16 Update


    [ Announcement: this would be ( --- ), an indication that the time has passed and the third person will narrate what's inside his head thinking. Thanks for reading it, I'm so glad. And I didn't think that some people would like it. ]


    After looking at some bookshelves, he saw, some books that are from his world before transmigrating just over the entrance.

    He climb upstairs since it has its own floor. What surprised him was the bookshelves that are high have floor made of glass, so clean, almost looked like you're floating.

    He saw the books were about machinery, but since it's DanMachi, it was all about the use of magic crystals to create appliances like fridge, stove, even microwave and oven, and many more.

    Though he didn't any good grades before, he's determined to learn what the book teaches along with training. Determined to do what he wants, that he can't do before, he wants to learn all martial arts and learn how to make appliances and sell all those for more money income.


    6 days later...

    Bell has been, both learning martial arts and some subjects like Math, Science, MAPEH( or Music, Arts, PE( Physical Education ), and Health), and as well as history and it's about, no doubt, norse mythology.

    Just for fun or he wants a little education.

    Well, everything's fine along with his studies but, the system became a tutor, instructor or whatever. Just read the following.


    The next day he's planning to, yes that's right, going in the maze and get something important in there, and that is getting another skill, a skill which his damage on bull type monsters will increase, Ox Slayer.

    "Time to go, for the Ox Slayer skill!" his spirits were as high as the sun and moon in the sky, hoping for a good battle, too.

    He was about to take his stuff when he suddenly remembered that, he has no backpack like lili's gigantic bag, rucksack or whatever it was called. He then, didn't bring anything except food and his 30cm dagger.

    At the entrance, Bell was a little bit nervous but the challenge ahead removes his nervousness. He like challenges, obstacle and wants to feel hardship to strengthen himself.

    As he stepped inside the maze, he felt the gravity getting stronger, he then heard a few beeps. Wondering why there are beeping sound, he asked the system.

    "Hey, what was that beeping sound for?"

    [ Gravity strength has changed, and so your stats. ]

    "Why does the beeping sound didn't stop?"

    [ Sorry my bad. ]

    A few seconds past, a window popped in front of bell showing him what it was for.

    [ Attributes ⬇

    Level: 1 - 180/250

    STR: 546 ➡ 273

    END: 494 ➡ 247

    DEX: 520 ➡ 260

    AGI: 750 ➡ 375

    MAG: 0 ➡ 0       ]

    "Oh, I see... Welp nevermind, it's not much of a problem!"

    He's confident because the monsters outside were not much of a challenge to him as he already killed a minotaur with his Triple Cleave. Also, the monsters that are lurking outside the dungeon were weak even in forest as well as the monsters in the safe floor( or safety point ).

    Though, there are only two safe floors, the 18th floor and 39th floor. Before entering the 18th floor, you will have to defeat or run away to your safety. On the other hand, the 39th floor was way too far as you have to through the second line, the 25th floor.

    Speaking of floors, I have more job to than giving all of you some information that is easily obtained by the use the legendary man-made, human creation, internet. Better not to speak too advance.

    At the first few turns, Bell's face became dark. Why? He met 2 minotaurs, one in front of him and one behind him. He was caught off guard.

    The minotaur in front of him started moving and going to attack Bell. However, Bell knew what to do when facing minotaur but, there are two of them. It won't be easy this time.

    While the other minotaur is rushing at him, he went and attack the minotaur behind him with Crescent Cut.

    The minotaur got scarred and as well got angered by Bell's attacked while furiously groaned.

    The other one was also furious on what happened on his kin or brother and attacked Bell. But Bell dodge the attack while keeping himself calm even though he's not scared of it, he's still got to be careful.

    Another groan can be heard in at least 10 meters which is, very loud and as well attract more minotaur. Fortunately, there are no minotaurs nearby to hear the scream of their own kin.

    "Phew... Good there are none of them nearby." he said as his hearing strengthened by the Namekian Bloodline that he bought. He also don't want to go berserk or he might go inside the Yggdrasil as it would kill from being recklessly attacking monsters and go even lower.

    "I'd have to kill them fast," He started to get serious a little bit and thought, "or I might be the one who would die today."

    Focusing himself in the battle, he became more calm. The minotaur attacked once again however, Bell was able to dodge and attacked with Triple Cleave using his hands.

    "Ouch, that hurts."

    Since he attacked behind the minotaur, the damage increased and the minotaur vanished as it was already dead in one shot.

    The minotaur that was badly hurt was now standing. And now angrily looking at Bell with smirk in his face that made it more angrier.

    Bell attacked first, with few attack with his bare hands. Even though it was only normal punches, it's still strong by using a Barrier Ki.

    After killing two at once, Bell decided to heal himself and eat before finding, more minotaurs as well as drop items which is not going to happen that much.

    [ Level 1: 216/250 ]

    "Seems like there are no magic crystals for me." seeing there are no magic crystals dropped, he frowned.

    [ Update detected!

    Do you want to update the system? ]

    "Good, you just reminded me."

    [ Update or what? ]

    "Alright, update now."
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