973 Sleeping Dragon 2

    Dyon's words did nothing to quell the rage. In fact, his nonchalant attitude only increased the public outrage.

    However, what they did do was make everyone realize something. When Dyon used the blood contract with Olaf, the red robed elder and Elder Nova, it required all four parties to come into effect. The moment one of the parties died, the contract was immediately voided. The reason why this worked was because there was no clause exempting death, nor was there a stipulation that protected Olaf's life. So, although Dyon had won, not only would he not receive the peak heaven technique, he also wouldn't receive the red robed elder as a slave.

    This was unfortunate. Not because Dyon cared about the technique, but rather because he wouldn't be able to gain the information he wanted as easily anymore.

    "What right do you have to make a bet with me?" Evangeline responded calmly, having not even reacted to Dyon's pointed comments. "Even if you have the battle prowess of a saint. Even if you had the battle prowess of a celestial. It still wouldn't be enough."

    Hearing the Vice Master's word, the disciples nodded in unison, as though she was speaking for them all.

    Dyon smiled. "I see. So, you'd like to be responsible for your Soul Rending Peak losing an opportunity to attain the Jade Queen Bee's honey?"

    Dyon's words sent an uproar through those very same disciples. Although the crowd might not entirely understand the value of that honey, even after hearing Dyon's explanation, how could they not?

    When Dyon had finalized his bet with Olaf, they had no been here yet. Although Evangeline had the cultivation required to monitor the situation from afar, they definitely did not. So, this was the very first time they heard about it despite Evangeline knowing long before.

    "For someone who is seemingly intelligent, that was quite a stupid question. What use does a crippled man have for such treasures?" The Vice Master's words were simple and vague, but how could everyone not understand what she meant?

    If Dyon failed, what chance would he have to protect his treasures? Even if he didn't fail, what was stopping her from forcefully taking them away for "the good of the sect"? In retrospect, Dyon's question was fairly stupid.

    "I think we have a misunderstanding here, Vice Master." Dyon didn't seem bothered by her response. "If I wanted to leave right now, even you couldn't stop me. There's no need to be so timid, I'm sure the lauded Soul Rending Peak Vice Master wouldn't be scared to bet with a small essence gatherer, would she?"

    Evangeline held her hand up to stop the incessant shouting of the disciples behind her.

    "Alright." She said with a smile. "If you lose, not only will your cultivation be crippled and your treasures taken away, you'll become my servant for the rest of your life."

    Hearing such words, the disciples nearly fell into depression. Was it really a punishment to serve such a woman for the rest of their lives?

    "However," Evangeline continued. "I am but a woman, and as such, I am forced to protect my image, don't you think?"

    There was an eerie treat to her words, as though whatever she had to say next would be malicious beyond belief. Unfortunately, she didn't disappoint.

    "For the sake of my reputation, you'll have to be publicly castrated. Do you still dare to bet?"

    Evangeline had repeatedly shocked everyone who could hear her. Even the elders around felt like they were looking at a completely new woman.

    Those who had spent the past few decades scheming and talking behind her back suddenly felt a cold sweat permeate their backs. Had she just been acting timid this whole time? What was it that gave her the confidence to unveil her façade now? What were her plans? How would she deal with them?

    These questions flashed in and out of their minds as they hurriedly began to make reports to their various factions. It was clear that a sleeping dragon had awoken and they had no idea where to take it from here!

    Against everyone's expectations, Dyon only grinned again. "I agree! But!"

    Dyon's words hung in the air as though he was purposefully holding everyone in suspense.

    "After I become a core disciple, I'll be moving into your personal courtyard. I don't think it needs to be said that you won't be allowed to move out, right?"

    Seeing the contrast between Dyon's innocent expression and the dirt that came from his mouth, everyone was baffled by his shamelessness.

    "Also, since you decided to be so harsh, I don't think it's too much to ask that I move in immediately after these assessments, right?"

    Dyon's words were indeed reasonable. After all, whether he or Evangeline won the bet, both would require him to enter her courtyard, whether that be as a servant or a guest.

    Not waiting for Evangeline to respond, Dyon turned to Elder Nova. "I'll be troubling you for another contract, old man. I'm sure that the same accident won't happen again."

    Dyon's aim was clear to everyone. Since Evangeline had been so protective of her reputation, what could sully it more than an able-bodied male moving into her home? Whether anything happened between them was irrelevant. With the conservative nature of this quadrant, especially with the existence of The Cathedral, Dyon had truly hit the Vice Master where it hurt.
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