3 Chapter Three: Within the Deserted Roads

    "Why are you even asking that, of course it's 1986." Einnor laughed

    Jandrel and Lara gave the look of pity to them, the smile on Einnor and Jeyrhald's gradually disappeared.

    Silence ate the area.

    "W-Wha-What's with those looks?" Einnor stammered

    "Einnor... Jeyrhald... you know, it's quite difficult to tell you this and you two may not even believe us... but..." Lara said as she puts her hands in the pockets of her denim short jeans

    "What do you mean?" Jeyrhald seriously asked

    "It's already 2019." Jandrel said without hesitation

    "What?" The two looked at them as if they were kidding, Jeyrhald and Einnor laughed.

    Jandrel and Lara's face remained serious.

    "You two are quite weird, no?" Jeyrhald said

    "I mean, look at your clothes." He added as he pointed at both Jandrel's blood-stained printed mustard yellow shirt, denim jeans, and white shoes and Lara's stained long white printed shirt, denim short jeans and short-cut black sneakers.

    "You're mocking our clothes? REALLY?! You two only have your red school varsity jackets, jeans and gray school rubber shoes. Saint Augustine University? LAME." Lara said quite irritated

    "Guys, don't start this woman, she's a self-proclaimed fashion guru. You don't mock her opinions haha" Jandrel said as his black eyes was filled with the slightest of delight

    Lara rolled her hazelnut eyes as she fixed her long black hair.

    "Where are you headed? Are you two going somewhere?" Jandrel asked as he fixed his round eyeglasses

    "Actually yes, we are going to The Simsuangco Hospital. But we don't know which way to go so, we ended up here." Einnor explained as he scratched his dark blonde hair

    "What a coincidence, we are also going there.  You can stick with us." Lara smiled

    They both nodded, they walked down the path back to the church. The blood trail was leading back to the church. Wind gushed the leaves as they were walking, Jandrel opened the flashlight as he fixed the bangs of his undercut black hair as they were to enter once again, the stone hallway with small windows.

    They went inside, the metallic stench of the blood was feasting the place because of the trail on the floor. They covered the half of their faces with their shirts for them not smell the disgusting odor. Yet to Lara and Jandrel, it didn't do much because their clothes are already stained.

    As they continued walking, the foulness became stronger.

    Gradually, the hallway walls also had blood on them. As Jandrel radiated the glow of the flashlight on the slightly mossed walls, the marks looked like as if something was heaved off the walls with great force.

    Lara and Jandrel with shocked looks were distressed, the corpse of their friend was cruelly hurled on the walls. Someone immorally messed up a body of a dead person.

    "Who would do such a thing." Jandrel thought to himself as they continued walking

    Einnor noticed their shocked eyes as they were walking yet he didn't asked them what was the problem.

    They now arrived at the church.

    The trail of blood stopped at the gate at the left semi-transept.

    They started walking down the nave. The footsteps were echoing inside the church as they were walking. Opened the main entrance door and got out of the church.

    A piece of newspaper was lying down on the ground in front of the church main entrance door, as they went outside the church premises.

    Jeyrhald took it and gave it to Lara.

    "The Tenebrae Times

    The Mass Kidnapping affecting the citizens

    By: Reynold Smith

    The increasing number of students of any grade level being nowhere to be found has alarmed the authorities and the parents. The forces are doing the utmost effort in doing search and rescue operations. The association of schools of Tenebrae has provided countermeasures for students to assess the situation. As of now, 1734 students are still missing. Some are proclaimed dead even though there isn't a single body found."

    "What happened here?" Lara curiously asked

    Each and everyone remained silent. The cold wind gusted, it swung Lara's black hair. The place suddenly turned frigid, there were now, nimbostratus clouds in the sky. It started to produce small white ice crystals.

    "It's **ing snowing. Great." Jeyrhald said annoyed, as he brushed off the snow from his brown curtained hair.

    "Now my **ing glasses are fogged." He added, as he wiped down the lens of his round eyeglasses

    "What an aggressive mouth for a short man" Lara laughed as she put the newspaper inside the sling bag with her map, Jonathan's ripped letter, the red chrysanthemum, the instructions from the Tabernacle and the checklist from the laboratory.

    Jeyrhald looked at her, and pouted

    "It's getting cold, we should start to walk so our bodies would warm up." Einnor suggested as he also brushed off the snow from his quiff dark blonde hair

    They went out the lot of the Church, the Victorian-styled iron gates creaked as they opened it.

