523 Exchange 2

    The entire plan had gone up in smoke because of Meiying's interference.

    Originally, the world tournament was supposed to play out to its end, wherein the top ten spots would be mostly occupied by their allied members. This was why the Planet Deimos members like Tau and the deceased Femi had gone so far in breaking the rules. And, considering the Cavositas were allied with them all along, it was obvious why Elder Den had turned a blind eye to their cheating - he was in on their plans from the beginning!

    King Belmont, despite his intelligence, had made mistake after mistake. He spent years in seclusion, improving his power while staying out of the limelight, all so that he could maintain an air of nonchalance in the face of the Ragnors. The entire point was that if he did this, the Ragnors wouldn't see him as a threat and therefore ignore the possibility of him ruining their plans.

    All this time, King Belmont had thought that Ragnors were here in search of the Epistemic Tower. This was what he and his allies revolved their everything around. Never did they think that the entity that they were so wary of, had deeper connections to the Ragnors than even the Daiyu did!

    Because of this miscalculation, King Belmont never thought the Ragnors plan would ever involve him directly. In his eyes, if he bided his time, he'd be able to deal the Ragnors a devastating blow while their backs were turned. This was why King Belmont hardly interfered during the tournament. This was why Kawa and King Acacia tried to remain hidden. This was why the Cavositas had been allowed to organize the tournament. All because of a mistake!

    Had King Belmont known that the target of the Ragnors was never the Epistemic Tower, but rather the secrets that lay within the Belmont Holy Lands, he would have never taken this approach! Because he would have known from the very beginning that the Ragnors would always take him as a threat because their goal was something he was duty bound to protect with his life!

    The Belmont Holy Lands was just a name to throw people off of the true purpose of the Belmont's strong hold. The truth was that since the beginning, the Belmonts, having been within this universe for the longest period of time aside from Dyon's mortal world, were aware that the origin of the expansion of the Earth laid within those lands.

    Tunnels spanning millions of kilometers dug into the surface of the Earth, carving out intricate paths that none could find their way in, unless.... You had use of a True Empath or Meiying's Feng Shui Compass will!

    It was true that the tombs of the Belmonts were located within those lands. However, over the years, it had accumulated much more.

    Much like Focus Academy and the Big Sects, God level clans had the ability to open legacy worlds as well, and the catacombs of the Belmont Holy Land happened to be a hotbed for them. The reason for this was relatively unknown, however, this was the reason why the God Clan young masters who attacked Dyon on that fateful day had had an air of nonchalance about a legacy world the big sects had the capability of opening. After all, how could it ever match up to what they themselves had already witnessed?

    The problem was that those tunnels were solely controlled by the Belmont Royal God Clan. The surrounding God Clans who took up positions around the Belmont Holy Lands' natural moat were barred to the residual effects these catacombs had. The only time they would become available to the public is as a prize for the world tournament hosted by Earth, and the enemies of the Belmonts planned to take full advantage...

    By taking advantage of the fact their youths made it into the top ten, God and Royal God Clans would be able to send in their best experts with them. And this was something the Belmonts had no choice but to allow.

    Think about it. The World Tournaments were used as a gauge of the younger generation. As previously expressed, if a clan's younger generation was overwhelming enough, it could often times decide future Royal and even King God Clans without a single drop of spilt blood! Why would any clan allow their best youths to enter an unknown land under the purview of a clan that could very well be their enemies in the future? What if King Belmont decided to wipe out the most promising youths on a whim and blame the dangers of the legacy world? If no one of his power was there, how could they prove he was guilty?

    Using this logic, the Ragnors and their allies were going to use the world tournament as a peaceful means to enter the Belmont Holy Lands without resistance. By making sure that they occupied as many of the top ten spots as possible, they'd remove any unwanted variable. But! That was exactly what Dyon was! And unwanted variable.

    How could anyone assume that such a child would catapult to the first ranking spot? Even when they tried to force him out through scandal and sabotage, he burst through their barriers again and again and made a joke of the tournament entirely! In the end, he had even managed to prove that he was unmatched. Only a fool would the Lionel or Tau stood a chance against Dyon's death will form after seeing how easily he took care of Zabia.

    That said, Dyon could still be dealt with, if he was the only problem that arose. But... Then came the problem of Meiying...

    The Daiyu were meant to sneak into the Belmont Holy Lands ahead of time and 'fail' in their attempt. But, in reality, they would have long since snuck into the catacombs, utilizing the keys that Meiying had thought she had taken from them. This was the final way in eliminating all worrying variables. They knew fully well that there was no way they could have absolute control of the top ten, so the Daiyu were meant to sneak in an army ahead of time.

    This 'fail' of the Daiyu would work in two-folds. The Belmont would never think that two attacks would happen so closely together because without the full scope of everything, the actions of the Daiyu would seem completely unrelated to anything happening in the tournament. In addition, the Belmonts would never think that anyone could enter their holy land without them.

    Why?... Because of the key... Something only a Belmont would have access to. The blood line of the ice and fire phoenixes.
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