3 Chapter 3

    Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky One, two The sound resonates Into my heart, so hard and deep A field of stars spans endlessly And through it I carve a passageway In step with time as generations change Close your eyes and Listen closely Shooting stars stream on silently until the goodbye Keep the Light inside of you, never give up don't ever Lose Transcend time and you will prove, there is a special place for you A blaze of glory is there, It's All a part of our estate, Life is our story to create Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away A secret fire, a scream of Light, voices drastically through twilight Cast your thoughts to the wind, hang your wishes on the moon Live your Life with All your strength for dreams will reach you very soon Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away Someday your dream will find its place somewhere Keep shining Like a star You're mine! Not deep enough! That thing's face It was Inoue's brother. But why would Inoue's brother come after me? I don't know. But judging from the Hollow that attacked you Last time, it seems a powerful Hollow who remains in the dark wants to devour your spiritual power. And it probably controls several Hollows. Then Inoue's brother's appearance would make sense. No way! So, what should I do?! I can't kill Inoue's brother?! Think! If you don't kill him, he will wander around forever! And there's no doubt that he will attack you again. Wait, we may not have time to worry about him! What do you mean? That girl is in danger! Wasn't that delicious? Yeah. How about some dessert now? I have some Leeks and bean jam jelly. What? They go great together. I'm not too keen for that. Huh? What was that? Oh poor Enraku! This is terrible. How come you're All torn up? What's that?! The Hollows target their own kin?! It happens frequently. What do you mean? Hollows are fallen souls. Souls that were not guided into the Soul Society by a Soul Reaper. Souls that were not protected by Hollows. They Lose their hearts and become Hollows themselves. Now that this Hollow has failed to devour you, he will go after the soul of the one he loved most in his Life. Remember the bruise on Inoue's leg today? That was the mark left by a Hollow. Then that accident was Inoue's brother's doing? Perhaps. What is this? O Orihime! What is this?! How come there's blood?! W What is that?! W What is that? What's happening? What is that ghostly thing? Is that me? Why? What is this chain? I can't breathe Tatsuki! What am I doing here in a daze?! Take that! Tatsuki! Tatsuki! Stay away! Tatsuki! What's wrong? Tatsuki! It's useless, Orihime. She can't hear us, let alone see us. Tatsuki! How How do you know my name? How sad, Orihime Have you forgotten my voice? It's me can't you tell? Stay away! How sad I'm so sad! So sad! Aren't I the one you're after?! Dammit! Tatsuki, you got caught up in this? Kurosaki? It IS you! But why? Inoue Say, how come you can see me? Huh W ell Soul Reapers are spiritual beings. Only other spiritual beings can see you. It's impossible for ordinary people to see you. Spiritual being? That's right. In other words, she's a spirit. Orihime is dead! Dammit! Don't move! Ichigo! Hey, Ichigo! Hang on, Ichigo! Ichigo! Ichigo! Kurosaki! Let go! Let go! Kurosaki is hurt! Let go! Orihime Have you forgotten me? Brother? Ichigo! Wake up, Ichigo! Will you shut up?! Is that any way to talk? Where were you hit? Forget it. I'm okay. Really? Good. Don't forget. He may have been Inoue's older brother, but he's a monster. He doesn't have a human heart. Kill him without fail. Are you really my brother? Yes, I am, Orihime. You're lying. My brother would never do what you're doing. I was lonely. Huh? You were forgetting about me Little by Little. After I died, you prayed for me every day. I watched you It was your prayers that gave me peace. But after about a year, you became friends with that girl. After that you began praying for me less and Less often. And when you entered high school, you stopped praying for me altogether. That's why I was so Lonely Brother, you're wrong! Listen, Orihime! If you have even a shred of feeling Left for me, do not betray me anymore! Just Listen to what I tell you. It won't take Long. I'LL devour that Soul Reaper and end this quickly! Wait! Kurosaki has nothing to do with this! Please