    Jandrel took out his map, and once examined the pathways in order for them to know which way to go.

    "We're quite at the north-east part of the town, so technically we just have to face left and walk straight here at Lewis Avenue, turn left and walk straight to Sacren Street, turn right and walk straight to Narra Road and lastly turn right to Mudy Street to go to the Simsuangco Hospital." He explained as he shows them the map and points out the roads that they have to walk through.

    They started walking down Lewis Avenue.

    "So, I think we're gonna be with you two with quite some time so, can we get to know you two?" Lara asked both of them as she was smiling giving off a warm and pleasant personality

    "My name's Einnor Jon Jackson, I'm with my little bro here, Jeyrhald Ryand Anderson. We-"

    "Wait, wait, hold on for a second. Jeyrhald's your brother but you have different surnames? What?" Jandrel suddenly asked as his doubt jumped out from his brain

    "Well, what if you let my brother finish his statement first hmmm?" Jeyrhald smiled with a hint of irritation as he answered Jandrel

    "Sorry." Jandrel replied

    "May I continue now?" Einnor asked

    "Yes. Yes you may." Lara answered

    "We are from the same mother, but we have different dads. That explains our different surnames." Einnor continued

    "Oh, so that family situation really exists eh?" Jandrel pretended to be shocked

    "So, how did you two get here?" Lara curiously asked both of them

    "You see it's quite problematic, each of our fathers want our mom to pick from both of them to reside permanently. Meaning, one of us will be living without a mom. This quarrel between our family, made our lives miserable everyday. Screaming here and there, flying objects everywhere. Sometimes, we became emotional punching bags. It's just chaos, I asked them if we can just live inside under the same roof but both fathers were selfish. They don't even care about the family anymore, they only care about themselves. So that's why we decided to run away from home. While we were walking, we found ourselves in the woods which is kinda weird because we are living from a neighborhood near a city, which is Hale City. Then the woods, became shrouded with fog, then the moment we knew, we were here." Jeyrhald recalled, his voice sounded sad

    "So you say, you two are just walking somewhere near the city, then you two suddenly found yourselves in the woods, then fog came and then you're here?" Jandrel asked while making an unbelievable face thinking it's absurd

    "Yes." The two answered with a quite serious tone

    "I'm not buying it." As Jandrel's skepticism took over his mentality

    "I mean we came from all the way from Edwardton just to go here. Far away from Hale." Jandrel added

    "Yeah, like an hour and a half far away." Jeyrhald blurted

    "But still, we travelled, we didn't just came here instantly." Jandrel debated

    "But that's what happened to us though." Einnor reasoned

    "Fine, fine, fine." Jandrel reacted as they were to turn left to Sacren Street

    "Oh shut up Jandrel, they have a family problem, stop being such a jerk." She said irritated

    "Sorry you two, Jandrel is nice I promise you that." She pertained to the two while smiling warmly as she's punching Jandrel

    "So, I think it's your turn to tell us your story and reasons why are you two here." Einnor smiled

    "Yeah, let me tell the story." Lara told Jandrel

    Jandrel nodded

    "Okay let's start this off with an introduction, I'm Lara Mae Stevenson, and this is my friend Jandrel Simmons. Let's start the story, it was summer, Jandrel, Michael, Jonathan, and I came to venture here just for fun. We tried to do a test of courage. Everyone should get back to the car immediately after 5 minutes, it was our agreement. But after 5 minutes, only Jandrel and I returned back. When we got home, it was chaos as Jandrel and I was put up to the police claiming that it's our fault for their disappearance. The parents of our friends wanted us behind bars, everything was awful. The police did a search and rescue operation, after 3 months of the operation, the whereabouts of their bodies was still not found. So we are now here to find them, but then at that school where we first met, we found our friend Michael, but dead. It was grotesque, his body was mutilated and was cut in half, his internal organs was scattered and it was rotting." Lara recalled

    The faces of Einnor and Jeyrhald were dumbfounded.

