13 Sidetracked

    Alright, she's asleep. I wonder where can I get a good spot for my Space Time Chamber, anyway let's just get to it.

    Abandoned Church, I don't think it would be good to hide it here. It would be suspicious if I don't go outside. The Dungeon? No, they might cause me some- no I mean lots troubles when going in and out. Near the Colosseum? Nah, too crowded. Near their Mansion? What's this, treasure hunting? Daedalus Street? Nope, it's like a maze, no what am I saying it WAS a maze, also known as second dungeon. Argh, I guess I'll never find one.

    ~After a moment of silence~


    30 feet away from Orarios's border entrance to the left, it's position does not seem suspicious and I'll find a route to go there without no one see me. Anyway the thing is, it's very far not for me but, for her.

    Well let's just walk to there even if it is night.

    This place, where did enter anyway? Damn it, I can't remember where did enter this city, Orario.


    Crazy, idiotic, up to no good laugh. Sigh! Seems like a small problem for me.


    What?? Damn it, it looks like it'll have to wait.

    Wait, isn't that? "Tiffany?!" What the hell is she doing at night?

    "Huh? Bell, my hero!" Sigh! Talk later, act now.

    Well as always what happens in some movies, where the MC found a girl being harassed by thugs or delinquents. They turn around to look at me and attack all at once but, that won't work in terms of speed and strength, even strength or speed alone will be enough though.

    "Tiffany, what are you doing here?"

    "I'm scared, please take me home." she looks more happy than scared.

    "I don't want to. Go home yourself."

    "4th house from the entrance." she wasn't even listening? What is the problem with this girl? Sigh!

    "Alright, I'll take you home."

    So far, I think we were at 23rd house. Well, Let's count. 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.






    4, this is it. A house with 3rd floor and big as well as long. Well, I guess she's rich or her parents.

    "Thank you for taking me home without any hesitation!"

    I didn't even want to take you home! Sigh. So pushy, girls like her are the ones that gives me stress.

    Anyway I got sidetracked right there, but it doesn't matter in any way I see it.

    The border's entrance, 30 meters away to the left.

    Damn it! There's no way to the left, not even a narrow path. It looks like I've got to take it the other side then.

    Perfect! It's a little bigger than I thought. Not bad, but not good either, it's an Ok then.

    "System, attach the STC door in this wall."

    [ Affirmative

    Target: Orario Border Wall

    Type: Terracotta

    Position: 8.7cm from the Bell to the wall. ]

    Slowly, the wall in front of me starts to change into a door.

    [ Processing...

    Estimated Time: 57 seconds

    Tip: Do not any thing! Or move

    even an inch or centimeters. ]

    Now what? Even the system speaks to me like I did something bad to them, sigh! Still, I almost touched the wall thanks to the system.


    [ Processing Finished!

    Achievement Unlocked!

    Achievement Obtained!

    Special Place to Train - obtained after finding a place and building STC.

    Reward: 50,000 Valis. ]

    [ Starting Concealing...

    Estimated Time: 5 minutes

    Tip: You can move but not too

    far from 5 meters from the

    wall. ]

    Oh, now it needs concealing huh? I need to wait. 4 minutes 20 seconds.

    3 minutes and 47 seconds.

    2 minutes and 59 seconds.

    Why does it seem so slow? Maybe it's because I'm not doing anything or I'm NOT really doing anything, wait, it's just the same, right?


    [ Concealing Complete! ]

    Whoa! It disappeared and turned into a wall.

    "System, how do I know if it is the door or not?"

    [ Use your sense ki ability through you eyes to see it clearly. You can even use this technique to see enemies in darkness or fighting invisible foes. It will hurt your eyes if overused though. ]

    Alright here goes nothing.

    Wow! Now I can see the door and as well as touche the doorknob.

    "System, can I take someone inside who didn't use ki sense through eyes?"

    [ Analyzing Possibility...

    Analyze Complete!

    Possibility: 80%

    It's a "No Problem", don't worry. ]

    "I'm not worried or something, it's just I need to know if my plan need to go plan B."

    Seriously, I only change the script and someone change it again? Must be that Third B**t*rd!

    [ 3rd POV ]


    Did someone talked about me behind my back?

    Anyway, Bell proceeded and entered the door to the heaven.

    "Hey! Do you want to end this story so badly?"

    I mean, to the other dimension with everything pure white that makes it look like heaven!
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