15 The Library, the Store and the Reason

    Waking up at dawn, stretched out in front of the window while letting out the so-called morning sigh or so. After stretchings are done, he arranged the bed neatly.

    Making a simple but delicious meal, sunny side-up with beef steak underneath along with rice.

    After eating, he opened his wardrobe in his room to get change, he was, somewhat... shocked to see that there are some spare clothes that he always wore. There are some clothes from the Dragon Ball series like kid Goku's clothes in the first few(or many) episodes, Vegeta's Saiyan Battle Armor, and etc.

    He was the one who designed his mansion but, he never imagined that it would be big and is made with high quality material. Even though it is a very beautiful mansion, it is somewhat weird that there is water inside Space Time Chamber.

    After done showering, he still want to wear his usual clothes. It is indeed very weird to wear a Dragon Ball outfit in a DanMachi world and also not compatible with each other, the anime Dragon Ball, Son Goku and Vegeta being powerful and strong with god-like forms, while DanMachi was like a game with story and some twist in its plot while keeping a good story and family-friendly anime.

    'In this world, the possibility of getting magic crystals and item drops were cut by half. So in other words, if the magic crystals drop rate from normal monsters were 40%, then it would be 20%, and the item drop rate from normal monsters would be at least between 15-20%, then it would be between 7.5-10%.'

    This is the information that was given to him the night he opened the door to access the STC(Space Time Chamber) that he ignored and continued, because of this, meaning the drop rate of getting nothing will be 72.5-70%, which is, he found very disappointing.


    [ Name: Bell Cranel

    Attributes ⬇

    Level: 1 - 180/250

    STR: 546 ➡ 455

    END: 494 ➡ 412

    DEX: 520 ➡ 433

    AGI: 750 ➡ 625

    MAG: 0 ➡ 0

    Luck: D-

    Swordsmanship: A+

    Abnormal Resistance: C+

    Abilities ⬇

    • Elemental Fusion

    • Hide and Sense Ki

    • Stealth Mode on/{off}

    • Kamehameha 2 types= Normal, Big Bang

    - Hellfire Cannon (normal)= Fire -Controllable, Normal.

    - Flash Grenade (Big Bang)= Lightning, Fire -Damage varies on size, Big Bang.

    • Kaioken x2(15%) - element(s)= Air -Increases stats slightly

    • False Super Saiyan(Upgradeable) - element(s)= Weak Lightning Effect -Can be used in dark places LOL!

    • Solar Flare

    - Stun Flash= Lightning -Power=81 kilowatts, Current=270 amps, Voltage=300.

    - Sunlight= Weak Fire, Weak Lightning -Can be used to light up or blind enemies.

    Technique ⬇

    🔽 Swordsmanship

    •  Triple Cleave

    •  Fission Wave

    •  Crescent Cut

    Skills ⬇

    • Pugilist

    • Liaris Freese                        ]

    "Huh? My Luck, Swordsmanship, and Abnormal Resistance increased... How come?"

    [ This is Space Time Chamber's special bonus that is along with the drop rate's "dropped rate". ]

    "Haha, that was such a bad joke!"

    [ .... ]

    After noticing about the bonus gave by the STC, he somewhat feel like it doesn't help as it was only raised it by few of many, in other words it's almost useless to him except, it can raise his Luck that wasn't and can't be reduced by the gravity.

    Because of this, he will still get more magic crystals, but less often.

    He started his going-to-be routine, he warmed himself up by doing 50 push ups and 50 sit ups. He went outside and jogged around while he felt a small increase in gravity even though it was just small multiplication.

    After a warm up and a nice 50 laps jogged around the mansion, which took him at least 4 hours in total.

    He go back in the Emoh, took a nice bath instead of shower as there were both showers and bathtubs.

    After changing clothes, he went to the Library and found that it has its own section that splits it in category which also have books for cooking and as well on how to fight using weapons which means, this Library of his can teach him lots of thing.

    He was shocked to see that there are some martial arts he know from back on earth that he wants to learn, but stopped by his grandfather, these are the chinese martial arts like jeet kune do and wing chun.

    He then picked the book that teaches "Jeet Kune Do" and tried to read it. But, he can't open the book itself.

    "Why can't I open this book?!" he asked the system furiously.

    [ You are not qualified to learn it yet, or there are some requirements you need to meet. ]

    "Requirements? What do I need?"

    [ You need to learn on how to use the power of "Pugilist" Skill. ]

    "Is there any book that can teach me that?"

    [ It is titled "Book of Powerhouse I". ]

    "Wait! It has parts?"

    [ It is up to 4 parts. ]

    "Damn it! I thought after learning it, I will be able to learn Jeet Kune Do. And now, sigh, I need to learn four parts of it, are you serious?"

    [ Dragon Ball system does not compatible with the mechanics of skills and abilities in DanMachi. ]

    "Well, that makes sense."


    [ Store

    ⬇ Skills

    • Spirit Shot series - 51,000

    • Final Flash - 12,750

    • Spirit Bomb - 42,500

    • Afterimage - 3,400

    • Berserk Mode - 12,750

    ⬇ Fighting Style

    • Way of The Dragon= Sword - 51,000

    • Hidden Flying Dagger=  Dagger, Knife - 76,500

    • Ancient Pole Playing= Spear, Staff - 54,400

    • Grand Fencing= Rapier - 61,200

    ⬇ Special Move

    • Counterattack - 2,550,000

    - 60% chance to counterattack

    Active: Instinct - Automatically counterattack or block.

    Passive: Anti counterattack - counters an counterattack

    ⬇ Bloodline Fusion

    • Namekian Blood - 85,000

    • Legendary Super Saiyan Blood - 68,000

    All purchases' value increased by 70% permanently!

    Interest Rate: 5% up

    - 5% up each purchase and 5% up for total.

    Money: 199,795 Valis      ]

    "Wait! Why did the value of these increased?"

    [ The Dragon Ball system reported that this worlds currency is much lower than the currency of the Dragon Ball world and the reason is, the Dragon Ball world have much more advanced technologies, martial arts, and it is very wide because it has it own universes. ]

    "Now I know, why it was not compatible. This'll make a good challenged for me though. Anyway, buy the Namekian Blood and Legendary Super Saiyan Blood."

    [ Original Price: 153,000 Valis

    Interest Up: 168,683 Valis


    {Yes/No}                 ]


    [ Purchase complete!

    168,683 Valis Deducted

    Money: 31,112 Valis       ]
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