2 Chapter 2

    Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky One, two The sound resonates Into my heart, so hard and deep A field of stars spans endlessly And through it I carve a passageway In step with time as generations change Close your eyes and listen closely Shooting stars stream on silently until the goodbye Keep the Light inside of you, never give up don't ever Lose Transcend time and you will prove, there is a special place for you A blaze of glory is there, It's All a part of our estate, Life is our story to create Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away A secret fire, a scream of Light, voices especially through twilight Cast your thoughts to the wind, hang your wishes on the moon Live your Life with All your strength for dreams will reach you very soon Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away Someday your dream will find its place somewhere Keep shining Like a star Good morning, Ichigo!! You've got some nerve! Trying to attack your own son in his sleep! You're pretty good, my boy. There's nothing more to teach you. Huh?! Hey, what about Karin and Yuzu's injuries? Injuries? What're you talking about? What? It's a miracle. A truck crashes into our house, and no one's hurt. What's more miraculous is that no one woke up - What's going on? Their wounds - And the culprit gone away. - They're All gone. - Not to worry! - He'll probably come to apologize Later. - Everyone thinks it was some truck. As if! Is this the work of a Soul Reaper? Ichigo, hurry and eat breakfast or you'll be Late. Oh yeah I wonder if she went back to that place she called the Soul Society. Orihime, did you bring lunch today? Yes. I have taiyaki style ramen with wasabi and honey. Would you Like some, Tatsuki? Err no thanks. It's really good. Oh, it's Inoue. Huh? I'm sorry! Ichigo, you bumped into her and that's All you can say?! Oh, sorry. Are you All right? Y Yes Here Huh?! It's All right. I have voby bolley volley Hey Orihime! What's with her? You have such a mean Look. By the way, why're you so Late? It's already lunchtime. Well I'LL explain Later. Ichigo, I heard a truck crashed into your house. Yeah Finished cleaning up? It's not that easy! Need help? Huh? Err no. Chad, you'll end up destroying the place even more. What's next? Modern literature. Oh, are you Kurosaki? Huh? I'LL be sitting next to you from today. My name's Kuchiki. Y You! What's wrong, Ichigo?! You know each other? Oh no, this is our first meeting. Right, Kurosaki? She's a transfer student, Kuchiki. Right, Rukia? Nice to meet you. Hey you! Just what the hell are you thinking?! My, how scary! What is the matter? You're not going to do something to me, are you? First of All, quit talking like that! Oh, I think this is pretty good considering I learned it overnight. Forget it! So why are you here? Weren't you going back to that Soul Society or whatever? Don't be stupid. Only Soul Reapers can go back there. Right now, I don't have that ability. What? Last night, most of my powers as a Soul Reaper were taken by you. W What? I don't know anything about that. Thanks to you, I'm stuck in this gigai form. What's a "gigai"? It's a temporary body provided for use in emergencies. Soul Reapers who are drastically weakened inhabit a gigai until their powers return. That's why my classmates could see you. Precisely. And so until my powers return, you will have to do the work of a Soul Reaper. What? It's only natural. You have the powers of a Soul Reaper. You don't have the right - to refuse. - I refuse! What? I don't ever want to fight such monsters again! Ridiculous! You did fine yesterday! That's because my family was being attacked. But I'm not about to fight for complete strangers. Sorry to disappoint you. I see Then it can't be helped. Hey! Huh? Aghh! My body What'd you do to me?! Follow me. Hey, where are we going? It's around here. What is? An order from the Soul Society. A Whole spirit who Lives in this park will probably be attacked. Help! Wait! What?! Why are you going to help him? Isn't he a complete stranger? So what? I can't just stand here when he's being attacked before my very eyes! Don't be so naive! Wha?! A Soul Reaper must treat All spirits equally. Just because they're close by just because it's convenient it doesn't work Like that. Do not help him! If you intend to help that boy, make up your mind to save All spirits! You must make the commitment to go anywhere and even be willing to sacrifice your Life! Are you committed to this, Ichigo? No! Who cares about commitment?! I saved this boy because I wanted to! What about you? What? You risked your Life to save me last night. Did you think about your duty as a Soul Reaper when you acted? When you put yourself at risk, it doesn't matter! At the very least I will be different! You