826 Second Trial 145

    Elder Conli looked down on the angels with a clear disdain and hatred in his eyes. "Give me the Energy Core, kowtow, and I'll give you all quick and easy deaths."

    His domineering voice spread around the battle field, making it seem as though his voice came from the vibrations and wild beatings of their hearts. This intimidation technique was far too profound, even his voice could instill such fear.

    Normally, Dyon could do this along with his demon generals that followed the sovereign path of music will. However, if you were astute, you would realize that Elder Conli had never practiced music will or anything of the like at all! It was as though his every movement, his every word, his every action... All of them were filled with unfathomable daos!

    He didn't need to try to use music will, his voice simply embodied it. This was what it meant to be half-step transcendent!

    However, contrary to Conli's expectations, not a single angel wavered. If anything, the determination in their eyes grew fiercer.

    Truth be told, Elder Conli was a fool. Dyon's Presence wasn't something even a half-step transcendent could slice through with mere words. Although a peak King Presence was still two levels from the very top, falling short to Emperor Presence and God Presence, it was still a near unfathomable existence. Dyon was already at the point where no one of this plane of existence could intimidate him, unless he ran into someone who refined their Presence to a higher degree.

    Unfortunately for Elder Conli, he was at the bottom rung of what could be considered a half-step transcendent. If you were to compare Dyon's father to him, it would be like comparing a 7th grade expert to a peak first grade one!

    To put that into perspective, the absolute bare minimum needed to enter the essence gathering level is 54 opened meridians, because this would allow you to breach the 55th and thus become a 6th grade expert. Meaning, a 7th grade expert isn't even qualified to cross the meridian formation boundary and become an essence gatherer!

    Maybe if it was a true half-step transcendent expert, they could have crushed the advantage of Dyon's Presence. But, Elder Conli wasn't qualified!

    This realization turned Elder Conli blue with anger, however the angels still weren't moved.

    "Master, let us attack. There's no need for you to get involved."

    Although the mysterious clan army was outnumbered, Mazino believed that their numbers were more than enough. Even if the Angel Clan were made up of entirely first grade experts, he didn't believe that their legacies could compare to their clans. With all of the Heaven level techniques they had been groomed with, how could a mere Angel Clan compare?

    However, this wasn't just blind arrogance. Mazino had personally seen the fighting power of the Angels while watching the war from his Heaven Shattering Sect. The reason he was so confident was because he had seen through the flaw in Dyon's formation.

    Despite never being much of a military tactician, there were very few martial world geniuses who would be classified as otherworldly geniuses in the mortal world. If a martial world genius, especially a legatee, were to take an IQ test, breaking the 200 mark would be child's play for them. So, Mazino had only need a glance to see not only the profoundness of Dyon's formation, but also its weakness!

    Dyon's formation was able to mitigate risk by spreading the power of its army into squads. Each squad was made of 4 saints and 1 celestial, matching perfectly to the ratio of saints to celestials in the army. Even with the women added, this 4:1 ratio remained the same. However, there was a massive problem with this approach: The Angel Warriors were restricted in their movement!

    At first, Mazino hadn't been sure, but after observing for a few moments, he saw that no squad had a movement radius larger than a few tens of meters. Although this allowed them to stay organized, it also stopped them from helping an attack that say... Concentrated on a single spot!

    The best part was, even if the angels then ignored their formation and attacked, they would then be equalling the playing field once again, descending into the more barbaric form of warfare the martial world was known for.

    Normally, this wouldn't be easy to execute, however, the mysterious clan army was made entirely of celestials!

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    Mazino was truly genius. If Dyon had known his thinking, he would definitely have nodded in approval. This truly was a great weakness of his formation, it was just that he believed that it was worth it.

    Elder Conli reigned in his anger before nodding, "Slaughter them, but leave the boy alive. You can beat him as you wish, but I'd like to have some fun too."

    An endless pressure immediately locked down the nine dao formation experts. "Don't even think of interfering. If one moves, one dies. If two move, two die."

    The Angel Clan ministers' insides twisted with anger, however the looks on their faces remained completely nonchalant. Unfortunately, unlike Elder Conli's intimidation tactic, his energy suppression was unblockable.

    The attack Elder Conli was waiting for didn't come, though. When he looked back, he found his disciple oddly arranging the first grade celestials into a cone shape, ignoring the confused gazes on their faces.

    "If anyone deviates from this formation, I'll have their head." Mazino called out. Not waiting for a response, he coldly glared at Dyon's handsome face. "CHARGE!"
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