12 Bad Joke

    Heh, that's what I expect to see in their faces, furious, curious, confuse, angry and envy. All is according to the plan.

    Huh? The 3rd person narrator didn't tell you about my plan? How nice of him, I'll give him a reward then, a thousand punch to death!

    Sigh! Don't worry I'll tell what my plan is:

    Plan A-if they have taken the bait then I'll visit them. If not, Plan B-I'll use Space Time Chamber to train and get stronger and also visit them.

    What for you ask? If you already know then I won't say it. If you don't know, please ask others who knows, not me.

    All right time to go to the dungeon.

    [ 3 Person POV ]

    Third: Bell ran towards the dungeon an-

    Bell: Seriously? Why did you just pop up and narrate?

    Third: It's on the script. Gotta follow it you know! And you're not!

    Bell: I don't care about the script, Third!

    Third: Okay okay, it's up to you now but, we can't just change the script without permission from boss Author.

    R_P: Did someone say script, permission, and Author?

    Bell: He did 👇

    Third: Please tell him, Boss. That he can't just change the script.

    R_P: Let him be.

    Third: But, sir Author?

    R_P: I said, let him be. I give him a permission just now, was it not? Actually I'm out of IDEAS for the next and next and next chapters anyway.

    3rd: Okay, Boss... Wait a minute! Why did my name change?

    Bell: Sorry but, I think it's okay.

    Alex: What the HELL are YOU doing?! Why did you just reveal my name? Huhuhu.

    R_P: Um, actually I'm the one who change it, I thought you might want to be famous narrator. 'Kay, I'll change it back.

    Third: Thank you for changing it back, Boss. I don't want to be a famous narrator, as girls would start to chase me as soon as they saw me.

    Bell & R_P: ("...") You don't have face, you're just a imaginary friend his/mine.

    Third: Alright, let's get back to work!

    R_P: Anyway, what's with the kidnapping?

    Bell: That's a joke!

    Third: Wha! Seriously? I don't know if I'm going to continue this...

    Bell: Hey, I'm not going to make myself the enemy and conquer the world in this novel. It was a bad joke, okay?

    R_P: That's good. Anyway, let's start.

    [ Bell's POV ]

    System, can I buy the Space Time Chamber even if it is not on sale or not in the store?

    [ Space Time Chamber has no stock, it has been a while since it was ordered by the first one before you but, it was in other world, not in the Dragon Ball world either.

    Do you want to order? Y/N       ]

    Yes, of course I will need it tomorrow for my plan to be perfect, but complex and give her a lesson. The lesson is, "Faith", yeah faith, you need it when you're in danger or anything.

    Floor 1 to floor 5, nothing much of a challenge so I skipped mostly of the monsters.

    Floor 6 to floor 10, it's still piece of cake and so I skipped again.

    Floor 11 to floor15, everything seems fair, 1 versus horde of monsters, this place was called middle floor, which is, a good warm up for him.

    He stopped and go back home to sleep and have more energy for tomorrow's plan.

    He wake up as soon as he feel it was dawn, he trained himself in waking up at dawn to practice and prepare, now it was useful for a very important event in his life.

    "Alright System, the target was the Loki Familia's Mansion." he actually can use Instant Transmission himself but, he need to tell which is their ki or teleport in a distance where there's a ki detected.

    He also need to practice again his ki sense ability, as he was not training for several months after mastering it.

    Now that, he teleported at the front of the mansion. He snuck in and tried to memorize the layout of the mansion.

    "What a big mansion this is. Is this Loki Familia the biggest Familia there is?" he said while hiding like an assassin, breathing like even a feather won't be blown, calm, sharp, and move silently thanks to the stealth mode behind the pillars.

    He then saw her, Lefiya, his target for his plan. He followed her but, he stopped, because she is going to have shower.

    Someone walked past him in his hiding spot, at that very few seconds, Finn, who walk past him notice him but, don't have any idea who that was.

    "Good! He didn't notice me." he thought and relieved, as he was just above him.

    He then pull two papers in his Dimensional Inventory Space, the first one he wrote something while observing them, the other one was the layout of the house where the rooms were and his route way out.

    Moving around, drawing and writing while he looks like an assassin in a game before he was here.

    [ A/N: I guess you already know what game it is, but I'll tell you anyway, it's "Assassin's Creed". ]

    After some observation, he teleported back home. He also has an idea about how his plan work out well or perfect.


    A sound that he had not heard before, but did not hear by anyone. A blue colored semi transparent window pop up in front of him.

    [ Order Complete

    Ordered Space Time Chamber


    STC Modification Tool Added

    Fighting Style

    🔽Martial Arts

    • Jeet Kune Do

    • Kung Fu

    • Tai Chi                                          ]

    "What is STC Modification Tool?" he wondered.

    [ STC(Space Time Chamber) Modification Tool - used to modify the STC  for free but limited and upgradable cost 10,000 + 10,000 for upgrade. ]

    "Buy it." he wants this good tool for his plan as well as for his training.

    [ Purchase Complete

    10,000 deducted

    183,445 left               ]

    He go home, to abandoned church as always and did not check on his stats, it's because he already have the system show it to him, therefore he never checked on his stats.

    "Alright! Tonight, I will build my own Space Time Chamber!" he said thinking out loud.
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