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    Sinaht had already begun to take this boy seriously. He was barely a fraction of his age... and yet he had made but a single move to make not only 2 grand elders yield... but also 14 sub-families.

    And yet, was it really that simple? Even if it was just a single move, how many could succeed in pulling it off? What level of genius did you have to be in order succeed in such a way? Even the head of the Norville major family and his wife looked up from fooling with each other to witness this... what was about to happen?

    Despite his surprise, Sinaht quickly composed himself, "I guess it was us who judged you rashly. Having such a talent be a part of the Elvin Kingdom is something I would of course wish for. But, if you were planning on comparing your talent to my son, even should you win, I hope you understand why it is that not many would accept you as our monarch.

    I am willing to negotiate a position of high standing for you. But, if you'd like more than that, it's not something I can or will promise."

    Dyon nodded faintly. He was impressed by Sinaht's response. It seemed he truly did have the best interest of the Elvin Kingdom in mind.

    "I have no interest in ruling over the Elvin Kingdom. It's only that I've made a promise to the Princess to help her alliance. So, I'm sure you see where our road splits."

    Sinaht's eyes narrowed, 'no interest? This child is not so simple...'

    But, Sinaht still smiled at this, "is there even a remaining alliance for you to rely on?" he looked over to the Eostre, Ingram and Coventine families.

    Opal and Celine were still fuming and had no intention of backing Dyon's words... but it seemed like their families were also on the fence about this.

    For the past month, to them at least, everything had been over and done with. The Princess was dead, they no longer had a head, and the Sigebryht-Norville alliance was so confident in itself that it made moves even in the face of Grand Elder Deryth...

    What were 14 sub-families in the face of a Celestial stage expert unafraid to fight someone as old as Grand Elder Deryth? And, even if Sinaht wasn't that strong, there was a trump card he had that made him confident... why would they choose Dyon in this situation?

    Dyon smiled faintly, expecting this reaction. He lightly squeezed Ri's hand to let her know he had this all in hand.

    "I wonder... Head Sinaht. Who did you ally with to give yourself so much confidence?"


    Dyon's words were like knives cutting right to the source of the problem. There were a lot of things that hadn't been adding up over recent years... the disappearance of the king... the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect... and all of these things seemed to culminate in the Sigebryht family's bid for power.

    The brows of Sinaht furrowed. He hadn't expected such a calm, simple and yet so poignant response from a child. Not only were Dyon's words of appropriate authority for someone with as much influence as him... they weren't threatening or antagonistic... it was only a simple question... and in a meeting about the future of the Elvin Kingdom, could Head Sinaht really deny answering this question?

    If he said he had no backing whatsoever, the opinions of those around him would change drastically. He would go from a thoughtful and well-planned leader, to someone who was taking a last ditched gamble for power he was snubbed in his youth.

    But, if he admitted to allying with the Daiyu clan, what world of trouble would that open? Would the Daiyu clan be willing to help him out in the open? Was this a moment of vulnerability they were waiting for in order to entrap him even further? What could he do now?!

    Seeing Sinaht's predicament, many started to ponder further on many things...

    Suddenly, an unknown voice came from the crowd. For some odd reason, no one could tell where it came from, and yet that was less important than the words said.

    "Did Sinaht Sigebryht facilitate the destruction of the Celestial Deer Sect to drive the King away?..."

    Immediately it was as though a question that had been weighing on the minds of everyone was out in the open. Sinaht felt like his world was crumbling for the second time in his life... the first was when King Acacia manifested his soul... and now a human boy had managed to sow descension within his own people against him!

    Originally, this wouldn't have mattered too much... even if the other families felt something was odd, in the face of his power, there was nothing the could do anyway, nor did they feel the need to do anything. This was because, whether or not he was involved, he was still the best option for the Elvin Kingdom moving forward.

    As the head of the Sigebryht family, he was already the second most powerful person in the kingdom aside from Grand Elder Deryth... especially since the King had disappeared. In addition, he had a talented son, who had an equally as talented fiancée... the other families would follow purely because of convenience.

    However, Dyon flipped all of this on its head. For one, he took less than 3 months to swing 14 sub-families including two grand elders. On top of this, he had unyielding talent... talent that involved an innate aurora that could dominate on the warring fields of the gates!

    In addition, if things weren't bad enough, he was backing the family of the rightful rulers. A family Dyon had clear and deep connections with considering his relationship the niece of the king. Swinging his opinion away from them was impossible!

    Sinaht suddenly felt like his back was against the wall... how would you plan for an anomaly like Dyon? How do you account for a genius so blindingly radiant that his very existence changes the course of everything? Sinaht felt aggrieved.

    He thought to the communication device the Daiyu elder had given him, 'should I use it?'

    Suddenly, Dyon's voice broke him out of his thoughts.

    "Head Sigebryht... have you heard of an old lady surnamed Everdeen? Have you heard of the orphanage I built in the outskirts of the Elvin City? Have you heard of Aeson Acacia?"

    Ri trembled at Dyon's words, tears threatening to spill from her eyes... she had been raised along with Aeson... although she was known as his drill sergeant, she still looked to him as a close brother.... But now he was gone.

    Her grip tightened on Dyon's hand, seeking comfort.

    Dyon gave her an apologetic smile... but these words had to be said.

    "I - ," Sinaht seemed to be struggling with his words. He felt like all of this was a trap. Even if he swore he had nothing to do with all of the things Dyon said, would he really be able to make it out?

    Sinaht thought back to the communication device, resolutely deciding to crush it. It didn't matter if he was being framed. He would prove his worth to the Elvin Kingdom even if it meant having to raise them up from flames first.

    "ah, don't do that Head Sinaht... did I say I was accusing you of being responsible for their deaths? Can't you tell you're being played by someone?"
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