "One thing, relationships is one of my favorite things to do. It's just keep my heart pounding you know."

    "Yeah, it's really is."

    "Nyaaa~ The big party with reservations has just arrived! Nyaaa~" Anya Fromel, a waitress in the Tavern.

    The Loki Familia arrived at the Tavern, all of them stepped in one by one, and the last one, Ais Wallenstein.

    [ Sixth Sense was added to the Store

    Cost: 5,000

    Active: Instinct - 40% success rate to block or dodge.

    Passive: Focus - dodged or blocked attacks increases success rate of Instinct.

    Would you like to buy it?                                          ]

    "Yes." he accept while looking at the blonde girl, not Ais Wallenstein but, Lefiya Veridis.

    [ Purchase Complete

    5,000 Deducted

    194,795 Left              ]

    "Uh, Bell?"

    "Alright, we kicked that dungeons ass. So tonight we feast! It's a reward from yesterday!"

    [ A/N: The last sentence up there is, I'm not very sure of if it is what she said in the english version of Danmachi. ]

    All of them toast at once for their good work at the dungeon.

    "The members of the Loki Familia are some of our best customers. Their goddess, Loki likes eating here like, a lot."

    ~after a few minutes~

    "Hey Ais, I think it's about time to tell everybody about what happened the other day, it was freaking hilarious." Bete Loga

    "And what story is that?"

    "Come on! You know what I'm talking about, all those damn minotaurs got loose, you told me you went down to finish the last minotaur on fifth floor, you have to save that tomato dumbass. Anyway, so there's someone sitting in the middle of the fifth floor and the big ugly sucker started to chase him, right? Ais chopped it to pieces and he was covered in blood, He looks like a stupid tomato!"

    "That's not what really happened." Ais defended Bell but, she didn't know that Bell was just near.

    "Oh, so you're saying he defeated it on his own? Hah, like that would happen"

    Bell finishes his food first and paid for it.

    [ Payment Complete

    1,350 Deducted

    193,445 Left             ]

    "How about I kill you now?" Bell suddenly appeared behind Bete.

    "What, who are you?" Bete look behind him and saw the aura of death of Bell itching to kill him.

    "Bell Cranel, the stupid tomato kid you are referring to." Bell answered truthfully but never stop glaring at Bete.

    "Hah, you're threatening me?" Bete throw a punch directly at Bell when suddenly "What?!"

    Bell disappeared like a bubble and all of them stand up and was shocked at what they saw.

    Bell appeared at the left side of Lefiya and place his right hand on her shoulder.

    "Hey Miss, please don't be scared of me, I'm just mad at that brainless stray dog." he said it loud as he wanted it to be heard.

    "What do you mean by brainless stray dog?"

    Bell picked a piece of paper in his pocket, tear the part where the skill is and he put the paper down at the table.

    "Okay, bye now."

    "Wai-." before Ais could finish Bell disappeared.

    "Wait, what? Level 1 but, almost all are rank B?!" that is Riveria who paid attention the paper.

    "He's really strong isn't he?" Lefiya who manage to break the silence.

    "What!?" the others looked at the paper

    "Impossible! That Brat!" Bete whose shocked and can't believe what he was seeing.

    "It's near Ais' status!?" and that was Loki, a perverted goddess.

    [  Name: Bell Cranel

    Attributes ⬇

    Level: 1 - 180/250

    STR: 420  ➡ 546

    END: 380  ➡ 494

    DEX: 400  ➡ 520

    AGI: 577  ➡ 750

    MAG: 0

    Luck: E

    Swordsmanship: B

    Abnormal Resistance: D ]

    "Huh, what's this? A letter?" Lefiya found out that she was holding something.

    "What does it say?" Tione and Tiona asked in unison.

    "I'll read it aloud:

    Dear Lefiya,

    Nice to meet you! I'll come kidnap you

    tomorrow. Thank you for understanding.

    - Rabbit "

    "Rabbit? Who the hell was that?" Bete

    "Maybe it's Bell a little while ago." the smartest one talked, Riveria.
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