okay? Hey kid If you don't want another scary experience Like that, hurry up and pass over. That was a fine Konso. I'm leaving! Huh?! What are you doing?! Stop! W Where am I?! W-What do you intend to do to me?! Wandering spirit Devour it that man's soul! Now! Hear me God Why was I born? Please summon me back to your side! Now! Shut up! How dare you?! I am studying contemporary Language! It doesn't sound contemporary at All! Besides, how long are you gonna keep following me?! Until you agree to do the Soul Reaper's job! Hah! Whatever! Hey! Inoue?! Huh? Kurosaki! Did that car just hit you? Oh maybe Maybe? And you're okay?! Yes, it was just a little bump. I'm fine I really am! You're fine? And where's the car? Huh? It drove away. Look, you! Oh I'm sorry. Well, as Long as you're okay. Huh? Kuchiki? Who the hell are you? Idiot! She's in our class! That's Inoue! Orihime Inoue! What? Oh hello, Inoue! Oh yes, hello. Have you been out shopping? Oh yes! Dinner! My leeks, butter, bananas, and bean jam they're fine, too. What is she gonna make with that? How did you get that bruise on your leg? Huh? Did I just get it? Maybe when the car hit me. That looks bad, it must hurt. A Little. But I'm fine. Are you sure? Umm What's the matter, Kuchiki? You Look so serious. Huh? It's nothing. Just take care. Thank you. Want me to walk you home? Oh, no I'm fine, really. See you! Cripes! She'd better be careful. That girl Huh? You mean, Inoue? Are you good friends? Not really. I've never even spoken to her much. She's close to one of my friends who lives in the neighborhood. Just Just? Three years ago her brother died at our hospital What? He was her only family. It was a car accident. Brother! Brother! Don't die! Please don't leave me alone! I didn't know that she was the girl who was crying that day I just found out recently. How was your spirit energy at that time? Huh? Not as strong as it is now. It's only recently that I've been able to see ghosts and talk to them. Just as I thought What is it anyway? Nothing. See you. Huh? Hey! Where're you going? Home. Where to? Are you interested? Not really. Then don't ask. W Why that! Yes! Oh Tatsuki! Mom asked me to give this to you. It's stewed beef with potatoes. Oh! Wow! Home made stewed beef and potatoes! This is so delicious! You eat such weird stuff when you're alone. You think so? Absolutely I mean, what is this stuff? Hey Brother Have you seen my pajamas? Hey, at least knock! Boy, you've gotten so mean now that you're in high school! Have not. And I don't know where your pajamas are. That's weird. My dress is also missing. But why do you have to ask me about everything?! Good night! An order? What? Huh? Huh? Huh?! Ichigo! W What're you doing there?! And those pajamas! Save it for Later. We have an order! Order?! It's coming! W Wait a minute! Don't just stand there! It's coming! Aim for the head! Ichigo! Idiot! Don't just swing the sword around! Shut up! As Long as I kill it, right?! You're mine! Not deep enough! Huh?! What?! It got away. We're going after it. What's the matter, Ichigo? I have a question What is it? That thing's face It was Inoue's brother. What?! I'LL tell you one thing Attacking a Hollow from behind and splitting its head in one blow That is the essence of exterminating a Hollow. Do not forget. What do you mean? This is to minimize your own injuries and also so that you never see the identity of the Hollow. What do you mean "identity of the Hollow"? You saw it, just now. All Hollows were once the souls of ordinary humans. What?! You never told me that! Wasn't that just some monster?! Some monster we needed to kill?! Yes, now he is just a monster. And he must be destroyed. But he was once human? Grudges, regrets Souls who still harbor such feelings are hard to perform Konso on, and linger on alone. Then they either become Hollows themselves, or are devoured by other Hollows, and become new Hollows. That's! What? You mean, Ichigo?! Yes. But they were just walking together. What's the matter? Why that Ichigo! I didn't realize he was such a fast worker! I mean He didn't even walk you home even though you were hurt! No, he offered to walk me home. But Aghh! Watch out! I'm going to win! I mean, Champ! What are you imagining? To the right! Yes, here! Watch out! It's a gun! What was that? Though the voyage must continue on May seas always be calm When the cycle of the moon has renewed may it shine It's Light to guide your boat I offer this voyage a prayer With each new day that still awaits On vividly shining seas To the end of the journey I am the charismatic seer of the new century! The messenger from the Netherworld, Don Kanonji! I journey everywhere in search of bad spirits! It's not your cue yet! We're out of time, again!

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