stop, Brother! Don't hurt him anymore! Be quiet! W hose fault do you think it is that I became this way?! It's your fault! You will Listen to what I say! Otherwise I'LL kill you first! Stop! Listen, you Do you know why big brothers are born first? It's to protect the Little brothers and sisters that follow. Ichigo! Yet you're threatening to kill your own sister? Don't say that, even if you are dead! Shut up! Orihime is mine! I raised her when our parents abandoned us! It was when Orihime was three I've protected her ever since! Orihime! Come to me! If you Listen to me, I won't lay a hand on the others. Wait, it's a trap! He no longer has the feelings of a brother. But Entrance Ceremony Brother! Brother! What's happening?! Orihime is mine! As if! Inoue is Inoue! She doesn't belong to anyone! Why are you hesitating! Finish him! Inoue Ori hime I'm sorry, Brother. It's my fault. It's All because I begged you not to Leave me alone. Brother! Please don't die! Please don't Leave me alone! That's why you couldn't rest in peace. Orihime I sensed that you were always beside me. Even yesterday, when that car almost hit me You protected me, right? You pulled my Leg to get me out of the way. So that's why But if I keep depending on you, you'll never be able to rest. So I wanted to show you I'm happy. You don't have to worry about me. But that made you lonely and sad That's not it! What's going on? He's fighting the Hollow inside him. He didn't become a Hollow by choice. He probably was taken over by a Hollow . Why? Don't you get it? His target was supposed to be you. A soul that is devoured by a strong Hollow is manipulated by that Hollow. In other words, a Hollow who is after you took over a soul whom you would hesitate to fight, and forced him to attack. Right now, he is desperately fighting that Hollow. For his sister's sake Orihime! Ori Inoue! Stay calm! The chain attached to her chest, the Chain of Fate, is still connected. As Long as it is connected, she will not die. I need to treat her. Get back. I can use my Kido to save her. You gave that to her as a present, didn't you? Inoue said so That's why she wears it every day. Hey! Even if I stay here like this, eventually I'll revert to being a monster. So now while I still have a semblance of sanity I want to disappear. Hey! Hey wait! Ichigo! He's making the right decision. Once you become a Hollow, you can never go back to what you were. Let him pass on. Rukia! It's All right. Reaping a Hollow is not really killing it. You're cleansing its soul and Allowing it to enter the Soul Society. That is why we Soul Reapers exist. Wait, Brother This hairpin that you bought me that day W e had a fight over it, remember? Because I said it was too childish. I Let you go to work without saying anything That was the Last time I would see you alive. So, I want to say it now Brother, have a nice day. Yeah, I'm off now. It's true! A sumo champion really came to my room and blasted a hole with a gun! Huh? Not again! Can't you make it sound more realistic? At Least, say a pro wrestler came and caused a brawl outside. Well, I Like Hime's silly imagination. I'm saying it's true! Right, Tatsuki? Uh yeah. Huh? Tatsuki, don't tell me you agree. So is that what you did yesterday? Yes. Kurosaki, what is this? Inoue?! Hey, what're you doing?! Memory Replacement. I erased her memories of tonight and replaced them with new ones. Memory Replacement? But I can't choose the new memories, which can be a problem. In any case, we'll find out tomorrow. You used it on my family the other day, didn't you? Yes, I did. What is it? I don't have the resolve to do this yet. I'm not such a fine human being that I can promise to risk my Life for a stranger. However I'm not a total slime who'd watch someone get hurt before my eyes. I'LL help you do the work of a Soul Reaper. Thanks, I'm counting on you. Though the voyage must continue on May seas always be calm When the cycle of the moon has renewed may it shine It's Light to guide your boat I offer this voyage a prayer With each new day that still awaits On vividly shining seas To the end of the journey Brother, thank you for watching over me All this time. I'LL do my best to find happiness. So Brother, take care. Inoue This is supposed to be the preview Aw no, we're out of time again!
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