    "W-What the hell happened." Jeyrhald stuttered

    "But when we're about to get out, the body was gone and there was a trail of blood. I speculated that maybe, someone dragged his body outside." Lara continued

    "Oh, so that explained the blood trail back there. But there was also blood on the hallway walls, remember that?" Einnor asked

    "How did it..." In the middle of Einnor's sentence

    "Oh." He realized

    "Do you think it h-heaved your friend, Michael on the walls?" Einnor whispered

    "Yeah, that's the speculation." Jandrel answered

    "That explains your shocked faces back there." Jeyrhald said

    As they were walking they passed along The Tenebrae City Hall alongside was The Tenebrae Theatre, then again was Raymond Recreational Park and along side was The Tenebrae Times Publishing House.

    The wind started on producing frigid temperature blows, the precipitation of the snow became quite heavy. The temperature became piercing to the skin, it was painful as the snow fell to Jandrel's brown skin. Everyone's fair skin became red, the sensation was not cold anymore, but it was hot. This alarmed them as the temperature drastically dropped. They ran straight the road. Their bodies were shaking vigorously, their lips were purple.

    They thought they were about to die of hypothermia, but then Jeyrhald saw a signage. Alongside Quasar Condominiums, there stood the Tenebrae Public Market.

    "There! There! Let's enter there before we freeze here!" Jeyrhald shouted as he points the front door of the market

    They hurriedly ran and opened the entrance door.

    They went inside.

    It was pitch dark within the area, Jandrel opened the flashlight.

    They started to walk into the market to find themselves within the dry goods section. They saw fur coats, jackets, gloves, ear covers, scarves and snow boots from the lines of clothes from a stall. They walked towards the stall and wore heavy clothing to ease the freezing.

    "Oh, this feels a lot better." Lara exhaled with relief

    "With this, I think we should go back to walking down the road." Jandrel suggested

    "Wait, I think we'll eventually gonna need this." Lara said as she gets packs of batteries as she puts it inside her sling bag

    "Yes, we would need that." Jandrel agreed

    As they were walking back to the main entrance door, Lara looked at the siblings.

    "Why would you wanted to go to the Simsuangco Hospital?" She asked them

    "It's because, there's this paper telling us that, if we wanted to get out of this town, we should go to the Simsuangco Hospital. We saw that at the road. Because first, we checked the Narra Road, which was the entrance-exit roads of the town, we thought that we can just go through there to get out of here, but when we're walking forward it just felt like we're not moving. And then we saw the note." Einnor recalled

    "Oh. Is that so." Lara replied as she opened the the entrance door.

    "Well then, we must get going now. Time is important." She added with a little smile on her face

    They went outside the Public Market, the snowfall was still heavy, But now they feel comfy as they are not affected by the cold of the weather. They are now moving fast, as they are now determined to leave the town after hearing what Einnor said about the possibility of exiting the town on Simsuangco Hospital. And on the possibility of finding Jonathan within the building.

    They now turned right to Narra Road, the whistling of the frigid wind, the cluttering of the metal signages and their footsteps from the snow were the disturbances from the area. The fog was still eating the place. Then they eventually turned right to Mudy Street.

    And found themselves in front of the structure of the Simsuangco Hospital. The structure looked modern.

    They opened the main entrance door. It was quite dark inside because the light entering the windows isn't enough to illuminate the insides of the structure.

    Jandrel opened the flashlight as they were walking down the lobby.

    They saw a skinny silhouette of a person sitting on the lobby chairs. As they gradually went near to illuminate what it is.

    It was Jonathan. His black undercut hair and fair skin shined from the radiance of the flashlight. He was wearing a blue t-shirt, denim trousers and black basketball shoes. He was also wearing a black sling bag.

    His brown eyes was filled with delight as he saw his friends.

    He stood up.

    "I have been waiting for you guys!" Jonathan said with glee, he hugged Jandrel and Lara.

    "Who's these two?" Jonathan asked puzzled

    "It's Jeyrhald and Einnor, they're siblings. We saw them at Saint John Academy." Lara explained

    "Hi, I'm Einnor Jon Jackson, and he's my brother, Jeyrhald Ryand Anderson. Nice to meet you!" He smiled

    "Oh, nice to meet you guys! I'm Jonathan Miller Jr." He smiled and waved at them

    "Hello! You seem nice!" Jeyrhald greeted and smiled at him

    After the introductions, silence ate the area.

    "We have to get out of this town, and fortunately I know how to." Jonathan said seriously

    "How?" Everyone asked, they were tensed.

    Their hearts palpitated from nervousness.

    "We have to go to the other side."
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