237 Decision 3

    Away from the raging war, another sort of battle was happening much further away, and it just happened to involve another fiancée of Dyon's.

    On a planet far from Earth, Madeleine had entered a gate along with a Sapientia family main branch and the Belmont prince. But, not everything was going so well right now.

    They were attacking a Tower of the opposing universe, a universe that happened to be the exact same one Dyon and Ri were currently dealing with. However, the problem was instead of facing an innate aurora genius, they were facing the geniuses of a King God Clan!

    Fatigue was washing over Madeleine. Her beautiful features were coated in a sheen of sweat as her long flowing purple dress fluttered in the wind. Dyon's gift to her hovered in the air, sending onslaught after onslaught of music will at the army of approaching enemies.

    Prince Belmont fought in the skies, the true picture of ferocity. His eyes were blue and red much like his younger brother, but, they were oddly much closer to purple than Elwing's had been.

    Suddenly, his opponent laughed, "For a mere prince of a backwater Royal God Clan, you're much more powerful than I thought you'd be."

    Prince Belmont said nothing as raging ice and fire will combusted around him. He had never faced a King God Clan before, and the mere fact this planet had survived attacks from such a powerful god clan was enough for him to respect them. But, right now was his own time to shine. But... his opponent wasn't simple.

    The third son of the King God Clan - Mekhi Uidah.

    Long golden hair flowed in the wind as he clashed with Prince Belmont again and again. However, probably his most striking feature was the large golden eye on his forehead. He seemed to see through everything, predicting the prince's attack and thwarting them.

    Maybe what was most frustrating was the odd energy Mekhi used. It was free flowing, yet enigmatic. In fact, it was an energy that Dyon would have without a doubt recognized as eerily similar to the one Alidor Gautama had attacked him with!

    The Prince turned his gaze to Madeleine every so often, content with how fervently the Sapientia family protected her.

    "You shouldn't be distracted by a woman in a situation like this. A son of a King God Clan is playing with you and you're worried about what's in your pants? Don't worry, I'll satisfy her just fine after we're done here."

    Prince Belmont didn't seem to have a reaction to Mekhi's words. Yet, his response was simple. "King God Clan? You're a mere third son. Since when would I be afraid of such a thing..."


    Prince Belmont's eyes melded into a perfect purple in that instant, his ice and fire combining into a blinding purple flame. "Kneel."

    It was as though a phoenix had manifested itself in the sky, bearing down on Mekhi menacingly.

    A serious expression passed through Mekhi's features, 'He's been holding back? Why?'

    However, just as Prince Belmont was about to attack, a violent eruption coursed through the earth. And the result, was something completely unexpected... A temple was raising from the ground!

    'That's?!' Mekhi's eyes immediately shone. His ring flashed as he pulled out a communication array plate.

    Prince Belmont's eyes shone, 'It's time.'

    If Mekhi had been paying attention, he would have noticed the complete lack of surprise on the prince's face. If he was even the slightest bit intelligent, he would have also connected that to the fact the prince didn't seem to have been trying at all, even against him, a genius of a King God Clan. And thus, he would have figured out one very important thing... The prince knew this was coming.

    On the ground, Madeleine looked up, breathing deeply. Even on the battle field, she was still the picture of perfect.

    Her brunette hair had long since fallen out of its usual bun, reaching to her waist.

    She had matured a lot since the last time she had seen Dyon. Her curves were more pronounced, and her beauty was all the more exceptional. But, maybe her most drastic change was her power. Without anyone even realizing, the first in line genius they saw for nothing other than her beauty and virginity had already burst into the essence gathering stage!

    The only reason she was reaching her limits while fighting such weak opponents was because she was constantly protecting her supposed 'body guards'. She didn't have the heart to let them fend for themselves, so she constantly played revitalizing tunes in the midst of her attacks. She just wasn't the type to allow others to risk their life for her.

    But, things were getting bad... The temple had appeared for a few hours now and yet it wasn't allowing anyone in, but this was only making the situation worse for Madeleine and her allies. Because the more time passed... The more members of the King God Clan gathered...

    One son? They could deal with. But what about five? Ten? What about a whole army of King God Clan trained soldiers?

    The Sapientia God Clan was being severely suppressed. There was no longer a path of retreat, they were completely surrounded.

    Prince Belmont had disappeared from sight. Madeleine thought that something had happened to him, causing them to be separated. But, little did she know that this was a calculated move. Prince Belmont had decided that what was in the temple, was far more valuable than gaining Madeleine's favor...


    Just like that, two fiancées faced armies many times their size and strength with little but themselves to rely on. And maybe the worst part? Right now, trapped in the endless darkness of a space locked area of the ancient game, Dyon watched the both of them... floating with twinkles of grey and black surrounding him.

    He watched as they gasped for breath. He watched as their beautiful countenances twisted in pain. He watched as they fought with their everything.

    On one side was a spatial jump to Madeleine. She fought the King God Clan, protecting her family with all of her strength. On the other side was a spatial jump to Ri. Her stamina was quickly depleting as she cut down beast after beast. All Dyon had to do was choose, and he would eliminate their burden.

    Clone? Impossible. How could he use his soul to power a clone literally light years from himself?

    Enter one, then enter the other? Impossible. He would be completely sealed off as soon as he chose. He would have to tear a hole in the game again and hope to run into such a one in a million situation again. How could it be repeatable to happen to run into spatial portals to his two fiancées?

    Just choose? Impossible. How do you choose between two women you love with your everything?

    So, Dyon just sat there, his spatial will pushed to the max as he forced himself to stay isolated from the game's surrounding mechanisms.

    His heart tore with each passing second. How do you make a decision like this?...


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