97 Human Mortal Realm 3

    With that, Dyon walked away and, much to Mithrandir's dismay, sat at the table of beauties. But then he looked back with a facial expression that baffled everyone.

    His smile was bright, as though the demonic will he had just exuded had nothing to do with him. Dyon rubbed his head awkwardly, "ah, Uncle Acacia, I got too excited. I don't know how you plan to do this assessment, please advise."

    Uncle Acacia chuckled, "the assessment will consist of two parts. As you all know, campaigns are a part of the cultivation world, inextricably connected to the lives of all. While it is a great honor, it is also a heavy task given to the youths of the world. As such, while combat prowess is important, so is intelligence and tactics. As such, one part will test how intelligent you are while the second will test your strength. Since the academies have decided to hold this year's assessments together, everyone will be participating.

    For those of you who believe you aren't qualified to lead your own armies, don't forget that performing well still allows you to be placed under the best of campaign leaders. So, even if you've lost hope, always try your best! Let's Begi - "

    Suddenly, Dyon interrupted Headmaster Acacia, "um, sorry Uncle Acacia... but, what are campaigns? And what are we fighting for? I've never heard about any of this."

    The crowd looked at Dyon as though they were looking at an idiot. Who didn't know about these things?

    "Dyon? Did you not come from the human martial world? This isn't somethings exclusive to the Elvin kingdom."

    Dyon scratched his head awkwardly, "I did come from the human martial realm, but, I came from the human mortal realm first... I've only be here for a little over a year."


    Silence reigned over all. Even Ri who had lost interest in everything suddenly looked at Dyon as though she were looking at a freak, 'a little over a year... and he's this powerful?...'

    If Ri had remembered that Dyon spent 7 months incapacitated, her reaction may have very well been even more fantastic.

    "This..." headmaster Acacia had no idea about this. But, he, elder Flyleaf and Erunonidan, smiled soon after. Dyon being from the mortal realm meant that he definitely had no backing. Which meant that it was be even easier for him to campaign under the Elvin Kingdom.

    "If you don't know about it... it's too long of a story and explanation to give now. For a cursory understanding, campaigns are essentially what a universe's strength hinges on. You may not have met this concept yet, or maybe you have, but wills are finite. The only way to increase a world's hold on wills is by conquering other worlds with different laws, daos, wills and so on.

    As for why this is hinged on the younger generation... our universe is ranked fairly low. Therefore, the gates that connect us to other universes aren't stable and can't support cultivation higher than essence gathering. When power exceeds that limit, the gate would collapse, killing everyone inside. So, the ancestors that created the gates directly blocked cultivation levels higher than the gates' limits."

    Dyon's eyes shone. He had come across this concept of finite wills before. During Focus Academy's opening ceremony, while he was standing behind the door, he heard the pillar family heads talk about how Meiying had carved out a piece for herself in the will of her compass. Dyon hadn't spent much time thinking about non-elemental type wills since then, but this was a good wakeup call for him.

    Suddenly Dyon remembered something, 'didn't those elders also say I was gaining a monopoly on music will? Is that possible for something so wide spread? Maybe music isn't that common of a will? I never thought about it since Madeleine had it, so I assumed it wasn't rare. But... Jade wasn't using music will while she was playing the other day. Or, maybe, the music will I have access to is only from this universe, so it's comparatively easier to gain a monopoly on it?'

    Dyon was once again lost in his thoughts. This world was truly a lot more complex than he gave it credit for.

    "So, Uncle Acacia, what do I need to do to be able to participate?"

    To Dyon, his only goal was to leave the biggest impact he could on the martial world. What could be bigger than becoming a general known throughout multiple universes?

    Before Uncle Acacia could respond, a cold voice came from below the terrace, "what makes you think you'd have a right to participate as a campaign leader? That would require you using Elvin troops and representing the Elvin Kingdom. Did you think we need a human like you to do this? If you'd really like to show your sincerity, you can compete to be a foot soldier," Zaltarish spoke calmly, no emotions could be seen on his face. His demeanor was completely different when he wasn't interacting with his friends.

    Dyon smiled, not minding, "ah, you do make a good point. I can't possibly ask for Elvin troops without having contributed anything to the Elvin Kingdom. Since I assume you speak with nothing but the best interest of your kingdom in mind, then I won't take needless offense."

    Dyon was calm. There was no need to get angry over something as inconsequential as this. He was indeed not a member of the Elvin Kingdom, it would be odd if he was allowed lead their troops just because he was a talent.

    Ores sneered, "since you understand, you can ** off now. There's no need for you to be here."

    Dyon chuckled, "you all misunderstand. I understand that I haven't earned the right to represent the Elvin Kingdom... yet."

    The geniuses frowned.

    "what makes you think you could ever earn such a right?" Ores was really unwilling to allow Dyon any leeway.

    Dyon smiled, "wouldn't you know the answer after the assessment is finished?"
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