4 Chapter 4

Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky One, two The sound resonates Into my heart, so hard and deep A field of stars spans endlessly And through it I carve a passageway In step with time as generations change Close your eyes and Listen closely Shooting stars stream on silently until the goodbye Keep the Light inside of you, never give up don't ever Lose Transcend time and you will prove, there is a special place for you A blaze of glory is there, It's All a part of our estate, Life is our story to create Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away A secret fire, a scream of Light, voices drastically through twilight Cast your thoughts to the wind, hang your wishes on the moon Live your Life with All your strength for dreams will reach you very soon Raise your eyes you can see shooting stars up in the night sky Wishes speak from ages old by voice of Light Throughout the age, never fade away Someday your dream will find its place somewhere Keep shining Like a star A cursed parakeet?! W ell, All his past owners had terrible things happen and died. Are you serious? That's bad! Do you want him, Shigeo? Not after you tell me that! Why don't you go dump him someplace? But that's cruel! How about you, Chad? He's cute, y'know? Stupid, stop it! Chad has a weakness for cute things Like Wha?! We shall continue to devour In order to fill the emptiness of our existence, we must continue to devour. A Soul Reaper's soul is exceptionally delicious Once you taste it, you always crave it. C Chad! Are you All right, Chad? Yeah, I'm fine. Fine?! You're bleeding! Thank you for saving me. Huh? My name is Yuichi Shibata. What's yours? W What the hell?! It's Like it understood what just happened! This parakeet is cursed! What's your name, Mister? Yasutora Sado. I'm 15 years old still. Hey! Chad is interested in it! Geez I can't believe my injuries healed in a day. Surprised? I was among the best in my Kido class. That was easy. Kido class? So what? Soul Reapers go to school? Huh? W ell yes But Ichigo How do you drink this? Huh? You just poke a straw in it and drink. Straw? Hey, you're together again. Huh? You guys are quite close, huh? Mizuiro Fool! Do we look like friends? Am I wrong? Oh well, if you say so. But Ichigo, you should be more aware of what people will think. Stupid, if I cared about what people thought, I'd have dyed my hair black. That's true. So this is it! But where do I poke this? Hello Kuchiki! Huh? Helloo! Err Kojima. Right! I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Mizuiro Kojima, age 1 5. I Like Picking up girls. Huh? No way! That's mean! He Looks Like a dork, but he's a real flirt. Watch out for him. Stop it! You'll ruin my reputation! Besides, I'm only interested in older women. That's why she has to be careful. Huh? Never mind. What's this?! There's the beautiful new transfer, Kuchiki! What are you doing here?! Ichigo lured her here. No way! What?! Ichigo, why you! Good job! T Thanks. You're so happy you're crying? I'm so glad you've come, Captain! To this garden of masculinity! Hello. Awright, everyone! We're partying it up during Lunch! With milk coffee and yakisoba bread? Shut up! It's the spirit that counts! And Kuchiki If you're ever in need, don't hesitate to come to me! Really? Of course! Oh, Chad Mmm Are you injured? Hey yeah, what happened? A steel beam fell on my head yesterday. A steel beam?! As for my hand, I had a collision with a motorcycle. And the rider got hurt bad so I just carried him to the hospital. N-No wonder you were late. But geez, what is your body made of? Huh? What's with the bird? Hello, my name is Yuichi Shibata. What's your name? Hey, this is amazing! It really talks! My name is Keigo Asano. Can you say that? Chad, where'd you get the bird? Yesterday. Someone gave it to me. Hold it! You were just about to tell us, but got lazy and cut it short, didn't you?! That's a bad habit you have. Now, explain! I didn't cut it short. Oh yes you did! Listen you Don't worry. Huh? There's definitely something in that bird, but it's not evil. It's probably a Lonely spirit. But we cannot leave it alone. We should perform a Konso tonight. Got it. Another sleepless night. Don't complain. Yeah yeah Still He sensed a spirit and worried about the safety of the others Perhaps he's beginning to understand what it means to be a Soul Reaper. Here Thanks. It was during 8th grade Huh? when I first met Chad. Back then, my hair color got people's attention and got me into fights. It was when I got into this Little scrape. Who the hell are you?! Die! Chad never fights back, no matter how much people goad him. He's an odd one. Yeah. This juice is good. Yeah? I'm home! Kurosaki Clinic Internal Medicine Pediatrics Outta the way! Move! Huh? What's the matter, Karin? What's your hurry? H-Hi Brother! What's going on? An accident! There was a car accident at the intersection. Car accident? You won't take him? Do something! There are patients who need more than our first-aid level of treatment! Now listen! Tell your director it's a request from Kurosaki! Then you'll find some free beds! Understand?! Dad Damn useless people! Anything I can do to help? No! Get back in some corner and stay outta the way! Dad, one more patient! Huh? Man, he's a big one. Ichigo, come here and get to work! Oh, yeah. Huh? Chad! Oh, that's a terrible wound! This is bad! It Looks Like a burn. What hit you? This feeling