916 Come One, Come All

    From the moment the celestial hamster twins disappeared, about 4 months passed. During that time, Dyon did nothing but spend time with his wives, eat and laugh.

    Although Madeleine and Clara couldn't go out with Dyon and Ri, that didn't hamper the mood of the four of them. The only slightly sad times were when Madeleine and Clara had to make some appearances in order not to bring suspicion unto themselves. After all, if either of them simply disappeared, especially Clara, it would be too obvious to miss.

    During this time, nothing too shocking occurred. But, they were still quite important.

    Many articles concerning the Celestial Deer Quadrant and their meteoric rise to 51st place were written in this time, many of which circulated around just when the famous Dyon Sacharro would finally leave seclusion and reopen their long closed Corner for the world to see.

    In truth, no one found it too odd that the Celestial Deer Corner's fog had yet to disappear. This was because as long as one didn't leave their tower and enter the inner world, the tower itself wouldn't consider that your trials had ended.

    Many speculated that Dyon was still taking advantage of the tower resources in order to rapidly increase his strength before stepping out. This was because a Corner without proper protection would be slowly weeded away by surrounding Corners in order to steal benefits.

    When Dyon's grand teacher explained that ranking decided the quality of a corner, he hadn't told the whole story. Ranking did, in fact, decide the quality of a corner, everything from density of energy, to protection from poisonous type qis, to even things such as better soil for growing spiritual plants. However, what was missed was that this also included a certain level of faith as well.

    Within the tower, the prosperity of a Corner was contingent on not only its ranking, but the size of its land as well. Every floor of the Epistemic Tower was rife with competition. Everything from the constant rankings, to the tournaments, to the inter-corner wars, all revolved around this. As such, the fog barrier existed to stop corners from taking advantage of an absent key wielder.

    Knowing this, everyone could understand Dyon's actions. There was a reason the tower floors began with saint floors and not essence floors, or meridian floors, or even foundation floors, this was because the cultivation rooms of the individual Epistemic Towers themselves made a need for those floors redundant.

    The fact that Dyon hadn't exited his own tower yet meant one thing to the cosmos: He was far younger and weaker than they had first imagined. But... At the same time... His potential was only that much more frightening.

    The optimal time to enter the trials, as anyone could tell you, was the moment you broke into sainthood. At that time, it would be the perfect combination of youth and power to epitomize your results within the tower.

    This concept was similar to what is seen in weaker universe, where those without heavenly herbs or special constitutions must wait until they are 18 to cultivate. This provided the perfect mixture of meridian maturity, while also not leaping over the youthful cultivation window.

    In this same way, the instant one breaks into sainthood is the optimal time to enter one's trials.

    Why was this so? It was because the difficulty of the trials was based on age, not power.

    The fact Dyon still saw it fit to remain within the tower, even after completing his God Trials, meant he hadn't even entered the trials at the optimal time... And yet he still performed like this!

    It was no wonder why he placed 11th in the 4th trial, if he was as young as they all thought he was, that meant the clone had less techniques and wills of a high level to copy, which would also mean that his reflection of Dyon's abilities would be far more accurate, and thus make him even more difficult for Dyon to defeat!

    When those of the cosmos thought to this point, the felt a bout of despair and cold sweat. Could there really be such a genius in existence? What would they do once he decides to show himself? Wouldn't their time at the top come crumbling down?

    The quadrants ranked fourth through ninth felt even more pressure bearing down on them and they became even more determined do snuff out this genius before he could grow.

    Of course, Dyon had already seen through this possibility and he was well prepared to be hunted. However, although Dyon was intelligent, he wasn't omnipotent, nor was he all powerful.

    Before entering the trials, Dyon had no idea what they entailed, so it wasn't now that he came to understand just what the fourth trial represented and how it could be used to analyze a genius. As a result of this, a whole new set of problems arose due to Dyon's arrogance.

    Originally, Dyon wanted to place as much pressure on himself as possible. So, he didn't ask about the trials, he wanted to be forced to adapt to whatever came...

    However, because of this, the more intelligent individuals of the quadrants began to deduce the most likely location of the Celestial Deer Quadrant's Epistemic Tower...

    Although their logic was flawed, it wasn't so far from the truth that they were completely off-base. Because of this, Dyon's home universe might soon be in danger...
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