844 Second Trial 163

    In that moment, Dyon's father was appearing over the horizon. He was completely unharmed, but his aura was chaotic. It was clear that he had pushed himself as hard as he could to get here. However, he was much too late.

    Although he could see Dyon, Dyon's cultivation was much too weak to notice him from so far away, especially with all of his cultivation sapped.

    If Dyon did notice him though, he would be incomparably shocked, because this father of his in this supposed trial, looked exactly like his father from his modern times without a single change.

    Unfortunately, or maybe by design of a mysterious entity, Dyon would never notice this, at least not yet. It simply wasn't the time for him to, not was it the time for him to comprehend it either. The only truth clear now was that Dyon's existence was one unfathomable even by the cosmos itself.

    Dyon was filled with endless grief. Whether it be the death of Amphorae, or the death of Luna, or even the plight of the Angel Clan, they all caused a pang of distress in his heart. His resolve to become stronger had once again grown to unprecedented heights. In this life, he would never give up until he stood at the peak of everything...

    Looking down at Amphorae's corpse, Dyon trembled as he lay her down. Leaning down, he kissed her withered forehead. "Sleep well," He said softly, "When next you wake up, I'll be by your side again..."

    Dyon was about to find a method to bury her when he suddenly felt a strong pull on his body, a pull he had only felt after he passed the first trial.

    Seeing this, Dyon could only look at this damned world listlessly. How could this be? The trial hadn't ended after Elder Conli died, but only did after Luna died? Could it be that no matter what he did, he would have to lose a wife? What kind of sick joke was this?!

    Dyon roared into the skies unwilling, not even noticing when the Energy Core in his Inner World revolved wildly, soaking up Primordial Energy from the entire universe Planet Haven resided in. His energy cultivation talent was too poor to begin with, and now that he was in an enraged state, how could he have time to notice that the Energy Core was acting on its own?

    Before Dyon could do much of anything, the Primordial Energy of the entire Planet Haven Universe was sucked completely dry. It was truly heaven defying considering the vastness of an entire Universe was something Dyon still couldn't comprehend.

    However, the only person who noticed the change was Dyon's quickly approaching father. Although he felt pain when he saw the corpse of his daughter-in-law, Dyon's father still smiled when he saw his son's killing intent toward the Heavens.

    "That's how a man should be," He said softly, watching his son disappear from sight, "This is the only way you'll be able to transcend the challenge you set for yourself that day..."

    When Dyon's Father thought back to his son's plan, he couldn't help but shake his head. However, to face the coming enemies, only a plan this crazy could work. Only a man of that caliber could stand above the cosmos itself, looking down disdainfully at even the Heavens themselves!

    He slowly flew forward, lifting up the corpse of Amphorae and bringing her to the Ancestral Tombs of the Angels. Although Planet Haven might implode at any time, the Angel Clan Tombs were held in another dimension, much like the Daiyu Clan's had been.

    He diligently went through the proper rights, not skipping a single step, and burying his daughter-in-law with the highest of honors.

    After he was finished, he directly brought the surviving Angel Clan members away. Many of them were heavily injured, but due to the barrier around the Angel Clan, more than 90% of their number would survive. As for those who had evacuated before the battle, their protection formation was even more robust. Despite being weaker, not a single one of them died. Although this was also because they were lucky enough to be a part of the three quarters of the Planet that survived.

    Dyon's father directly killed the enemy dao formation experts that still remained. Unlike Elder Conli whose half-transcendence was practically a joke and clearly an empty realm, Dyon's father was on a complete other level. Despite unleashing far more power than Conli did, even in a rage, there wasn't the slightest ripple and the planet was completely undamaged.

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    The Angel Clan settled in a new Universe, but could only watch as Dyon's father transcended. They would be on their own from now on, but the youngsters like Malichki remembered the legacy of their young king and felt endless gratitude toward their old king.

    Unable to keep himself tethered to this world any longer, Dyon's father elevated to a new plane...


    On the top floor of the Epistemic Tower, a room that had been quiet for far too long rumbled to life.

    Within that room stood exactly 119 statues.

    On one side stood 117. 108 of whom were male, while 9 of them were female.

    On the other side stood only 2 statues. One male. One female.

    At that moment, the male statue vibrated violently, while the female statue that seemed to have had a sad expression finally had its mood lifted, becoming filled with joy in an instant.

    Afterward, the room quietened as though nothing had happened... However... All 119 of them seemed to be waiting for something...
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