779 Second Trial 98

    Dyon flipped to the 10th page, staring blankly for a long time.

    After a while, he did something that seemed completely insane. Bringing his hand forward, he grabbed the top of the blank page before tearing downward with all his might.


    Dyon was flung backward by the tome, causing him to slam in the back of the cave he had dug out. The blow was so fierce that a Dyon shaped hole was now clearly etched and even the mountains above shook violently.

    The tome hovered in the air as though looking down on Dyon's sorry figure spit of copious amounts of blood.

    Throughout the entire process, Dyon didn't even make a noise of complaint. It was as though he disdained to feel any pain at the moment. However, that was only half of the truth. He had expected this to happen already.

    With this he had confirmed one thing: The latter 18 pages had the exact same protections as the first 9!

    With Dyon's current knowledge, he could only think of two possibilities. The first was that the tome was created to house this technique, however, the originator died before they could finish. The second was that the latter 18 pages were hidden!


    Within the cells of the Angel Clan dungeon, a petite woman sat in a corner with her knees drawn to her chest. Despite the pungent smell and disgusting floor, she seemed to still be without blemish. It was as though there was a halo of energy around her keeping her without blemish. However, that energy couldn't stop the tears that were still streaming down her delicate cheeks. All she could think about was the cold glance and heartless words her supposed husband had thrown at her before tossing her away like trash.

    "Am I supposed to pity you?" A cold voice suddenly tore through the quiet atmosphere causing Luna's trembling shoulder to freeze. But, she didn't dare to look up. How could she have the courage to meet the owner of this voice right now?

    Seeing that she didn't answer, the voice continued. "Since it's been two days now, and the evacuation is complete, it's time that I question you." The voice continued indifferently as though even spending time ridiculing Luna was beneath them. "Answer quickly and honestly. The Angel Clan doesn't take kindly to traitors. The only reason you haven't been punished yet is because our King has yet to return. Don't make the punishment worse than it already is."

    This voice obviously belonged to Amphorae. She hadn't confronted Luna all this time because she not only disdained to, but she though that it would be more appropriate if Dyon did so. However, with her husband having still not returned, the information Luna likely knew was much too important to ignore any longer. There were only a little over two days left now until the Moon Clan stormed them, so in order to deal with the possibility of Dyon not being able to make it back in time, Amphorae had no choice.

    She furrowed her eyebrows earlier when she walked in after seeing just how many chains were around Luna, but she said nothing. The clan had used their best dao formation cuffs, but according to the Ministers, none of them knew was Luna's cultivation was.

    Amphorae had never heard of such a thing. Was Luna really so powerful? Powerful to the point of being able to hide her cultivation from such experts?

    Thinking to this point, Amphorae had no choice but to take a more cautious approach. So, she immediately ordered for them to use their best restricting treasures, not holding anything back.

    "What is the Moon Clan's purpose?" Amphorae started with a simple question. If need be, she had already steeled herself to torture Luna. For a woman she hated, it only made it easier.

    Surprisingly, Luna answered without hesitation. Even with her streaking tears, her voice was incomparably calm, holding a deep loneliness within...

    "To steal the source of your spiritual vein."

    Amphorae frowned. She was half surprised and half worried. But, she suppressed it for now.


    "It's the only energy source capable of extracting my primordial yin safely."

    Amphorae's frown deepened. How could Luna still have her primordial yin? Hadn't her husband taken it on their wedding night?

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    What Amphorae didn't know was that Dyon hadn't touched Luna only just a couple days ago. She also didn't know that despite Luna's words, he had successfully taken it. But, for now, she could only guess that this had some special reason... Likely the same reason even dao formation experts couldn't see this woman's cultivation.

    "How did they find out about our energy source?"

    "The spiritual vein in your clan, although you've isolated it, has grown far too large. It even wraps around the core of Planet Haven. No formation is enough to protect such a gargantuan vein. It was noticed the moment those experts came to this planet 30 years ago."

    When Amphorae heard this, she frowned. So, it really wasn't Luna who sold them out? For some reason, she didn't believe that anything she was hearing was a lie.

    "What does this have to do with you marrying my husband?"

    "Nothing. He won a universe tournament 30 years ago without knowing that the prize was my hand in marriage. He took responsibility for his mistake by taking me as his wife and defying my father."

    Amphorae was stunned. This was the first time she was hearing this story. In her life, she had never stepped foot outside of the Angel Clan, so she had no idea this had transpired. In truth, among those she knew, only Dyon and Veles had been there, aside from Luna, of course.

    But... If they met this way...

    "Then?...." Amphorae couldn't bring herself to finish the question. She had come here for the sake of the clan, yet she was embarrassingly asking a question for the sake of her personal heart demons.

    "Then why did he fall in love with me? That's what you want to ask, isn't it?" Luna laughed a self-deprecating laugh. It was filled with so much anger, helplessness, remorsefulness and shame that even Amphorae, who hated this woman to the depths of her soul, couldn't help but feel a tinge of pity.

    "You will always be the woman he loves most in this world." Luna said, her voice croaking for the first time. "I only used petty tricks and underhanded means to make him fall for me. His affections are nothing more than a spell he's been under for the last 30 years."
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