14 Into the STC

    "Wow! It's so large! Even larger than Orario, I think." he's still amazed even though in the Dragon Ball anime, the Space Time Chamber was really big and almost infinite, almost.

    [ Modification Tool Detected!

    Start Space Time Chamber Modifications?

    YES/NO       ]

    "Yes of course!"

    He already planned everything for his STC.

    "Now time to create my dream mansion just for me or with another one."

    First he build a mansion, with everything needed for daily life, exact for 2 people in a year or less based on the appetite of the two persons.

    "Next, some special effect!"

    Then, he altered the gravity strength, length, weather condition and even the scenery.

    Inside the mansion that he named "Emoh", which is literally "Home" written in backwards, will be 1.2 times gravity and always refill food storage every year and 100 square meters in size with second floor and basement. The ceiling's height was 10 feet for all floors. There's no weather, of course! What were you thinking? It is no "Home" without some expensive looking utensils, appliances, plants and others.

    50 meters radius wide around the mansion he built and it will be 1.5 times the gravity with warm weather with a nice rain when it did. It was called "Garden". Nothing special, really. Except the mansion is cylinder-shaped.

    250 meters far from the mansion with 10 meters in height and 6 meters in wide between walls and the gravity was 2 times stronger. He called it "Mino's Maze", even though there will be lots of minotaurs.

    On the tenth meter of the first, 550 meters far from the mansion will be 3 times the gravity with cold harsh weather and also with trees for decreasing the escaping or entering possibilities. He called it "Dark Forest" along with some rare creatures. Again, nothing's special except the tree's regrows instantly in a day after it has taken down.

    For the outer, another 950 meters, 5 times the gravity, 10°c temperature to make the air thin and decrease possibility of survival of the weak ones who try to escape only for monsters. Why monsters you ask? You'll know later. He called it "Glacier Path".

    He also created his own dungeon same with Orario's dungeon, but without the cap or the big tower that covers the dungeon underground, only a big tree that is known to be older than Odin, since he made the three places infested with monsters. Ten times the gravity. Again, nothing's special except its gravity strength.

    "Done! Now for the forbidden technique."

    A little bit cold, and monsters don't get affected by the gravity. He called it "Yggdrasil".

    Same as "Dark Forest", but the monster won't go out of the forest without any reasons. In other words, they won't move unless they see someone going through the forest and won't hesitate to attack and even give a chase.

    "All's done! Time to get some sleep for the training tomorrow."

    [ WAIT! ]

    "What now?" he's annoyed and want to go to sleep but the system interrupted him.

    [ You haven't set how many days, month, year per hour on the other side. ]

    "Oh, so I get to set it. What if I don't?"

    [ You won't be able to either get out. ]

    "Alright! Set it to every 6 hours is equal to one year!"

    [ Processing.... Please wait.... ]

    He fell to sleep before the system confirmed the setting.

    [ Settings: set time

    Six hours = One year

    DanMachi = STC          ]

    Inside his mansion, there is, everything he needed, like bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. It even has its own storage room and workshop for smithing purposes.

    DAY 1

    Bell fell in his thoughts while warming up, "Maybe I'll train here for a year and stop my kidnapping plan as it makes my character look more villain than hero unless, I am evil. Anyway, I needed to make myself adapt in the gravity and train more and more!"

    In this place, his stats will be decreased a little or a lot and will increase all his stats if he get used to it.

    { Math Time!

    Get the 70% of each stats while magic is 50% and combine them together.


    STR: 400x0.7 = 280

    END: 350x0.7 = 245

    DEX: 370x0.7 = 259

    AGI: 450x.7 = 315

    MAG: 200 = 100

    BP(Battle Power)= 1,119

    If transformation is active like Super Saiyan which increases all stats by 40%. The equation should be like this:

    STR: 400x0.4 = 160

    END: 350x0.4 = 140

    DEX: 370x0.4 = 148

    AGI: 450x0.4 = 180

    MAG: 200x.4 = 80

    TI(Total Increase)= 708

    BP+TI= 1,827                                                      }

    In his first day, he did push ups and sit ups 50 times and run around "Mino's Maze" to not just enhance his physical body but also his mind like memorizing, observing and instinct.

    After every warm up and exercises he do, he always train his way of fighting. Heck! He even created his own fighting style, he called it "Tiger Flash", why? Because, he move faster without exerting force in his feet and because of it, he can land a powerful and devastating punch, like a tiger pouncing for its prey and easily.

    The rest of his time was reading how to cook, as there was a kitchen with complete cooking and baking sets. Some were high grade, some are little lower than the high grade sets.

    First attempt was very struggling as the equipments were rather strange, like the stove that has no fire coming out unless the gas tank's valve wasn't open enough. The reason is that, he is only cooking using firewoods and some pot and pan to cook. And a little heavy.

    Next attempt was, well at least he get used to it. But, what he cooked was, I cannot say myself but, the taste was not that bad, not good either.

    Last attempt on cooking was at last, cooked a very delicious meal for himself. He also tried other recipes after this last attempt on cooking and it was also good enough satisfy himself.

    Now, let's not forget about what he did after his hearty meal. He read a book which contains instructions on how to craft weapons. Yes, the book was all about crafting swords, he also want to make a magical sword made by himself without help.

    Yet, he was not able to read it at that time as it was already nighttime.
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