144 Princess Acacia 5

    The princess smiled, "then it's official. About 2 months from now, the youths of the major and sub-families will be holding a banquet. At that time, I'd like you to make your alliance with us clear. I want no room for doubt," suddenly the princess thought of something, "oh, and see if you can get Ri to go as well... she usually hates these sort of things, but, it's important that she's there.

    The last thing is for all of you," she looked up with her deep blue eyes, "I'll be making a brief appearance at this banquet as well. It'll be short, but I believe it's necessary. I think it's time people knew that the king's faction isn't so weak as to allow his daughter to suffer or bow her head in fear," turning to Dyon she spoke again, "once everything is settled properly, I won't be protecting those who've offended you. You may do as you please with them."

    Dyon looked at this princess deeply. She really did have the bearings of a queen. She wasn't so naïve as to believe she could have both Dyon's and Zaltarish's talent... despite how great that would be for the elves. And only Dyon knew how right that decision was.

    The princess rose her voice in a final commanding tone, "within 2 decades, all 9 major families will acknowledge the rule of King Acacia."

    "long live the king!

    Long live the king!"

    "Now, let's begin discussions of the measures we'll be taking in the lead up to my appearance."

    With that, the hall filled with arguments and debates as various factions split into aspects of business, military, and even some arguing what the laws should be once the Acacias rules was re-established.

    In the midst of all this, Dyon's spatial ring flashed as he took out an ordinary common level ring. In fact, it looked almost no different from a human realm ring made of wood.

    He flicked it towards the princess, allowing it to gently fall into her delicate and small hands.

    "this is something Ri wanted me to give you. She's currently in seclusion within her mother's cave trying to awaken her manifestation, and she assumed you would call me over in her absence, so she gave me this."

    The princess nodded, smiling at Dyon as she kept the ring. She had no way of knowing that Dyon was lying.

    Turning to leave, Dyon left behind words only the princess heard, "your plan of 2 decades is a bit too long for me... originally, it would have taken me 6 months to wipe out my enemies... but now, with your help, it'll take me less than 3.

    As a thank you... I'll help you out. Also, since Ri is a good friend of mine, I don't want to see her family suffer."

    The princess trembled at Dyon's words. What he was saying was ridiculous. A half a year to solve a problem the elves had spent more than a decade on? No. Not half a year anymore... less than 3 months.

    Yet, despite how ridiculous it sounded, the princess couldn't find it in her to doubt Dyon's words. She suddenly gave the ring in her hand another look, 'is this really from Ri?...'

    The princess looked at Dyon's proud back... he had already used his wind will to climb to the top of the railing, walking through the corridor and out of the hidden facilities.


    Dyon walked through the forest, suddenly feeling the need for a change of scenery, he walked towards where he thought the nearest coastline was.

    He felt someone following him, but he immediately knew who it was and couldn't be bothered to care.

    Using his silencing technique, he covered both himself and his follower so they wouldn't alert any nearby beasts. He could only roll his eyes inwardly. This girl was too reckless.

    Soon, he leaned against the last tree and looked out onto a cliff. He had been hoping for a beach, but this wasn't too bad either. The orange and red hues of the setting sun lit the once blue ocean. As far as the eyes could see, gentle ripples played the surface of the water. The wind was subtle and gentle. Not too cold, and not too humid.

    Suddenly a gentle voice came from behind Dyon, "there are no beasts this way you know... you didn't need to silence me. And even if you did, did you really need to silence my voice too? Do you hate me that much?"

    Dyon tilted his head back to look at Jade's lovely figure. But, to his surprise, she was already wrapping her arms around him and pressing her face to his back.

    Dyon pried the girl's hands apart, pressing them against the tree and above her head.

    Jade pouted as she looked up at Dyon with her purple-blue eyes. It was almost comedic how her arms were being pinned above her head, but the reaction of her chest was anything but.

    Dyon couldn't help but be mesmerized by the deep ravine as he looked down.

    Jade blushed, "if you wanted to look again, you just have to ask... but, weren't you more interested in getting me to my knees the first time we met? I'm sure that hasn't changed, right?"

    Dyon's eyes widened in shock as Jade slid down the tree, allowing Dyon to keep hold of her hands.

    The next words she spoke though, even left Dyon speechless.

    "you were intent on keeping me silent before, right?" looking up at Dyon from her knees, "well, are you going to use some boring sound technique? Or are you going to put something in my mouth instead?"

    Despite her question, Jade didn't allow Dyon to answer. She had already used her teeth to pull his sweat pants down slowly.

    Suddenly, Jade's eyes widened. Staring at the sight before her, she laughed bitterly, "this isn't fair you kn -"

    This time Dyon didn't allow Jade to finish talking.

    His senses were invaded by a deep and warm wetness. The endless swirls and suction gave Dyon a feeling he'd never felt before.

    His aurora and celestial will roared to life.

    Suddenly, his pleasure was Jade's.

    Jade felt herself weakening as she felt the sudden change... suddenly her watery eyes reddened with a fervent passion. That dull and uncomfortable pain she was feeling became nothing but a pool of pleasure she wanted to dive deeper and deeper down.

    In the end, she felt like she was drowning. An endless ravine gushed forth from Dyon. The only thing she could do was accept it. Her hands no longer hers. Her body no longer hers. Her feelings... no longer hers.

    With that, she passed out...

    Dyon looked down at the beautiful girl who laid on the soft grass of the edge of the forest shaking his head.

    Carrying her, he sighed, "I guess I'll bring you back..."


    I can't tell you where this JadexDyon train is going, but I can tell you he won't be truly acknowledging her before he meets Madeleine again, that's for sure

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    Hope you enjoyed 😊
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