290 Viridi 3

    "Kill us if you must. But, we did what we had to, to survive." Orbis wasn't in the mood to beg for anything. He had found out the love of his life was promised to another man. He didn't have the will to do much of anything anymore.

    The only reason he had even fought with the other seeded geniuses before was in order to help make sure Jessica survived. But, now? In the face of Dyon? There was nothing he could do to stop him from killing Jessica. There was just no point. Maybe dying with Jessica was his best-case scenario.

    Dyon looked toward the round Orbis. He didn't have much of an impression of him because neither Orbis nor Jessica participated in fighting Dyon at the Legacy World Opening. However, he didn't have sympathy for such a pathetic mind state either.

    "Did you think that saying that would make you justified? Vindicated? Righteous? Is this the way of your world? You have no principles. You have no real goals. You have no ambition. Any semblance of anything you have is nothing but a façade because you're willing to throw it away whenever you come up against an insurmountable mountain. You all deserve death and I'll bring it to you."

    Dyon twitched, ready to end the four of their lives where they kneeled. However, Jessica suddenly thought of something that made her kowtow. "Wait! Please! You can't kill us! I'm the fiancée of Oliver. I am the wife of your brother in law!"

    Dyon's brows furrowed, 'Oliver's fiancée? What the hell?'

    Dyon hesitated. Before this, he was worried about the consequences of his actions. He wanted to change and not act so impulsively, but this was a lot harder than he thought...

    If he killed Jessica, and Oliver really did love her, then that would put a huge strain on Oliver's relationship with Madeleine... Something that was already fragile to begin with.

    Dyon had no idea that Oliver's true feelings were for Venus. How would he have known something like that? He had barely interacted with Oliver at all. In fact, he had never even interacted with Madeleine's parents. But, what kind of stress would this action put on them?...

    Seeing Dyon's hesitation, a faint hope bloomed in the hearts of the seeded geniuses.

    However, Dyon only put the thought of killing them away for the moment. He had something else to ask them that was as important to him as Delia.

    "What happened to the Viridi family?" Dyon's eyes scanned the reactions of seeded geniuses. But, his words only caused them to tremble all the more so... Because they were not only aware of Dyon's connection to the Viridi family... Much of the reason the Viridi family was punished was because of them.

    "Speak." Dyon was running out of patience. He had to go and help Delia. He was sure that she wouldn't leave the battlefield unless it was severe. Any time wasted here only made her situation worse.

    "I - I can tell you. But, you have to know that Orbis and I had nothing to do with it!" Jessica trembled from her kneeling position, hoping that Dyon would believe her.

    Lehabim and Hashim looked over at Jessica with anger coloring their features. But, they knew she was right...

    "Tell me."

    Jessica nodded. It was clear if she tried to negotiate with Dyon any more, it would only end badly for her and maybe Orbis as well. Although she didn't share Orbis' feelings for her, she could still appreciate his effort. It was just that Oliver was a better option for her future. This wasn't a mentality that Dyon could respect, but, to Jessica, this was just reality.

    "A-after you escaped, there was still Madeleine and Ava who remained. So, they of course did their best to protect the Viridi family members who were at Focus Academy. Venus, and I believe her brother's name was Eli..." Jessica took a deep breath, trying to stabilize her trembling.

    Dyon said nothing. He knew much of this already. It was part of the reason he had left as he did. Eli had been sent back to Focus Academy and Venus was on the yacht with Ava. There shouldn't have been much to do to them in the short term.

    "However, after everything calmed down, Ava was forced to go home with her father and Madeleine was taken away by her master... They must have thought that there was no reason for a God Clan to come back to deal with such a small family... But.."

    "But?" Dyon's jaw clenched as he waited.

    "But... Lehabim and Hashim were bent on revenge - "

    "Shut up!" Boomed Hashim, he couldn't take it anymore. "Don't pretend as though your sects were completely blameless! It was all of our masters who insisted on trying to gain our quotas back by giving the Ragnor God Clan a way to save face for their failures!"

    A light flashed in Dyon's eyes had a blinding sword qi fell from the sky.

    "No! NO! AGHHH!"

    Hashim trembled on the ground.

    By now, everyone had their attention trained on Dyon and his conversation with the seeded geniuses. But, they remained silent.

    The Niveus sect members had been told by Evelyn to not interfere with anything anymore. The elves trusted that Dyon wouldn't act without rhyme or reason. And the big sect disciples were simply too weak to help their seeded geniuses...

    And now, they could only watch as Hashim's legs were cut from his knees.

    The worst part was that as he was threatening to bleed out, a trail of black flames charred his wound closed.

    The whites of Hashim's eyes rolled back as he passed out from the pain. But, a slap of wind will woke him up before he even had any chance to rest.

    'Cruel... Too cruel...' The thought ran through everyone's minds but Dyon wasn't done and no where near satisfied.

    "Finish." Dyon said plainly.

    "O-our, w-w-we..." Jessica's lips trembled as she took deep breaths to try and calm herself.

    "Our masters sold the Viridi family to the Ragnor God Clan as a scape goat for the scandal in order to earn a larger quota." Orbis spoke out for Jessica, seeing that she was clearly not

    Dyon's breathing became shallow as he tried to stabilize his beating heart.

    His gaze shifted to the writing Lehabim and Hashim.

    The pale look on Lehabim's face was becoming closer and closer to a sheet of white as his arm lost blood.

    Hashim couldn't even look up properly. He was crying, his tears melting the snow that fell to the ground.

    "Before I kill you. I want you both to know that your sects are gone and dead now. This isn't a matter of if. It's a matter of when. Die knowing there's nothing you can do about it."

    With that final thought, Dyon's sword will fell from the skies, ending both of their lives before he began walking to lotus tower.

    "You two survive only for now. Any information about your involvement means death. I don't care who it is you're meant to marry."

    Jessica and Orbis could only watch as Dyon figure disappeared into the distance.

    They finally knew what it felt like to have your lives toyed with. They knew their sects were as good as done now. With Dyon's power, even their patriarchs were no match for him... How could 7th and 6th grade essence gathering experts do anything to a man who ended a war by himself?...

    And the worst part was that if Dyon ever decided that Orbis and Jessica played a part in Eli and Venus being thrown into slavery... They were dead...
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