You'll have to take it easy for awhile. No. Huh? I'm okay now. Don't be ridiculous! There's no way you're fine after losing so much blood! You see? Yuzu! Karin! Get a bed ready. Yes! Let's get you to bed, okay? Did you feel it? Of course. I felt it even in here. I didn't sense anything from the parakeet. But his injury smelled of Hollow. Kurosaki Clinic Internal Medicine Pediatrics 'Morning! Brother, breakfast is ready. Where's Karin? She didn't want breakfast. I don't think she feels well. Her? Not feeling well? That's unusual. Ichigo! Bad news! Chad has disappeared from his room! Ichigo! Rukia! Well? Any clues about where he went? No, how about you? No luck either. There's no news at the Soul Society about a Hollow. I can't find anything on the radar either. Usually, Hollows hide themselves between this world and the Soul Society, except when they commit foul deeds. Even if Hollows are after Chad, we won't be able to get the location unless they show themselves in this world. Got it? You expect me to understand with those kindergarten drawings? A Hollow is targeting Chad. It'll be too Late if we wait until he's attacked! There has to be something! That's right! The parakeet Chad had! We just have to follow the soul that possessed it! That's not possible! All right Ichi go? What's this sensation? Mister you're nice. Hmm? I need to apologize to you, Mister. To be honest, everyone who owns me gets bad luck. Yes, I know. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I Don't worry about it. So Mister, forget about me and abandon me. Mister I can't do that. Ichi go I must tell him How can this be? It's such a weak soul, even I cannot sense its presence. And he's trying to find it from this distance? This is? I found him! This way! Those were. . Spirit Ribbons, visible rays of spiritual energy. Only high level Soul Reapers are able to see them. Has he progressed that much in this short time? I guess we lost him. Mister, you don't have to do this anymore. It's All right, I don't mind. Being tough is my one good trait. Watch out! He found us! Let's get away! Mister Don't worry. This is nothing. There! It's Chad! That idiot! Why's he running?! It's dangerous alone! Ichigo! Karin! What're you doing? You're still so weak! Karin! Ichigo! Take her home first. I'LL go and save him. What're you saying?! I can't! Don't complain! If you Leave her there and go, you'll be distracted when you fight the Hollow. I can't have that. Understand? Now go! Rukia! You haven't gotten enough of your powers back to fight a Hollow. Don't take chances. Fool. There's no way I'd make you worry by messing up. See you! Yeah! Are you All right, Karin? Hang on! This isn't Like you! Ichigo I saw it Last night the memories of the sprit that possessed the parakeet. I think it's because I was the closest in age. The strongest memory that remains in that child's mind. It came flowing into me. That child His mother was killed right before his very eyes! Please Ichigo! Please save that child! Please! Dammit! I can't overtake them! If I were not in this gigai, it would be easy. Why is it that the physical powers of a gigai are the same as for an average human being?! Those dolts at the technology development bureau! No I'm starting to run out of breath! What a nice smell! You smell delicious! Let me devour that soul of yours! Hmm You won't die in just one shot? And it seems you can see me, huh? Just who are you?! The one who reigns! Mask of flesh, All creation, flap of wings the one who carries the title of human! In the name of truth and temperance, dig your claws into the wall of sinless dreams! Destruction Spell 33 Pale Fire Crash! It worked! Good, at Least this much of my powers are back. What was that noise? She's being attacked. The lady who was after us earlier is being attacked by the one who is after us! Y You Stay here. What are you going to do? I'm going to save her. No, you can't! It's too dangerous! No, I don't mean I'm in danger of being hit by a car if you Leave me in the road! No, Mister You can't see ghosts! No! He'll get you! Wait! Mister! Mister! Ridiculous! It didn't even scratch him! Hah! I know that trick! It's a Soul Reaper spell, right? But yours is so weak. I felt nothing. Dammit! As I thought, my Kido hasn't recovered enough to use a spell of that Level. I get it, you're a Soul Reaper. No wonder you smell so yummy. A Soul Reaper, huh? How nice! I've devoured two Soul Reapers who tried to help that kid pass over. They were delicious! By kid, do you mean the spirit inside that parakeet? Yes. It seems you keep chasing after that soul. Why is that?! Well, if you'll Let me eat you without resisting, I'LL tell you. Why you! Hey Tell him That if he passes over, he'll be able to see his mother. Tell that boy Don't Let that boy be All alone anymore. Please Ichigo Though the voyage must continue on May seas always be calm When the cycle of the moon has renewed may it shine It's Light to guide your boat I offer this voyage a prayer With each new day that still awaits On vividly shining seas To the end of the journey Urahara Shop, where Soul Reapers often visit Urahara Kisuke, the shop owner who carries a dangerous scent on him And the thing that is taken out of the store invites another tragedy That preview is one week too early! Besides, the story isn't that sad Oh no, we're out of time again! Previous Episode
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